What are the ingredients for stuffed crab cakes?

Do you love seafood and are you looking for a new recipe to try? Then I have good news for you! Did you know that stuffed crab cakes are not only delicious, but are also full of surprising ingredients? Discover in this blog post the secret combination of flavors that come together in this delicious dish. Prepare for a culinary journey that will amaze your taste buds!

What are stuffed crab cakes?

Stuffed crab cakes are a delicious dish that is popular in Asian cuisine, especially in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. These tasty cookies are made from crab meat mixed with various herbs and spices, after which they are filled and baked into a crispy and tasty treat.

Ingredients and preparation

To make stuffed crab cakes you will need:

  • Crab meat: For the best flavor and texture, use fresh or high-quality canned crab meat.
  • Herbs and spices: typical ingredients are garlic, ginger, spring onion, coriander and red pepper for a little spice.
  • Binder: Egg and breadcrumbs are often added to hold the cookies together.
  • Filling: Consider ingredients like cream cheese, chili peppers or chopped vegetables for extra flavor and texture.

The preparation process consists of mixing all the ingredients, forming small cookies and baking or frying until golden brown and crispy.

What makes stuffed crab cakes so special?

  • Flavor explosion: the combination of crab meat and herbs provides an irresistible taste experience.
  • Versatility: Stuffed crab cakes can be served as an appetizer, snack or even as a main dish with side dishes.
  • Culinary tradition: This dish is deeply rooted in Asian cuisine and embodies the rich flavors and culinary traditions of the region.

Popular brands and products

  • Nissin Crab Flavored Seafood Snack: a well-known brand that offers ready-made stuffed crab cakes.
  • Blue Dragon Crab Cakes: a product that combines high-quality crab meat with authentic Asian spices.
  • Asian Gourmet Crab Rangoon: a favorite when it comes to stuffed crab cakes with creamy filling.

Stuffed crab cakes are a delicious treat that tantalizes the taste buds and promises a culinary journey to Asia with every bite. Try them yourself and enjoy this tasty dish!

Crab meat

Quality crab meat is essential for making delicious stuffed crab cakes. For example, choose King's Choice Canned Crab Meat for a juicy and tasty filling.


Breadcrumbs are an important binding agent that provides the right texture to the crab cakes. Use Panko breadcrumbs for a crispy crust and an airy structure on the inside.

Herbs and seasonings

To provide the crab cakes with a delicious taste, herbs and other seasonings are indispensable. For example, try Santa Maria Seafood Seasoning for a perfectly balanced flavor profile.


Eggs are used as a binding agent to keep all the ingredients together. Choose organic free-range eggs for the best quality and taste.


Lemon juice adds a fresh and slightly sour taste to the crab filling. Use fresh lemons and squeeze the juice just before use for the best flavor.

  • King's Choice Crab Meat
    • Juicy and tasty
    • Easy to use
  • Panko breadcrumbs
    • Provides a crispy crust
    • Airy structure
  • Santa Maria Seafood Seasoning
    • Balanced taste
    • Easy to use

Use these quality ingredients to create the perfect stuffed crab cakes that will delight your taste buds!

Preparation method

Prepare for a culinary adventure with this easy stuffed crab cake recipe! Follow the steps below carefully to prepare tasty and crispy cookies that will turn any chef into a chef.


Make sure you have the following ingredients on hand before you start:

  • 250g crab meat (e.g. King's Select Crab Legs)
  • 1 egg (from free-range eggs from Boerenhof)
  • 1 red pepper (tasty vegetable from Groene Tuinen)
  • ½ cup panko breadcrumbs (Crispy Crumbs brand)
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise (House brand Delicatessen)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Step 1: Preparing the ingredients

  1. Finely chop the red pepper and mix with the crab meat in a large bowl.
  2. Add the panko breadcrumbs, egg, mayonnaise, salt and pepper to the mixture. Stir everything together well until a compact mixture is formed.

Step 2: Forming the cookies

  1. Take a handful of the crab mixture and shape it into a flat cookie shape.
  2. Repeat this process until all the mixture is used up and place the formed cookies on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Step 3: Baking the cookies

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Place the baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake the crab cakes for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy.
  3. Remove the cookies from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes before serving.


Enjoy these delicious stuffed crab cakes as an appetizer or as a snack. This crunchy treat is sure to surprise your taste buds and impress your table companions. Vary to your heart's content with herbs or sauces to create your own unique taste. Enjoy your meal!

Serving tips and variations

When you have prepared a delicious dish, you naturally want the flavors to come through and that it also looks beautiful on the plate. That's why serving tips and variations are essential to take your culinary creation to the next level. Here are some helpful tips and creative ideas to make your dish even more special.

Serving tips

1. Presentation is key

  • Use different types of tableware and plates to make your dish more visually appealing. Think of beautiful bowls, wooden planks or glass dishes.
  • Use garnishes such as fresh herbs, a squeeze of lemon juice or a pinch of paprika powder to brighten up your dish.

2. Temperature is crucial

  • Serve hot dishes on preheated plates to maintain the temperature.
  • Cold dishes such as salads are best served on chilled plates for a refreshing effect.

3. Complementary side dishes

  • Choose matching side dishes that enhance the flavor of your main course, such as a fresh salad with a savory casserole or fresh bread with dips with a Mediterranean dish.


1. Flavor explosion with herbs and spices

  • Experiment with different spice mixes or spices to give your dish a whole new dimension of flavor. Think of a Moroccan ras el hanout mix for an exotic touch or a spicy Tex-Mex spice mix for a kick.

2. Surprising ingredients

  • Add unexpected ingredients to your recipe to give a twist to classic dishes. For example, try pieces of marinated tofu in a curry dish or grilled pineapple on a hamburger for a sweet touch.

3. Regional variations

  • Give your dish an international touch by playing with regional flavors and ingredients. For example, make an Italian pasta with pancetta and fennel or an Asian noodle soup with miso and seaweed.

By experimenting with these serving tips and variations, you can take your dishes to the next level and surprise your guests again and again with new flavor combinations and presentations. Have fun cooking!

Wrapping up: Try these delicious stuffed crab cakes today!

In conclusion, stuffed crab cakes are a delicious delicacy that you can easily make at home with the right ingredients and preparation method. Try this dish for a tasty and festive meal! Enjoy your meal!

Frequently Asked Questions about Stuffed Crab Cookies

What types of crab meat are used for stuffed crab cakes?

Stuffed crab cakes often use crab meat from real crabs such as the Blue Swimming Crab, King Crab, or Snow Crab. These crab varieties are known for their flavorful and juicy meat, which is perfect for making delicious crab cakes.

How are the crab cakes bound? For example with egg, breadcrumbs or something else?

Crab cakes are usually thickened with a combination of ingredients, including egg and breadcrumbs. The egg acts as a binding agent while the breadcrumbs provide structure and texture. Other common additions may include mayonnaise, mustard, herbs and spices, depending on the recipe. This makes for a well-bound and flavorful crab cake.

Are there regional variations in the composition of stuffed crab cakes?

Yes, there are indeed regional variations in the composition of stuffed crab cakes. In different regions, different ingredients and spices may be used to prepare the crab cakes. For example, some regions may place more emphasis on the use of specific spices or fillings, while other regions put their own unique twist on the recipe. It is interesting to discover and taste regional differences when it comes to traditional dishes such as stuffed crab cakes.

Are there any other ingredients used besides crab meat for the filling?

Yes, in addition to crab meat, other ingredients are often used for the filling of crab dishes. Consider, for example, mayonnaise, lemon juice, herbs and spices such as parsley, celery and paprika powder. These additions contribute to the taste and texture of the filling.

What are the main herbs and spices added to the crab cake filling?

The main herbs and spices often added to crab cake filling are garlic, fresh parsley, scallions, red pepper flakes, and a touch of lemon juice for some extra freshness. These ingredients give the crab cakes a delicious taste and ensure a perfect balance between the crab and the herbs. Enjoy your meal!

What side dishes go well with stuffed crab cakes?

Stuffed crab cakes go well with side dishes such as a fresh salad, steamed vegetables, baked potatoes or rice. These side dishes complement the flavor of the crab cakes and provide a balanced and tasty meal. Enjoy your meal!



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