How do you choose the Ideal Online Drinks Box for a Social Get-together at a Distance?

Dear reader, are you also looking for the perfect online drinks box to enjoy a nice get-together with your friends or family remotely? In this blog post we share useful tips and insights to put together the ideal selection of snacks and drinks. Discover how you can enjoy a delicious drink remotely and enjoy the connection with your loved ones. Read on and get inspired!

What is an online drinks box?

An online drinks box is a handy and festive package that you can order for a virtual drink or to enjoy with friends and family from a distance. These boxes are becoming increasingly popular and offer a fantastic way to have drinks together, even if you cannot be physically together.

What's in an online drinks box?

In a standard online drinks box you will find an assortment of delicious snacks and drinks, often put together for a specific occasion or theme. Think of luxurious nuts, olives, cheese, charcuterie, crackers, dips, chocolate, and other tasty treats. In addition, many drinks boxes also contain a selection of matching drinks, such as wine, beer, soft drinks or cocktails.

Example contents of an online drinks box:

  • Nut mix from [Brand A]: A tasty mix of almonds, cashew nuts and pecan nuts.
  • Italian cheese from [Brand B]: Creamy Parmesan cheese for the crackers.
  • Bottle of red wine from [Brand C]: A fruity Merlot to enjoy.
  • Chocolate truffles from [Brand D]: Luxurious treat for the sweet tooth.

Extras in an online drinks box

Some online drinks boxes come with extras to make the experience even more fun. These could be games such as a quiz or a card game, festive accessories such as cocktail sticks or napkins, or even a playlist to create the perfect atmosphere during drinks.

Example extras in an online drinks box:

  • Drinks quiz with questions about [Topic]: a fun activity to play with friends.
  • Festive cocktail sticks from [Brand E]: To present the snacks in a stylish way.
  • Special Spotify playlist for a drinks evening: with the best songs for a pleasant atmosphere.

In short, an online drinks box is a complete and carefully composed experience that ensures that you can enjoy a nice drink together remotely. With a mix of tasty snacks, refreshing drinks and fun extras, organizing a virtual drink becomes a breeze!

Factors to consider when choosing

When choosing an online drinks box, there are several factors that you should take into account. The choice can vary from budget to personal preferences and allergies, as well as the number of people participating. Below we discuss these factors in more detail.

1. Budget

Budget is an important consideration when choosing an online drinks box. There are various options on the market, ranging from budget-friendly boxes to more luxurious variants. Some popular brands that offer different price points include:

  • Known for their affordable but high-quality drink boxes.
  • Offers luxury options for those willing to invest a little more.

2. Personal preferences

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to snacks and drinks. It is therefore essential to choose a drinks box that suits your taste and that of your guests. Some brands that respond well to this are:

  • Tapas Time: Offers a diverse range of tapas and Spanish delicacies.
  • For lovers of craft beers in combination with tasty snacks.

3. Allergies

Don't forget to take into account any allergies of the drinks participants. Fortunately, there are more and more providers offering allergen-free options. Some examples of brands that respond to this are:

  • Gluten-freeEnjoy: Specially aimed at gluten-free drink boxes.
  • AllergyFreeEnjoyment: Offers a range of allergen-free snacks and drinks.

4. Number of persons

Finally, the number of people participating in the drinks is important when choosing a suitable drinks box. Some providers have boxes that have been specifically put together for larger groups, while others are more suitable for smaller groups. Some brands that offer different options based on group size are:

  • DeBorrel Factory: Boxes available for both small and large groups.
  • Specialized in custom drinks boxes, tailored to the number of people.

With these factors in mind, it is easier to choose the perfect online drinks box that suits your wishes and needs. Have fun drinking!

Popular online drinks boxes to consider

1. The Beer Tasting Box from De Brouwerij

  • Contents:
    • Various specialty beers from local breweries
    • Matching snacks such as cheese and sausage
  • Unique aspect:
    • Possibility to attend a live online tasting with a beer sommelier
  • Price:
    • €34.95 per box

2. The Cocktailbox from Shaken & Stirred

  • Contents:
    • Ingredients and recipes for making 4 different cocktails
    • Cocktail supplies such as shakers and stirrers
  • Unique aspect:
    • Including online cocktail workshop with a professional bartender
  • Price:
    • €39.99 per box

3. The Luxury Cheese Board Box from Fromage & Co

  • Contents:
    • A selection of premium cheeses from home and abroad
    • Accompanied by artisanal crackers and chutneys
  • Unique aspect:
    • Possibility to put together a personalized cheese board
  • Price:
    • From €29.95 per box

Comparison of the above options:

  • The Beer Tasting Box is ideal for beer lovers who would like to learn more about specialty beers.
  • The Cocktail Box from Shaken & Stirred is perfect for those who love mixing cocktails and are looking for a fun activity for a party.
  • The Luxury Cheese Board Box from Fromage & Co offers an elegant option for a chic drinks evening with friends or family.

Due to the diversity of options, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer beer, cocktails or cheese, there is a drinks box that suits your taste and preferences. The use of high-quality ingredients and beautiful presentation make these drinks boxes a valuable addition to any occasion.

Tips for a successful online drink

Organizing an online get-together can be a fun and easy way to stay connected with friends, family or colleagues, even from a distance. Whether it's a virtual birthday celebration, an informal team building session or just a fun get-together, there are several ways to ensure that your online drinks party is a success.

Organize activities

Adding an interactive element to your online drinks can increase the involvement of participants and liven up the atmosphere. Here are some suggestions for online activities you can organize:

  • Online games: Choose multiplayer games like Among Us or Jackbox Party Pack to add a competitive element to your drinks.
  • Digital quizzes: Use platforms like Kahoot! to create a fun and interactive quiz and play “Who will be the quiz champion?” with your friends or colleagues.
  • Virtual tours: Plan a virtual tour through a museum, city or other interesting area and share a unique experience together.

To create an atmosphere

Creating a cozy and festive atmosphere is essential for the success of your online drinks. Here are some tips to create the right atmosphere:

  • Themes and dress codes: Choose a fun theme such as “Tropical Beach Party” or “Roaring Twenties” and encourage guests to dress accordingly.
  • Decorations and backgrounds: Use decorative elements such as festive streamers, balloons and themed backdrops to liven up the setting.
  • Music and mood lighting: Play a playlist of upbeat tunes and adjust the mood lighting to create a cozy ambiance.

By organizing fascinating online activities and carefully creating a festive atmosphere, you can ensure that your online drinks become an unforgettable experience. Try these tips and make your next virtual meeting a guaranteed success!

Enjoy together from a distance with the perfect drinks box

After reading this blog post, you are now well informed about how to choose the perfect online drinks box. It is important to pay attention to your own preferences, budget and variety of products. Based on this, I would advise you to select a drinks box that perfectly suits your needs. This way you can organize a successful online drink!

Frequently asked questions about drink boxes online

What are the advantages of an online drinks box for a remote virtual get-together?

An online drinks box offers many advantages for a virtual get-together at a distance. Firstly, it creates a communal experience, where all participants have the same snacks and drinks. This strengthens the feeling of connection, despite the physical distance. In addition, it can imitate the atmosphere of a traditional drinks party and contribute to a cozy and informal setting. Moreover, it is easy to organize and can be adapted to the wishes and needs of the participants. Finally, an online drinks box offers the opportunity to discover new flavors and dishes in a fun way, which makes the get-together even more special.

Are there specific themes that you can choose for an online drinks box?

Yes, there are different themes you can choose for an online drinks box. Some popular themes include: Spanish tapas, Italian antipasti, Asian snacks, Mexican fiesta, or even a theme based on different types of cheese and wine. Choosing a specific theme can help put together the perfect drinks box and create a fun and varied experience for you and your guests.

What different types of products are usually included in an online drinks box?

An online drinks box usually contains different types of snacks and drinks, such as various types of cheese, charcuterie, olives, nuts, crackers, dips, chocolate, but also beer, wine, soft drinks and sometimes even spirits. The exact composition may vary depending on the provider and the theme of the box. The aim is to offer a varied selection of products that go together perfectly during a drink.

How can you be sure that the quality of the products in an online drinks box is good and delivery is on time?

To ensure that the quality of the products in an online drinks box is good and the delivery is on time, it is best to take a few steps. First of all, check whether the online store has positive reviews and ratings from previous customers. This can give an indication of the quality of the products and the service of the delivery. In addition, it is important to see whether the webshop collaborates with renowned brands and suppliers. This can ensure the quality of the products. It is also advisable to check whether the webshop provides clear information about shipping and delivery times. This way you know exactly when you can expect the drinks box. Finally, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the online store's customer service for more information about their products and delivery process. This way you can order an online drinks box with confidence!

How do you determine which online drinks box best suits the company you are having online drinks with?

To choose the best online drinks box that suits the group you are having online drinks with, it is important to take the preferences and dietary requirements of the participants into account. Look at the composition of the box, such as snacks, drinks and any extras such as cheese or meats. Also consider whether there are non-alcoholic options available and whether there is enough variety to suit everyone's tastes. Don't forget to look at the price-quality ratio and whether the box is suitable for the number of people you are having drinks with. This way you can choose an online drinks box that perfectly suits your group. Have fun drinking!

What are the average costs of an online drinks box and what determines the price?

The average cost of an online drinks box usually varies between €20 and €40 per person, depending on the contents and quality of the products. Factors that determine the price include the selection of snacks and drinks, the quantity of items in the box, the delivery costs and any extras such as personalization or themed decorations. It is important to look at what exactly is in the drinks box and whether it suits your wishes and budget.

Are online drinks boxes only suitable for adults or are there options for children too?

Online drinks boxes are generally designed with adults in mind, as they usually contain alcoholic drinks. However, some providers offer special drinks boxes that are suitable for children, including non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and fun activities. It is therefore possible to find drinks boxes that are specifically designed for children, but it is important to look carefully at the contents before purchasing one.



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