How to present and store wine for a special occasion with Klaas

This step-by-step guide will guide you through presenting and storing wine for a special occasion with Klaas. Learn how to choose the perfect bottle and best serve it to impress your guests. And did you know that some wine cellars are buried deep in the ground to create the best conditions for storing wine? Enrich your knowledge and experience an unforgettable evening with Klaas and an excellent wine selection. Good luck with your preparations!


Step 1: Select the right wine

Choose a wine that suits Klaas's taste preferences and the occasion:

  • Think about which type of wine Klaas prefers: white, red or sparkling.
  • Think about Klaas's taste preferences: does he like dry, sweet, fruity or spicy wines?
  • Consider the occasion: is it an informal gathering, a festive occasion or an intimate dinner?
  • Make sure the quality of the wine is good: choose a wine from a renowned winery or a well-known region.
  • If necessary, ask Klaas about his preferences or subtly try to find out information about his taste preferences.

It is important to choose a wine that is not only tasty for Klaas, but also suits the occasion and is of good quality. A good choice of wine ensures that Klaas can enjoy it optimally and that the wine enhances the moment. Don't forget to seek advice from a sommelier or wine expert if you have any doubts or would like more information about the options available.


Step 2: Store the wine properly

  • Provide a suitable storage location for the wine, such as a cool, dark place with a consistent temperature.
  • Avoid fluctuations and vibrations that can affect the taste.

Place the bottles of wine in a place that is stable and where the temperature remains constant. Preferably place them on their sides to keep the cork moist and prevent oxidation. Keep them away from direct sunlight and devices that emit heat to avoid unwanted heat influences. Check the storage area regularly to ensure that conditions remain optimal. By storing your wine correctly, you will maintain its quality and taste for a longer period of time.


Step 3: Decant the wine if necessary

Decant your old wine for improved flavor and to remove any sediment. Slowly pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter, making sure that the sediment remains in the bottle. This gives the wine the chance to breathe and its aromas come into their own.

Oxygen is your friend with tannic wines

For wines with a lot of tannins, such as a powerful red wine, decanting is also recommended. Let the wine rest in the decanter so that the tannins soften and the flavor of the wine develops nicely. Try to taste the difference between a glass poured directly and a glass of wine that has been decanted first.


Step 4: Serve the wine at the right temperature

Make sure you chill white and rosé wines thoroughly before serving. Place them in the refrigerator for at least a few hours or use a wine cooler to get them to the optimal temperature. White wines and rosé wines taste best when they are nice and fresh, usually around 8-12°C.

Remember to serve red wines at room temperature. Do not place the red wine in the refrigerator, but let it rest in a cool, dark place before pouring it. The ideal temperature for red wine is usually between 16-18°C, so that all flavors and aromas come into their own.


Step 5: Enjoy the wine together

Invite Klaas to enjoy the wine together and plan a pleasant evening together. Provide a quiet setting with candlelight and possibly some background music to complete the atmosphere. Get the bottle of wine ready and grab two matching wine glasses.

Pour the wine and let the aromas release. Take the time to discover the flavors and discuss together what you taste and smell. Enjoy the moment and share your experiences with each other. Make this special occasion an unforgettable moment by fully appreciating the wine and each other's company.

Tips for successful wine presentation

In short, by following the steps to choose the right wine, store and serve it properly, and enjoy it with Klaas, you will be on your way to an unforgettable wine experience. Cheers to beautiful moments!

Supplies and tools

  • Different wines of your choice
  • Wine refrigerator or wine cooler
  • Decanter
  • Wine glasses
  • Corkscrew
  • Wine stopper
  • Possibly decanting sieve

Ultimate wine etiquette

  • Make sure you serve the wine at the right temperature. Red wines between 16-18°C, white wines between 8-12°C and sparkling wines between 5-8°C
  • Allow the wine to breathe by opening it at least 30 minutes before serving. This allows the aromas to come into their own
  • Use suitable wine glasses – for red wine a glass with a convex shape and for white wine a narrower glass. Also ensure that glasses are clean and dry
  • Store the wine in a cool, dark and stable place, away from direct sunlight and strong odors, to preserve its quality
  • If you want to store a bottle of wine after opening it, use a vacuum pump to remove the air from the bottle and store it in the refrigerator. This keeps the wine fresh for longer

How to easily order wine from Klaas – step-by-step plan

  • Start by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create an account by filling in your details and choosing a password
  • Search for the wine you want to order by browsing through the different categories or use the search function
  • Add the desired wine to your shopping cart and continue by selecting your delivery address and payment method
  • Confirm your order and wait for your delicious wine to be delivered to your home. Cheers!

Frequently asked questions about e-wine at Klaas

Does Klaas let his wine breathe before he drinks it?

Yes, it can certainly help to let the wine breathe before drinking it. Exposing the wine to oxygen opens the aromas and allows the flavor to develop better. This is especially true for red wines and some strong white wines. In general, it is recommended to let red wines breathe for at least 30 minutes to an hour before drinking them. It can improve the taste experience!

Does Klaas prefer red or white wine?

Klaas prefers red wine.

Who does Klaas share his wine with?

Klaas shares his wine with his friends during pleasant dinners and drinks.

Would Klaas prefer to drink his wine in a wine glass or a wine bowl?

In reality, Klaas probably prefers to drink his wine from a wine glass. Wine glasses are specially designed to promote the aromas of the wine and enhance the tasting experience. Wine bowls are usually wider and less suitable for concentrating the scents. So if Klaas wants to get the best taste and aroma from his wine, a wine glass is the best choice.



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