How to: The ideal cheese board with cheese seasonings

Would you like to put a delicious cheese board on the table this weekend? Then make sure your board is complete by not only thinking about cheese and toast with spreads, but by also providing real cheese seasonings. These can be compotes, dips and sauces, but also other products that are simply delicious in combination with cheese! In this blog I give tips for a complete cheese board and I would like to show you some of my own favorite and well-known flavor combinations of cheese and cheese seasonings.

Tip 1: Provide cheese seasonings

Placing different cheeses on a board does not make a complete cheese board. Therefore, make sure you have cheese seasonings. On a small shelf, one or two is enough. Think of chutneys/jams, honey and special cheese dips. Nowadays you can find them in every supermarket. Better-known sauces such as mustard and chili sauce actually also work very well with cheese.

Golden cheese combos

Perhaps not all of this is new to you (as a cheese lover), but an old golden combination is always good! Check out these ideas for your cheese platter: 

  1. Young cheese with cucumber;
  2. Nettle cheese with mustard dip;
  3. Manchego DOP with fig chutney;
  4. Pecorino chili (or walnut) with orange compote;
  5. Burrata with tomato & olive oil;
  6. Aged cheese with (date) syrup; 
  7. Young cheese with mustard-dill dip;
  8.  Hard goat cheese with quince dip; 
  9. Soft goat cheese with walnut & honey; 
  10. Cow's milk cheese with ginger/pineapple; 
  11. Brie/camembert with caramelized onion compote;
  12. Blue cheese with balsamic syrup; 
  13. Gruyère, Emmentaler, Morbier and Tomme blanche cheese with red port (sauce).
  14. Cheese of your choice with sweet/fresh fruit, such as grape, fig, date, (dried) apricot and raspberry.

Hopefully you have discovered something new here that you would like to try on your drinks board. More tips for your cheese platter? 

Tip 2: Go for different types of cheeses (cow, goat, sheep)

Choose cheese from different types of milk. In the Netherlands we mainly eat cow's milk cheese (on bread) and the enthusiast also sometimes eats (soft) goat's cheese. But there are many types of cheeses inside and outside. The second tip is: ensure variety in cheese types. Especially on a cheese board you will taste the difference between cow's milk, sheep's milk and goat's milk cheeses. 

Did you know that there are also types of cheese made from multiple types of milk mixed together? Ask your cheesemonger about this and discover what a mix does for the taste! Also fun: trying one new cheese every time you make a snack board. You can bet that you will have discovered new favorites over time!

bread food wood apple

Tip 3: Soft and spicy 

Make sure that your cheese board also consists of soft, hard, spicy and mild cheeses. An example of a varied selection of cheeses for one cheese board: 

  1. Soft goat cheese with honey (soft/goat cheese);
  2. Manchego DOP 6 months. matured with quince dip (hard/sheep cheese);
  3. Camembert with honey (soft/cow's milk/white mold/mild);
  4. Langres (soft/cow's milk/spicy/washed rind cheese);
  5. Fryslaner old 50+ with date syrup (hard/cow's milk/spicy);
  6. Roquefort (soft/blue cheese/spicy). 

Be sure to mix it up with cheeses yourself, because there is plenty of choice. Are you not a fan of goat's cheese, for example, or are you a bit hesitant about sheep's cheese? Then ask for the mildest version at your local cheesemonger and who knows, you might learn to push your 'cheese boundaries' and appreciate more types of cheese. We are never too old to learn new things, tasting new food included! 

Tip 4: Bread & crackers

Finally, it is important to add enough 'base' for your cheese. A nice savory counterpart. Think of a fresh baguette, delicious break bread, (garlic) crostinis, scrocchi, nut bread/fig bread or cheese crackers. By adding both crunchy and soft elements, there is something for everyone and you can combine and experience the cheeses in different ways.

Of course, there are endless combinations conceivable for your cheese board. A bunch of grapes always works well and cold cuts are a nice change if you don't want to opt for a vegetarian cheese board. Hopefully we have given you some extra inspiration for making your cheese board. Good luck and enjoy!

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