Budget-friendly tips for putting together a gourmet snack board

Hey you over there! Are you looking for a way to put together a delicious gourmet snack board without having to pay the top price? Don't worry, because in this blog post we share budget-friendly tips with which you can create a tasteful yet affordable snack board. No more stress about the costs, just enjoy a pleasant evening with delicious snacks. Let's get started!

Basic supplies

A snack board is a great way to spoil guests with delicious snacks, but its success depends on the right basic supplies you choose. In this article we will discuss the essential items you need to put together an enticing appetizer board.

Different Types of Cheese

  • Have a mix of soft and hard cheeses to combine different flavors and textures.
  • Examples of popular cheeses: Brie, Gouda, Blue Stilton, Manchego.


  • Choose a variety of meats such as salami, Parma ham, chorizo and coppa for a rich flavor profile.
  • Brands such as Casa Modena and Aoste offer quality meats that are perfect for appetizers.

Nuts and Dry Fruits

  • Nuts and dry fruits add a crunchy texture and sweet accents to your board.
  • Think of almonds, walnuts, dried apricots and figs for a varied offering.

Crackers and Bread

  • Provide a variety of crackers and baguettes to complement the cheeses and meats.
  • Brands such as LU Cracottes and Le Perron offer various options that fit perfectly with a snack board.

Dipping sauces

  • Complete your snack board with an assortment of dips such as hummus, pesto and tapenade.
  • Choose well-known brands such as Sabra for hummus and De Nieuwe Band for organic tapenades for guaranteed success.

With these basic supplies you can effortlessly put together a delicious drinks board that will impress your guests, without having to purchase expensive products. Unleash your creativity and enjoy putting together and sharing these tasty treats!

Budget-friendly options

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at how to make smart choices when purchasing ingredients so you can stay within your budget without sacrificing quality. By paying attention to offers, using seasonal products and choosing local products, you can save a lot of money. We will show you how to do this in a practical and convincing way.

Pay attention to offers

  • Brand A Peanut Butter: Regularly check the offers of Brand A Peanut Butter in supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. Discounts are often available, allowing you to stock up without paying too much.
  • Delicious Muesli: Choose bulk packs of Delicious Muesli when they are on sale. Not only will you save money, but you will also have sufficient stock for the coming weeks.

Use seasonal products

  • Summer Vegetables: In the summer, vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are in full season. Take advantage of these fresh products, which are often cheaper than out of season.
  • Winter Stew: During the winter months, potatoes and kale are widely available and reasonably priced. Make delicious stews with these ingredients for a budget-friendly meal.

Choose local products

  • Farm cheese from Family de Boer: Buy your cheese directly from Familie de Boer at the local market. Not only do you support local producers, but the prices are often more favorable than in the supermarket.
  • Fresh eggs from Van der Velden Farm: Go for the fresh eggs from Boerderij van der Velden. These eggs not only taste better, but are also friendlier to your wallet.

By making smart choices when purchasing ingredients, you can enjoy delicious meals without breaking your budget. Keep an eye out for offers, use seasonal products and support local producers to keep costs low. This way you can shop consciously and cheaply, without sacrificing quality.

Presentation and variety

A snack board is not just a collection of tasty snacks; it is a work of art in itself. By playing with colors, textures and shapes, you can transform your drinks board into a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. In this article we discuss how to present your drinks board attractively and maintain a good balance between different flavors and structures.

Using colors to seduce

  • Vary the colors: for example, combine red cherry tomatoes with green olives and yellow cheese cubes.
  • Use colorful vegetables such as radishes, peppers and carrots for a vibrant presentation.

Add textures for an interesting experience

  • Combine crispy crackers with creamy cheeses and soft meats for a balanced mouth-watering experience.
  • Add nuts and dried fruit for a crunchy texture and sweet flavor accents.

Creating shapes for visual impact

  • Cut cheese into different shapes such as cubes, slices and pieces for a varied look.
  • Roll up meat products or fold them into fun shapes for a playful twist on your snack board.

Balance between flavors and structures

  • Combine spicy cheeses with sweet figs or grapes for a perfect balance between salty and sweet.
  • Add saltine crackers to creamy spreads to balance the flavors.

With these tips you can create a stunning snack board that is not only tasty, but also looks fantastic. Experiment with different ingredients and presentation styles to unleash your creativity and impress your guests. Have fun putting together your perfect drinks board!

Combining flavors

One of the most important aspects of a successful snack board is combining different flavors. Think of a mix of sweet, savory, salty and maybe even a touch of bitter. Here are some suggestions to experiment with:

  • Sweet: dried fruit such as figs or dates, a spoonful of honey, or pieces of dark chocolate.
  • Savory: different types of cheese such as brie, aged cheese and goat cheese, charcuterie such as salami or Serrano ham.
  • Salt: olives, nut mix or bruschetta with sea salt.
  • Bitter: arugula, walnuts or a small piece of dark chocolate.

Offer sufficient variety

Make sure your drinks board contains a mix of textures and colors. Think of crunchy pieces of baguette, creamy hummus, fresh grapes and spicy mustard. This creates an exciting experience for the taste buds of your guests.

Choosing the right drinks

Choosing the right drinks is crucial to compliment the flavors on your platter. Try to match based on contrast or harmony. Some suggestions:

  • Red wine: a strong red wine such as a Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with hard cheeses and red meat.
  • White wine: choose a fresh Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay to pair with soft cheeses and fish dishes.
  • Beer: a tasty specialty beer can form a surprising combination with charcuterie and nuts.

Practical examples

  • Cheese: Gouda from the local cheese farm “De Kaaskoning” gives a delicious creamy taste to your snack board.
  • Wine: A bottle of Merlot from the “Vineyard Montebello” winery goes perfectly with the various cheeses on the shelf.
  • Nut mix: A traditional roasted nut mix from “Notenbar De Knabbelmand” adds a crunchy texture to your board.

Remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy putting together and serving your platter. By playing with different combinations and flavors, you are sure to impress your guests and create a cozy atmosphere!

A festive and affordable ending

With these budget-friendly tips for putting together a gourmet snack board, you can now enjoy a delicious and stylish creation without breaking the bank. Treat yourself and share this tasty treat with friends and family. Enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions about Borrelplank Gourmet

Are there specific stores or markets where you can cheaply buy ingredients for a gourmet snack board?

Yes, for affordable ingredients for a gourmet snack board it is best to go to wholesalers such as Makro, Sligro or Hanos. Here you will often find a wide range of cheeses, meats, nuts, fresh fruit and other delicacies in larger packages at favorable prices. Don't forget to visit local markets and farm shops as they often offer fresh and quality produce at a good price. Have fun putting together your gourmet drinks board!

Which types of cheese are budget-friendly and suitable for a gourmet snack board?

There are different types of cheese that are suitable for a budget-friendly gourmet snack board. Options such as young cheese, mature cheese, Gouda cheese, Edam cheese and goat cheese are generally affordable and loved by many people. These cheeses are perfect for a fun drinks evening and will certainly be appreciated by your guests. Have fun putting together your drinks board!

How can you be creative with fruit and vegetables on a budget-friendly gourmet platter?

You can be very creative with fruits and vegetables on a budget-friendly gourmet platter! A tip is to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, because they are often cheaper and also have more flavor. For example, you can cut small cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots into beautiful shapes and present them in a colorful way. You can also add fruit such as grapes, strawberries and pieces of melon for some sweetness. Don't forget to add different dipping sauces, such as hummus or yogurt dip. This way you can create a beautiful and tasteful drinks board within budget! Have fun creating!



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