Food & Wood has been around for 2 years!

It's a party! Because Food & Wood will already be in existence for 2 years on June 11, 2022! We of course celebrate this with all our fantastic customers, because without you we would not be where we are today. That's why we treat you to free extras with every order (delivered before 17-09-22)!

This birthday promotion runs from Wednesday 08-06-22 to Wednesday 15-06-22. If you place your order during this period and it is delivered between 08-06-22 and 16-06-22, you will receive with your box:

  • A fuet extra natural
  • A Honey & Salt roasted nut mix (80 grams)
  • And you have a chance to win an extra surprise! 

Christmas crowds, business drinks & weddings 

Curious about how our second year went? Once again with lots of ups, a crazy winter season with beautiful (custom-made) Christmas packages and of course a transition from a storm called COVID to the world as it 'was'.

While the first year of Food & Wood focused on making as many people as possible happy at home with a drinks box from the employer, from dear friends and family or as a gift for themselves, our second year brought a nice expansion with plenty of catering on location! Parties, business drinks and weddings could finally take place again and you organized them en masse! We already knew that the Netherlands loves drinks, but going all out with a beautiful Grazing Table from Food & Wood on location went well for you (and us) too!

We saw one 5-star review after another appear after the catering orders and man, does that feel good! To know that this catering concept, which started more than 2.5 years ago as a – in my mind, unattainable – dream, has now reached so many parties and happy people, that is great!

From dream to reality

What started as a dream and as my goal to work towards: setting up my own drinks catering company in addition to the webshop with drinks boxes, is now up and running and running smoothly! And that's not all, because we are (or have been) working on so many cool things, including launching our own wine label. You'll have to be patient for a little while, but they're coming guys: our own Food & Wood wines! In any case, we are really looking forward to what next year will bring us and what we can offer you!

Cin cin, to very cool things and always continue to enjoy life!

On behalf of Team Food & Wood,




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