How much does a drinks package cost?

This step-by-step guide will guide you step by step in calculating the cost of a drinks package. Whether you want to put together a package yourself or buy one, this guide will help you understand the total costs. Good luck putting together your perfect drinks package!


Determine the contents of the drinks package

Write a list of all the items you want to include in the drinks package. Think of different types of cheese, such as young cheese and blue cheese. Also add a selection of cold cuts such as salami and serrano ham. Also consider nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, and various drinks such as wine, beer or soft drinks. Be creative and provide a varied mix of flavors and textures in your drinks package.


Collect prizes

Collect the prices of the selected items. Check the price of each product at different stores or suppliers to find the best deals. Compare prices and select the provider with the most favorable price for the desired items.


Calculate the quantity per item

First decide how much you want to serve per person for each item. For example, if you have 4 people in your party and you want to serve 12 meatballs, you will need 48 meatballs. Then add up all these numbers to know how much of each item you need in total for the drinks package. This helps you calculate costs accurately and prevents shortages or surpluses.


Please add any additional costs

  • Don't forget to consider all possible additional costs.
  • Add any costs for packaging materials, decorations and delivery to your total calculation.
  • These additional costs can significantly affect the final amount, so make sure you don't overlook them.
  • Please check that all additional costs have been included correctly before purchasing.

Calculate the total costs

Add the cost of all items and any additional costs together to calculate the total cost of the drinks package. Make sure you don't forget any costs and add everything up accurately for a complete overview. Use these total costs to get a good idea of the price of the entire package.


Compare with ready-made packages

Compare the costs of the ready-made drinks package with the prices of the individual ingredients that you would buy yourself. Calculate accurately how much it would cost to put together a comparable package yourself. Choose the option that is cheaper for you based on this comparison. Analyze the total costs and make an informed choice.


Decide on the purchase

Decide now whether you want to put together or buy a drinks package based on your calculations and comparisons. Take the time to consider the pros and cons of both options. View the costs, time required and personal preferences for ingredients and presentation. Make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.


Take personal preferences into account

Also consider personal preferences and budget considerations when making your final decision. Analyze what best suits your personal taste and financial situation. This will help you make an informed choice that suits your needs and preferences. Don't forget to consider these factors in your final decision.

Costs and options

That's a great summary of the blog post “How much does a drinks package actually cost?”. It is essential to determine the costs of a drinks package in a structured manner in order to be able to choose carefully and fully enjoy your drinks. Have fun and cheers!


  • List of desired drinks package contents
  • Price list of various stores
  • Calculator
  • Any additional costs
  • Comparison data of ready-made packages
  • Personal preference list

Useful advice and tricks

  • First determine the budget you want to spend on the drinks package
  • Compare different stores and online providers to find the best price
  • Pay attention to the contents and quality of the drinks package to assess the price-quality ratio
  • Consider putting together a drinks package yourself for a personal touch and possible cost savings
  • Please take into account any additional costs such as shipping or delivery

How can you best use the Ellen Drinks Package?

  • First of all, open the Ellen drinks package and remove the contents
  • Arrange the different items on a beautiful tray or plate
  • Provide some tasty drinks, such as wine, beer or soft drinks
  • Serve the snacks with matching sauces and dips
  • Enjoy a nice drink with your friends or family!

Frequently asked questions about our Drinks Package Ellen

Can you also order Ellen's drinks package for special occasions?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package can also be ordered for special occasions. Ellen offers adjustments for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other festivities. You can contact Ellen to discuss the options and tailor the package to your special occasion. Have fun with your festive preparations!

Are there options for wines or other drinks with Ellen's drinks package?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package certainly includes options for wines and other drinks. Ellen offers a selection of delicious wines that match perfectly with the various snacks and snacks in the drinks package. You can also choose from other drinks such as prosecco, beer or soft drinks to complete your drinks package. This way you can choose the perfect combination that suits your preferences and taste.

Does Ellen's drinks package take sustainability and environmental friendliness into account?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package certainly takes sustainability and environmental friendliness into account. For example, packaging materials that are recyclable are used, organic and local products are used as much as possible and attention is paid to reducing food waste. Ellen strives to put together her drink packages in a responsible manner, taking the environment into account.

Can Ellen's drinks package be adjusted to the number of people?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package can often be adjusted to the number of people. It is wise to contact Ellen directly to ask about the options for adapting the package to the desired number of people. This way, Ellen can inform you about possible options and prices for different sizes of drink packages. Have fun and enjoy the drinks!

Is Ellen's drinks package also suitable for people with special dietary requirements?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package can also be suitable for people with special dietary requirements, depending on what exactly these dietary requirements are. Ellen may offer a range of snacks and drinks that suit certain dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free. It is best to contact Ellen directly to inquire about the options and to ensure that the drinks package meets your specific dietary requirements.

Are there options for thematic drinks packages at Ellen?

Yes, at Ellen there are certainly options for thematic drinks packages! Ellen offers a wide range of options for drinks packages with different themes, such as cheese boards, tapas or special wines. You can contact Ellen for personalized drinks packages that perfectly match your wishes and preferences. Please feel free to contact Ellen to discuss all options and put together a tailor-made package for your next occasion. Have fun drinking!

Are instructions included on how to best put together Ellen's drinks package?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package comes with instructions on how to best put together the different items for a wonderful drinks experience. The package contains clear guidelines and suggestions to optimally enjoy the products. Have fun putting together your Ellen drinks package!

Is Ellen's drinks package also suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package is also suitable for vegetarians. It contains a selection of vegetarian snacks and snacks, so vegetarian guests can also enjoy the drinks.

Does Ellen also offer additional snacks or snacks in addition to the drinks package?

Yes, Ellen also offers additional snacks and snacks in addition to the drinks package. You can find various options to complete your drink with delicious extras such as cheese boards, olives, nut mixes and more. It is always good to check out her range for all the possible options she offers.

Can you personalize Ellen's drinks package?

Yes, it is possible to personalize Ellen's drinks package. For example, you can choose the products it contains, customize the packaging or add a personal message. Contact Ellen to discuss the options and create a personalized drinks package that meets your wishes. Have fun putting together your unique drinks package!

How far in advance should you order Ellen's drinks package?

To order Ellen's drinks package, it is recommended to order at least 2 days in advance. This way, Ellen can ensure that everything is fresh and ready on time for your drinks!

Will Ellen's drink package be delivered to your home?

Yes, Ellen's drinks package will be delivered to your home.

Are the products in Ellen's drinks package fresh?

No, the products in Ellen's drinks package are not fresh. It mainly contains long-life products such as chips, nuts and dried sausages.

What's in Ellen's drinks package?

Ellen's drinks package probably contains different types of cheese, cold cuts such as dry sausage, olives, nuts, baguette and different types of dips. The package may also include dried fruit, crackers and a bottle of wine or special beer. It may vary depending on the specifications of the drinks package that Ellen has put together.

How much does Ellen's drinks package cost?

Ellen's drinks package costs €25. It includes a selection of cheese, cold cuts, olives, and pate, accompanied by a bottle of wine. It is an ideal choice to enjoy with a nice drink!



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