How much does a drinks box cost?

In the step-by-step guide “How much does a drinks box cost?” explains how you can understand the costs of a drinks box and what you should pay attention to when purchasing. It helps you to gain a better insight into the price structure of a drinks box and how you can make the best choice.


Determine the type of drinks box

First decide whether you want a standard drinks box with basic products or a luxury drinks box with exclusive items. Consider which type of drinks box suits the occasion and budget you have in mind. Choose a standard drinks box if you have a casual meeting where simple snacks are sufficient. Go for a luxurious drinks box if you have a special celebration and want to impress with premium products.

Think carefully about the price you are willing to pay for the drinks box. A standard drinks box will generally be more affordable than a luxury drinks box, because of the exclusive and high-quality products it contains. So consider in advance how much you want to spend and choose the type of drinks box that best suits your wishes and budget.


Choose the size of the drinks box

First decide for how many people you want to order the drinks box. Consider whether it should be for 2, 4, 6 or perhaps even more people. Please note that a drinks box for 2 people is often cheaper than a drinks box for 6 people. This way you can tailor the costs to the number of people who will enjoy the drinks box.

Compare the prices and contents of drinks boxes for different sizes. Pay attention to any offers that apply to larger drinks boxes and consider whether you would prefer a wider selection or want to save costs with a smaller box. By looking carefully at the price per person and the range in the box, you can choose the ideal size for your occasion. Make a well-considered choice and enjoy the perfect drinks box!


Compare different providers

Research different stores and caterers that offer drinks boxes. Take a look at the range they have and note the prices of the different options. Pay particular attention to the composition of the drink boxes and whether they meet your wishes and needs.

Then compare the prices of the drinks boxes from the different providers. Also pay attention to any additional costs, such as delivery costs. Make an overview of the total costs per provider, including any additional costs, so that you get a good idea of which provider is the most affordable.


Check the contents of the drinks box

First take a careful look at what is in the drinks box. Check whether all products promised are actually available. See if anything is missing or added that you weren't expecting.

Then check whether the quality of the products matches what you had in mind. Rate the freshness and taste of the items in the drinks box. In addition, it is important to check whether the quantity of the products is in proportion to the price asked for them. Pay close attention to the balance between price, quality and quantity of the drinks box.


Determine your budget and make a choice

First calculate how much you are comfortable spending on a drinks box. Review your finances and determine a realistic budget. Please take into account any additional costs, such as delivery.

Then compare the options based on your personal preferences and budget. Look at the contents of the drinks boxes, the suppliers and any extras that are offered. Make an informed choice that suits both your taste and your wallet. Good luck choosing the perfect drinks box!

Summary and Recommendations

That's completely right! With the information from this blog post you can now better estimate how much a drinks box costs and make a well-considered choice. Have fun putting together your perfect drinks box!

Required tools

  • Money to spend
  • Various suppliers of drinks boxes
  • Information about the contents of various drinks boxes
  • List of personal preferences
  • Table to compare prices

Useful Advice

  • Compare different providers to compare the prices of drinks boxes
  • Pay attention to the contents and quantity of the drinks box, these influence the price
  • Check if there are any additional costs, such as delivery or any additions
  • Take into account the number of people for whom the drinks box is intended, this may affect the price per person
  • Check if there are any discounts or special offers to save money on the purchase of a drinks box

How do you use the Borrelbox?

  • Start by unpacking the drinks box and laying out the different ingredients on the table
  • Combine the cheese, meats, olives, nuts and other delicacies as desired on a snack board
  • Pour a glass of wine or beer to complete the drinks experience
  • Enjoy fun drinks with friends or family and discover your favorite combinations
  • Don't forget to store the drinks box neatly after use for the next occasion. Have fun drinking!

Frequently asked questions about the Borrelbox

Can you order a drinks box in advance or often last minute?

You can usually order a Borrelbox both in advance and last-minute. However, it may vary by provider and box availability. It is therefore best to check the conditions in advance and, if necessary, contact the supplier to inquire about the options. This way you can ensure that you receive your desired Borrelbox on time.

Which products are often included in a drinks box?

In a Drinks Box you will often find a variety of products for drinks, such as cheese, sausage, olives, toast, nuts, dips and perhaps even some sweets such as chocolate. It is a mix of savory and sweet delicacies to enjoy during a nice drink!

Which drinks can usually be added to a Borrelbox?

Various drinks can usually be added to a drinks box, depending on the specific composition and the preferences of the person who put together the box. Popular drinks that are often found in a Borrelbox include beer, wine, and soft drinks. You may also find spirits such as gin, vodka or whiskey, depending on the occasion and the theme of the box. It therefore depends on the compiler exactly which drinks can be found in a Borrelbox. Have fun drinking!

Can a Borrelbox also be put together based on specific dietary requirements?

Yes, a Borrelbox can certainly be put together based on specific dietary requirements. When ordering a Borrelbox, you can often indicate whether you have certain dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, etc. This way, the compiler can ensure that the contents of the Borrelbox fit your dietary needs. It is always useful to indicate this in advance to avoid disappointment. Have fun with your specially composed Borrelbox!

What are typical extras that are sometimes added to a Borrelbox?

Typical extras that are sometimes added to a Borrelbox include olives, nuts, charcuterie, cheese, dips, baguette, crackers, grapes, and even chocolate. These extras can make the Drinks Box even more complete and varied, so that you can optimally enjoy your drinks moment. Have fun drinking!

How long do the products in a Borrelbox stay fresh?

The products in a Borrelbox usually stay fresh between 1 and 3 days, depending on the specific products contained in it and how they are stored. Make sure to check the expiration date of the products and store them in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness for as long as possible.

Are there special drinks boxes for a picnic, for example?

Yes, there are certainly special Drink Boxes that are perfect for a picnic! These boxes often contain an assortment of cheese, meats, bread, dips, and other tasty snacks to enjoy in nature. They are ideal to take with you for a nice picnic with friends or family. You can often order them from specialty stores, catering companies or online. Have fun with your picnic!

Are there special children's drink boxes available?

Yes, special children's drink boxes are available! These boxes usually contain kid-friendly snacks and drinks that are specially formulated for children. They are perfect for parties, outings or just for a fun treat at home. You can often order them from catering companies or special online stores that focus on children's parties and events. It is a fun and convenient option to ensure that younger guests can also enjoy tasty snacks!

Are vegetarian or vegan Drink Boxes available?

Yes, there are certainly vegetarian and vegan Drink Boxes available! These Drink Boxes contain delicious plant-based options and are perfect for people on a vegetarian or vegan diet. You can search online or inquire with specific restaurants or caterers about the availability of these special Drink Boxes. This way you can enjoy a delicious and animal-friendly drinking experience!

Which occasions are ideal to order a Borrelbox?

Great that you are interested in a Borrelbox! These are ideal for various occasions, such as birthdays, drinks with friends or family, an online team outing or simply for a nice evening at home. It is a convenient and tasty way to enjoy all kinds of snacks without having to prepare everything yourself. Enjoy it!

Is a Borrelbox more expensive than ordering different snacks separately?

Yes, in general a Borrelbox is often cheaper than ordering different snacks separately. This is because when putting together a Borrelbox, larger quantities are often purchased, resulting in a lower price per snack. In addition, the costs for packaging and presentation are often already included in a Drinks Box, while these can still be added to individual orders. It may therefore be financially more beneficial to opt for a Borrelbox, especially if you order for a larger group.

What exactly is a Borrelbox?

A Borrelbox is a composed box with various savory and sweet delicacies that are perfect for a nice drink. Think of cheese, sausage, olives, nuts, dips, crackers and chocolate. It is an ideal way to quickly and easily create a varied and tasty snack board. Drink boxes are often also supplemented with a selection of drinks, such as wine, beer or soft drinks. In short, a Borrelbox is the solution for a successful drinks evening with friends or family!

Are there well-known catering companies or shops that specialize in making Drink Boxes?

Yes, there are several well-known catering companies and shops that specialize in making Drink Boxes. Some popular options in the Netherlands include De Borrelboxer, Borrelbox Amsterdam, and Borrelbox Company. These companies often offer a wide range of drinks boxes, ranging from classic snacks to luxurious gourmet variants. It is always wise to check the websites of the specific caterers to see what options they offer and what best suits your needs and budget.

How many people is a standard Borrelbox usually intended for?

A standard Borrelbox is usually intended for 4 to 6 people. This may vary depending on the specific composition and size of the Borrelbox, but that is generally a common amount. Have fun drinking!

Are Drink Boxes often delivered or do they have to be picked up on location?

Nowadays, drinks boxes are often delivered instead of having to be picked up on location. Many catering companies and restaurants offer delivery as a service, so you can easily enjoy a delicious drinks box from home or office. This makes organizing a drink or party, for example, a lot easier. Winning combination!



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