The ultimate guide to drinks boards and drinks boxes in Amsterdam

Welcome to our ultimate guide to drinks boards and drinks boxes in Amsterdam! Whether you are looking for a fun evening with friends or a special treat for a special occasion, Amsterdam has it all to offer when it comes to drinks. From tasty cheese boards to delicious charcuterie, in this post we share the best locations and options to take your drinks experience to the next level. Prepare to pamper your taste buds and discover the culinary treasures that Amsterdam has to offer!

What are drink boards and drink boxes?

Drink boards and drink boxes are popular options for serving snacks and snacks during social drinks or parties. They offer a range of treats that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

  • Drink boards: These are large wooden boards or serving dishes on which different types of cheese, meats, nuts, fruit, dips, and sandwiches are presented. It is a stylish and traditional way to enjoy a drink.
  • Drink boxes: These are combinations of various snacks and snacks that are packaged in a box or bowl. Handy for on the go or if you don't have much time to put together a drink board yourself.

Traditional vs. modern variants

Traditional drinks boards

  • Cheese types: Gouda cheese, brie, camembert
  • Meats: Fuet, chorizo, parma ham
  • Nuts and olives
  • Baguette and dips

Modern drinks boxes

  • Tapas selections with olives, artichokes, and various spreads
  • Vegan options with hummus, vegetable snacks, and plant-based cheese
  • Temaki sushi or sushi rolls
  • Sweet treats such as macarons and brownies

Examples of drinks boards and boxes

  1. Delicieux Drinks Board by Supermarkt
  2. Tapas Experience Box by Delicatessen Z: A diverse selection of tapas including Spanish ham, olives, and spicy peppers.
  3. Vegan Party Platter by Healthy Eats: A nutritious and tasty mix of vegan delicacies such as falafel, quinoa salad, and grilled vegetables.

Advantages of drinks boards and boxes

  • Easy to share and serve
  • Create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere
  • Various options for different dietary needs
  • They are an eye-catcher on every table

So whether you choose a classic snack board with cheese and sausage, or a modern drinks box with worldly flavors, these snacks are always a hit at any party or gathering!

The best places in Amsterdam for delicious drinks boards and drink boxes

There are countless locations in Amsterdam where you can enjoy delicious drinks boards and drink boxes, filled with local delicacies and culinary delights. Whether you are looking for a cozy delicatessen or a trendy bar with an extensive selection, the capital of the Netherlands has something for everyone.

Local Delicatessen Shops

  • Bee Le Fournil de Sebastien you will find authentic French cheeses and freshly baked bread.
  • Reypenaer Tasting Room offers an extensive selection of Dutch cheeses and matching wines.
  • Fisherman Chocolate is known for their artisanal chocolates and chocolate bars with local ingredients.

Trendy Bars and Restaurants

  • Café de Pels serves snacks with a mix of international and local flavors.
  • By74 is a hidden cocktail bar where you can enjoy exclusive drinks and luxurious snacks.
  • Bar Bacon offers drink boxes with homemade delicacies, such as charcuterie and tapenades.

Comparative Table of Top Locations

Location Specialty Realm Address
Le Fournil de Sebastien French cheeses, bread Cosy, authentic Prinsengracht 277, 1016 GW
Reypenaer Tasting Room Dutch cheeses, wine Chic, educational Singel 182, 1015 AJ
Fisherman Chocolate Artisan chocolates Cozy, modern Utrechtsestraat 10, 1017 VN
Café de Pels International drinks boards Brown café, lively Huidenstraat 25, 1016 ER
By74 Exclusive cocktails, snacks Mysterious, chic Reguliersdwarsstraat 74-78, 1017 BN
Bar Bacon Homemade drink boxes Hip, informal Admiraal de Ruijterweg 1, 1057 JT

Whether you like to enjoy a cheese board with a good glass of wine or prefer to enjoy luxurious snacks with a cocktail in hand, Amsterdam has something for everyone when it comes to drinks boards and drink boxes. Explore these top locations and pamper your taste buds with the culinary delights the city has to offer.


Creating a drinks board is an art in itself and choosing between DIY compositions and ready-made drinks boxes can be difficult. We delve deeper into the pros and cons of both options, so that you can make the right choice for your perfect drinks moment.

DIY Drinks Board

If you choose to put together a drinks board yourself, you have complete freedom to choose products that suit your taste and budget. Some advantages of a DIY snack board are:

  • Creativity: You can select various cheeses, meats, nuts and dips that perfectly suit the occasion.
  • Personalization: Add favorite ingredients and create a unique composition that will surprise your guests.

Some popular brands to fill your DIY snack board with are:

  • Old Amsterdam cheese
  • Fuets salami sausage
  • Duyvis snacks
  • La Tourangelle nut oil

Ready-made drinks box

On the other hand, ready-made drink boxes offer convenience and time savings. Here are some benefits of buying a ready-made drinks box:

  • Ease: No hassle with shopping and selecting products; everything you need is in one box.
  • Time saving: Ideal for last-minute drinks or if you have little time to put together a board yourself.

Some well-known brands that offer ready-made drink boxes are:

  • The Borrelbox Company
  • Shelf supports
  • Drink & Plank

Comparison table

Aspect DIY Drinks Board Ready-made drinks box
Creativity Lots of freedom to experiment and make things personal More limited choices, but good for convenience
Time saving Depending on your own selection and store visit Immediately ready to serve, saves time
Cost Control over price per product and total expenditure Fixed price, can sometimes be cheaper for groups

Both options have their own charms and benefits, depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you opt for a DIY drinks board or a ready-made drinks box, make sure that being together with friends and family is always central. Cheers!

Tips for the perfect drinks experience in Amsterdam

Do you want to organize an unforgettable drinks party in Amsterdam? With the right snacks and drinks you can create a great atmosphere. Here are some practical tips to ensure your drinks party is a success.

Mouth-watering snacks

  • Cheese board:
    • Choose a mix of aged cheese, goat cheese and brie.
    • Combine it with grapes, nuts and fig jam for the perfect taste balance.
    • Brand example: Beemster, Bettinehoeve, Le Rustique
  • Charcuterie:
    • Go for a variety of dried meats such as prosciutto, salami and chorizo.
    • Serve it with olives, pickles and mustard for extra flavor.
    • Brand example: Brandt & Levie, Stegeman, Casa Italia

Drinks that impress

  • Special beer:
    • Choose local craft beers from breweries such as Brouwerij 't IJ, Oedipus Brewing and De Prael.
    • Experiment with different styles such as IPA, blonde or triple.
    • Brand example: Brouwerij 't IJ Zatte, Oedipus Mannenliefde, De Prael Johnny
  • Gin tonic:
    • Give your guests the opportunity to create their own gin and tonic with different tonics and garnishes.
    • Choose a good quality gin such as Hendricks, Tanqueray or The Botanist and premium tonics such as Fever Tree or Schweppes Premium Mixers.

Atmospheric setting

  • Relief: Provide cozy mood lighting with candles, lanterns or string lights.
  • Decoration: Decorate the space with flowers, plants and beautiful napkins for a festive look.
  • Background music: Create the right atmosphere with a carefully curated playlist that suits the occasion.

With these tips you can create an unforgettable drinks experience in Amsterdam. Enjoy delicious snacks, drinks and fun with your friends and family!

A tasteful ending

In this guide you will find a handy overview of the top locations for drinks boards and drink boxes in Amsterdam. This allows you to make well-considered choices and create the perfect drinks experience based on your personal preferences and occasions. Have fun drinking!

Frequently asked questions about our drinks boards in Amsterdam

Are there any special drinks board or drink box tours or tastings in Amsterdam that you would recommend?

Yes, there are several companies and tours in Amsterdam that offer special drinks board or drink box tastings. One of the popular options is the “Borrelboot” tour, where you sail on a boat through the canals of Amsterdam while enjoying delicious snacks and drinks. In addition, some restaurants and bars also organize tastings with local products and specialties. Highly recommended, for example, is the “Foodhallen” in Amsterdam, where you can taste a wide range of culinary delicacies. Have fun discovering and enjoying the drinks culture in Amsterdam!

Where can I find the best drinks boards and drink boxes in Amsterdam?

You can find the best snack boards and drink boxes at delis, cheese shops and specialty stores in Amsterdam. Some popular places are De Kaaskamer, Van 't Spit Delicatessen, Bourgondisch Lifestyle and L'étable. These shops offer a wide range of cheeses, meats, olives, pâté and other delicious delicacies that are perfect for a snack board. Have fun putting together your ideal drinks board or box!

Are there specific dishes that are typical for drinks boards and drink boxes in Amsterdam?

Yes, in Amsterdam there are certainly specific dishes that often appear on drinks boards and drink boxes. Consider, for example, cheese cubes, sausages, olives, nuts, different types of dips such as hummus or pesto, charcuterie and different types of toast or baguette. Dutch cheeses and meats are also often served, in addition to international favorites. A typical drinks board or box in Amsterdam usually offers a mix of savory and tasty snacks that fit perfectly with a nice drink.

What are the most popular ingredients used in drinks boards and drinks boxes in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, the most popular ingredients for drinks boards and drink boxes include different types of cheese (such as young matured, aged cheese and brie), various meats (such as salami, serrano ham and chorizo), olives, nuts, grapes, various types of bread and dips such as hummus and pesto. In addition, crackers, toast and different types of fruit such as strawberries and blueberries are often added to beautifully decorate the shelves and boxes and to spoil guests with delicious snacks.

Which restaurants or shops in Amsterdam are known for their delicious snacks?

There are several restaurants and shops in Amsterdam that are known for their delicious snacks. Some popular options are the Foodhallen in the Kinkerbuurt, Bar Mustache in the Pijp and Pluk in the Negen Straatjes. They are all good choices if you are looking for a tasty drinks experience in Amsterdam. Have fun discovering these culinary gems!

How can I order a drinks board or drinks box at a restaurant or shop in Amsterdam?

You can order a drinks board or drinks box from a restaurant or shop in Amsterdam by contacting the relevant location. Many restaurants offer the option to order by telephone or online. You can also visit the restaurant or store's website to see if they have a special page for orders. It is useful to inquire in advance about the available options and any delivery or collection times. Have fun enjoying your drinks board or drinks box!

What are some useful tips for putting together your own drinks board or drinks box in Amsterdam?

Certainly! Putting together a tasty snack board or drinks box starts with a good mix of delicacies. Choose different types of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruits, spreads and crackers. Try to select local products for an authentic Amsterdam taste experience. Also don't forget to vary flavors, textures and colors for an attractive presentation. And don't forget, a good glass of matching wine or beer completes the picture. Have fun putting together your drinks board or drinks box in Amsterdam!



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