How do you present a drinks board in a festive way?

It can sometimes be quite difficult to think of how to present a drink in a festive way, right? Fortunately, you've come to the right place! In this blog post we share useful tips and ideas to ensure that your drinks board becomes the star of the party. So sit back, relax and discover how you can impress your guests with a beautifully presented platter. Let's get started! 🧀🍇🥖

This is how you put together the perfect drinks board

Assortment of cheeses

For a varied snack board, it is important to choose different types of cheeses. Think of a mild young cheese, a spicy aged cheese, soft goat cheese and creamy brie. Here are some recommended brands and variants:

  • Young cheese: Beemster Young, Old Amsterdam
  • Old cheese: Reypenaer VSOP, Landana 1000 Days
  • Goat cheese: Bettine Blanc, Chavroux
  • Brie: President Brie, Le Rustique Brie

Various meats

In addition to cheeses, meat products should not be missing from a drinks platter. Combine dry sausage, prosciutto, salami and roast beef for a balanced flavor variation. Some recommended choices are:

  • Dry sausage: Brandt & Levie, Casa Rinaldi
  • Prosciutto: Parma ham, San Daniele
  • Salami: Ventricina, Soppressata
  • Roast beef: Black Angus, Farm meat

Nuts and fruits

Add crunchy nuts and fresh fruit to your snack board for a fresh and crunchy touch. Think of walnuts, almonds, grapes and strawberries. Here are some suggestions:

  • Walnuts and almonds: De Nootzaak, Fred & Ed
  • Grapes: Red Globe, Muscat
  • Strawberries: Elsanta, Lambada

Other snacks

To complete your drinks board, add a few other snacks. Think of olives, hummus, crackers and dried fruit. Here are some ideas:

  • Olives: Kalamata, Sicilian olives
  • Hummus: Maza, Sabra
  • Crackers: Finn Crisp, Wasa
  • Dried fruit: Figs, apricots

With these various ingredients you can put together a drinks board that is both visually attractive and a feast for the taste buds. Experiment with different combinations and enjoy the variety of treats at your next get-together!

Use different shapes and colors

A tasty snack board is not only a feast for the taste buds, but also for the eyes. By playing with different shapes and colors of ingredients you can create a festive and inviting presentation that will impress your guests.

Vary the shapes

  • Round slices of cheese: Choose a mix of soft and hard cheeses such as brie, goat cheese and Gouda cheese. Brands such as Old Amsterdam, Maitre Coq and Castello offer a wide range of cheeses that fit perfectly with a snack board.
  • Rectangular meat products: Think of meats such as salami, serrano ham and chorizo. Brands like Fumagalli, Ardennes Delices and Herta supply high-quality meats that turn your board into a culinary feast.
  • Triangular toasts: Add various types of crackers and toast to create different textures. Brands such as LU, Wasabrod and Vandemoortele have a wide choice of tasty options.

Play with colors

  • Colorful grapes: Add a pop of color to your drinks board with juicy grapes in different shades such as red, green and purple. The Driscoll's Red Rebel and Muscat Beauty grapes are excellent choices for a colorful presentation.
  • Mixed berries: Add a mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for a vibrant and tasty addition. Choose fresh produce from local markets or organic brands such as Bio+ and Ekoplaza for the best taste.

By playing with different shapes and colors you can put together a drinks board that is not only wonderful to enjoy, but also a feast for the eyes. Experiment with various ingredients and brands to create a unique and irresistible drinks experience. Add your personal touch and let your creativity run free for an unforgettable drinks experience!

Add decorative elements to your drinks board for a festive touch

Have you ever wanted to make a snack board that not only tastes delicious, but also looks spectacular? Adding decorative elements is the key to enhancing the festive look of your drinks board. Here are some suggestions to help you take your drinks to the next level.


Flowers are a beautiful addition to any drinks platter. They not only add a touch of color, but also provide a sophisticated look. Choose edible flowers such as pansies, nasturtiums or marigolds to brighten up your shelf. Some suggestions from florists who sell edible flowers:

  • Flower Boutique: Specializes in organic edible flowers
  • The Flower Shop: Large assortment of colorful edible flowers

Sprigs of rosemary

Sprigs of rosemary are not only decorative, but also add a wonderful scent to your drinks board. Place them strategically on top of cheese and meat products or insert them between different items. This will not only make your board look nicer, but will also enrich the taste.

Small plates with dipping sauces

Nothing makes a snack board more complete than a selection of delicious dips. Present these in small plates next to your meats, cheeses and vegetables. Some recommendations for dip brands:

  • DeliDips: Specialized in artisanal dips
  • Flavor Explosion: Offers an extensive range of tasty dips

By adding these decorative elements, your drinks board will not only be tasty, but also a feast for the eyes. Try different combinations and experiment with different decorations to create the perfect festive look. Happy planking!

Presentation and layout

Serving a snack board is more than just putting some snacks on a plate. The layout and presentation of the drinks board play an important role in creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere for your guests. With the right balance and variety you can put together an impressive drinks board that not only tastes delicious, but also looks beautiful.

Varied placement of snacks

One of the key principles when preparing a drinks platter is the strategic placement of the various snacks. By varying the snacks in color, shape and size, you create a visually attractive presentation. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Place larger items such as pieces of cheese or slices of sausage in the center of the shelf as eye-catchers.
  • Fill empty spaces with smaller snacks such as grapes, nuts or olives for a balanced filling.
  • Use small containers or bowls for sauces, dips or spreads and distribute them strategically over the shelf for a playful look.

Balance between elements

A good balance between the different elements of the drinks board is essential for a successful presentation. Make sure you put a mix of flavors, textures and colors on the board for a harmonious whole. Some suggestions to create balance:

  • Combine salty and savory snacks with sweet and fresh options for a varied taste experience.
  • Add crispy crackers or baguettes alongside softer cheeses and spreads for textural contrast.
  • Use different vegetables, fruits and nuts to add colorful accents and enhance the visual aspect.

By paying attention to the layout and presentation of your drinks board, you can not only spoil your guests culinary, but also visually stimulate them. Experiment with different combinations and styles to create a unique and tasteful drinks board that is guaranteed to impress. Make every drink moment a party with a beautifully decorated drinks board!

A festive end to the delicacies

Awesome! By following these tips, you can now confidently present a festive drinks platter at your next function. Don't forget to enjoy the process and the admiring looks of your guests! Cheers to a tasty and stylish party!

Frequently asked questions about men's gift drinks board

How can you make the presentation of the drinks board extra festive?

To make the presentation of the drinks board extra festive, you can use different colors, shapes and textures. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Use a mix of different types of cheese, meats, fruit, nuts and dips to create a nice variation.
  2. Present the ingredients in separate bowls or on nice serving boards to make the board more varied and attractive.
  3. Sprinkle the board with fresh herbs or edible flowers for an extra festive touch.
  4. Add some handwritten name tags with the different ingredients to let guests know what is being served.
  5. Use nice serving cutlery and napkins that match the festive theme of the occasion. With these tips you can brighten up the presentation of your drinks board in a festive way and certainly impress the guests! Have fun making and serving your festive drinks board!
Which types of nuts and salty snacks are recommended for a festive snack board?

For a festive snack board, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios are excellent choices. In addition, salty snacks such as olives, cheese cubes, smoked almonds and salted peanuts are delicious additions. This combination of nuts and salty snacks creates a varied and tasty snack board that your guests will certainly enjoy! Have fun putting together your drinks board!

What tips do you have for combining different flavors on the drinks platter?

If you want to combine different flavors on a snack board, it is important to ensure a good balance between sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Choose a variety of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruits, dips and crackers to create a good mix of flavors. Also try adding contrasting textures, such as crunchy crackers next to creamy cheeses. And don't forget to play with color and presentation to make your drinks board extra attractive. Have fun putting together your drinks board!

Which drinks go best with a drinks board for men?

For a drinks board for men, it is best to opt for somewhat stronger drinks that go well with savory snacks. Beer is always a good choice, especially craft specialty beers or lager. In addition, strong red wines also do well, such as a powerful Malbec or a robust Cabernet Sauvignon. For lovers of spirits, you can think of whiskey or bourbon. Don't forget to consider some cooler drinks, such as gin and tonic or a refreshing wheat beer. This way you ensure that there is something for everyone with your drinks board for men. Have fun putting together and toasting!

Which meats are suitable to serve on a drinks board for men?

On a drinks board for men you can serve meats such as salami, chorizo, raw ham, smoked meat and beef sausage. These meats often have a strong taste and are popular as a snack. Pieces of smoked sausage or pate can also be a good addition. It is always good to ensure a varied offering, so that there is something for everyone. Have fun putting together your drinks board!

Are there certain decorations or extras that can make the drinks board for men even more special?

Yes, to make the men's drink even more special, you can think of smoked meats such as pastrami or bresaola, spicy cheeses such as blue cheese or aged cheese, homemade pickles or chutneys, and craft beer sandwiches. In addition, extras such as nut mixes with herbs, olives with garlic and rosemary, or even some authentic charcuterie can add to the board. All these additions can make the drinks board for men even more diverse and tasty. Have fun putting together your perfect drinks board!

Which types of cheese are best to present on a men's drinks platter?

For a drinks board for men, it is best to choose spicier and firmer cheeses. Think of a well-matured cheddar, a blue-veined cheese such as Roquefort or Stilton, and perhaps a spicy Gouda cheese. These cheeses often have an intense flavor that goes well with savory snacks and a good glass of beer or wine. Good luck putting together your drinks board!



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