What does a typical Ellen's snack board look like?

This manual shows what a typical Ellen's drinks board looks like and how you can put together a tasty drinks board in her style. Ellen's snacks are delicious and a household name in Amsterdam.


Choose a variety of cheeses

  • Select a range of cheeses, such as brie, goat cheese and aged cheese.
  • Provide variation in taste and texture by choosing cheeses with different flavor profiles and structures.
  • For example, combine a mild brie with a spicy aged cheese and add a creamy goat's cheese for a balanced cheese board.
  • Remember to serve the cheeses at room temperature for the best tasting experience.

Add different meats

Select various meats, such as salami, serrano ham and chorizo. Roll up the slices for a beautiful presentation. An example: lay a slice of Serrano ham flat, place a slice of salami over it and roll them up together. This way you create an attractive variety of meats on your dish. Be creative and combine different types of meat for a tasty and visually attractive addition to your dish.


Including fresh fruit

Cut seasonal fruits into bite-sized pieces, such as grapes, strawberries and cantaloupe pieces. Make sure the pieces of fruit are easy to pick up and tasty to eat. Place these pieces of fruit strategically on the shelf and pay attention to color contrasts for an attractive presentation. This way you add a fresh and colorful touch to your fruit board.


Add nuts and olives

  • Place a nice bowl with a mix of nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and cashews, in one corner of the board.
  • Fill another bowl with an assortment of olives, such as green, black, and stuffed olives, and place it in the opposite corner.
  • Arrange the nuts and olives strategically across the board for an inviting presentation and easy accessibility for your guests.
  • Make sure that the nuts and olives complement the other flavors on the board and provide a delicious crunch.

Serve crackers and bread

  • Place a selection of crackers and baguettes next to the cheeses and meats.
  • Make sure there is enough variety, such as whole wheat crackers, salty crackers and crusty baguette.
  • Encourage guests to place their favorite cheese or meats on the crackers and baguettes as a base for their toppings.
  • This way they can create their own flavor combinations and enjoy various snacks during drinks.

Add dips and spreads

Place small jars of honey, jam or hummus on the shelf. These tasty dips and spreads add diversity to your drinks board. For example, choose a spicy hummus, sweet blueberry jam and creamy honey to offer a varied selection of flavors. Enjoy the combination of savory and sweet elements for a delicious drinks experience.


Decorate with fresh herbs

  • Garnish the snack board generously with fresh herbs such as basil, thyme or rosemary.
  • Place the herbs strategically between the cheeses, meats and other snacks.
  • Don't forget to lightly bruise the herbs for a more intense flavor experience.
  • You will see that the fresh herbs not only improve the looks of the snack board, but also enrich its taste.

Present with style

Arrange all ingredients harmoniously on a large serving board. It is important to pay attention to the balance of colors and textures. Ensure an attractive presentation by adding variety and variation to the shelf. Experiment with the arrangement to create a visually appealing whole.

Tasty summary of flavors

After following all the steps in the blog post, you should be able to create a beautiful drinks board that would make Ellen proud. Enjoy assembling and serving this delicious treat!

Supplies needed to make

  • Different types of cheeses (e.g. brie, goat cheese, blue cheese)
  • Different types of meats (e.g. salami, ham, chorizo)
  • Fresh fruit (e.g. grapes, strawberries, figs)
  • Nuts and olives
  • Crackers and bread
  • Dips and spreads (e.g. hummus, pesto, honey)
  • Fresh herbs (e.g. basil, rosemary, parsley)
  • Serving dishes and boards
  • Decorative elements (optional)
  • Serving cutlery
  • Napkins
  • Kitchen knife
  • Cutting board
  • Money for purchasing ingredients

Recommendations and suggestions

  • Make sure you have a good variety of cheeses, such as young cheese, brie and goat cheese
  • Add different types of charcuterie, such as salami, prosciutto and chorizo
  • Combine the cheeses and meats with different types of fruit, such as grapes, figs and berries
  • Add different types of nuts and olives for extra flavor and texture
  • Make the drinks board visually attractive by playing with colors and shapes
  • Serve the snack board with an assortment of crackers, baguette and possibly dipping sauces
  • Don't forget to add some sweet treats, such as chocolate or a tasty jam
  • Vary with other seasonings, such as honey, mustard or chutney, for an extra touch
  • Finally, present the drinks board on a beautiful wooden board or bowl for that extra touch of coziness. Have fun putting together your own drinks board à la Ellen!

Enjoy a Borrelplank or Borrelbox in Amsterdam

  • Choose your favorite drink dishes: Select an assortment of cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, dips and other delicacies that you would like to include on the drinks board or drinks box
  • Presentation is important: Arrange the different items in an attractive way on the shelf or in the box. Vary the color, size and texture to create an inviting look
  • Make it personal: Add some extras that suit you and your group, such as favorite snacks, charcuterie or types of bread. This way you make the drinks experience even more special
  • Combine with a good drink: Choose a matching wine, beer or cocktail to make it complete. If necessary, ask an expert at a local liquor store or wine bar for advice
  • Enjoy together: Invite friends or family and share the drinks board or drinks box for a fun and tasty experience in Amsterdam. Cheers!

Frequently asked questions about drinks boards and boxes in Amsterdam

What is the difference between a drinks board and a drinks box?

The difference between a drinks board and a drinks box is mainly in the presentation and composition. A snack board is usually a wooden board or serving bowl on which various snacks are presented, such as cheese, meats, nuts and dips. A drinks box, on the other hand, is a collection of these snacks, packaged in a box or container that you can easily take with you or have delivered. The drinks box is often useful for parties or to give as a gift, while a drinks board is more suitable for a pleasant evening at home or during drinks with friends or family.

Are the snacks on the snack board freshly prepared by Ellen?

No, the snacks on the snack board are not freshly prepared by Ellen. They are already purchased ready-made.

Are the snacks on the snack board or in the drinks box ready to serve or do I still need to prepare something?

In most cases, the snacks on the drinks board or in the drinks box are already ready to serve. These are usually ready-made and can be presented directly to your guests. So you usually don't have to prepare anything and you can enjoy the tasty snacks right away. Have fun with your drinks!

Will Ellen's drinks board or drinks box be delivered to my home or do I have to pick it up?

Ellen's drink board or drink box is delivered to your home. So you don't have to pick it up yourself. Have fun drinking!

What are the prices for Ellen's drinks board and drinks box in Amsterdam?

The prices for the drinks board and drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam vary depending on the contents and size of the desired order. It is best to contact Ellen herself or her company directly to find out the current prices. These are often also listed on her website or social media pages for more information. Good luck putting together your snacks!

What kind of snacks can I expect on the drinks board or in the drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam?

At Ellen in Amsterdam you can expect a varied selection of snacks on the drinks board or in the drinks box. Think of delicious cheese and meat products, fresh fruit, homemade dips and tapenades, olives, nuts and crackers. There are also often surprising additions such as mini quiches, bruschettas and sweet treats. Ellen is known for her beautiful presentation and quality ingredients, so you can certainly enjoy a tasty and inviting drinks experience!

Which drinks can I add to my order for a drinks board or drinks box at Ellen?

At Ellen you can add various drinks to your order of a drinks board or drinks box. This includes a range of wines, beers, soft drinks and juices. This way you can put together the perfect combination for your snacks. Enjoy it!

Is it possible to indicate special dietary requirements for the drinks board or drinks box?

Yes, it is often possible to submit special dietary requirements for the drinks board or drinks box. Many caterers and restaurants are now willing to take into account dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, and so on. It is important to communicate these dietary requirements in a timely manner, so that the supplier can take them into account when putting together the drinks board or box. Please feel free to contact the caterer or restaurant where you order to discuss the options and to report any special dietary requirements.

How many people can a drink board or drink box from Ellen in Amsterdam serve?

A drinks board or drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam can usually serve between 2 to 4 people, depending on the size of the board or box and the amount of snacks on it. It is always useful to ask Ellen about the exact size and quantity of snacks for your specific situation. Have fun drinking!

How can I order a drinks board or drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam?

To order a drinks board or drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam, it is best to contact her business directly. This can be done by telephone, email or website if available. Ask for availability, prices and possible delivery options. This way you can easily and quickly enjoy a delicious drink board or drink box from Ellen in Amsterdam! Enjoy your meal!

Are there options for a luxury drinks board or drinks box at Ellen?

Yes, at Ellen there are certainly options for a luxurious drinks board or drinks box. You can contact Ellen to discuss available options and prices. She often offers delicious and luxuriously composed drinks boards, perfect for a party or special occasion. Enjoy a tasty experience with Ellen's snack boards!

Is a reservation necessary to order a drinks board or drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam?

Yes, reservations are necessary to order a drinks board or drinks box from Ellen in Amsterdam. Ellen works to order and prepares her delicious snack boards and boxes especially for you when you reserve in advance. It is therefore advisable to contact us in advance and place your order. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy all the goodies that Ellen has to offer. Have fun with your drinks board or drinks box!

Is Ellen's drinks board or drinks box beautifully presented for a festive occasion?

Yes, Ellen's drinks board or drinks box is beautifully presented for a festive occasion. Ellen pays a lot of care and attention to the presentation of her drinks boards and boxes, and ensures that everything looks festive and inviting. Your guests will certainly be impressed by the beautiful presentation!



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