Drink packages vs. Compose yourself

If you plan to enjoy a nice drink with friends or family, you are faced with a choice: do you go for a ready-made drinks package or do you take the time to put together a drinks board yourself? In this blog post we will help you make the right choice by discussing the pros and cons of both options. This way you can soon enjoy a perfectly composed drink with confidence. Discover what suits you best!

What are drink packages?

Drinks packages are carefully composed packages with a variety of snacks and drinks, ideal for a pleasant drinks evening, whether at home with friends or on location. These packages are a real eye-catcher and make organizing a drink easy and fun.

Contents of drinks packages

When putting together drinks packages, the following items are often included:

  • An assortment of cheeses, charcuterie and toasts
  • Various dips and spreads such as hummus, tapenade and guacamole
  • Different types of nuts and olives
  • Traditional crackers and breadsticks
  • Bottles of specialty beer, wine or non-alcoholic drinks
  • Luxury chocolate or chocolates to finish

The diversity of flavors and textures makes each drinks package unique and offers something for everyone.

Popular brands and products

Some well-known brands that offer high-quality drinks packages are:

  • The Borrel Factory: Known for their luxurious selection of French cheeses and charcuterie.
  • DrinkEnjoyment: Offers a mix of Mediterranean snacks and high quality wines.
  • The Tastemakers: Specialized in vegetarian drinks variants with organic products.

Advantages of drink packages

Choosing a drinks package has several advantages, such as:

  • Convenience: everything is already put together, you don't have to buy all the individual ingredients.
  • Quality: enjoy artisanal and exclusive products.
  • Variety: discover new flavors and combinations without having to put in much effort.
  • Presentation: the packages are often beautifully packaged and are ideal for sharing and serving to guests.

In short, drinks packages are the ideal choice for a successful drinks evening where you can fully enjoy yourself and impress your guests with a varied selection of delicacies.

Let that drinks evening begin! 🍷🧀

Advantages of drink packages

Drinks are a great way to create fun and enjoy delicacies with friends, family or colleagues. A ready-made drinks package can be a smart choice for different occasions. Here we delve deeper into the benefits of choosing such a package and why it can be useful.

Convenience and time saving

  • Preparation: No hassle with shopping and preparing snacks yourself.
  • Presentation: Beautifully composed packages make serving simple and stylish.

Variety and quality

  • Diversity: Packages often contain different types of snacks, cheeses, charcuterie and drinks.
  • Quality: Brands such as Deli XL and Enjoy&Wine offer high-quality products from well-known suppliers.

Suitable for specific occasions

  • Party at home: Easy for a pleasant evening with friends.
  • Virtual drinks: Ideal for online meetings, such as a Zoom party or company event.

Prevents food waste

  • No surplus: Everything is packed in the right quantities, so no leftovers to throw away.
  • Durable: Some suppliers, such as Le Perron, focusing on sustainable packaging and production processes.

Simple ordering process

  • Order online: Easily choose packages and have them delivered, for example via Borrel.nl or The Drink Shop.
  • Customization: Possibility of personalization for special occasions.

By choosing a drinks package you make organizing a drink a piece of cake. Enjoy quality snacks and drinks without the stress of last-minute preparations. Take advantage of the diversity and convenience that these packages offer and create an unforgettable drinks experience for you and your guests.

Why put together your own drinks board?

Putting together a drinks board is not only a great way to spoil your guests, but also a unique opportunity to express your creativity and taste. By putting together your own drinks board, you have full control over the ingredients and presentation, allowing you to create a personal and unique experience. Nothing is more fun than putting together a drinks board that exactly suits your taste and that of your guests.

Step by step: How to make a unique snack board?

Step 1: Choose the right base

A good snack board starts with a balanced mix of flavors and textures. Choose a firm cheese as a base, such as a Beemster old or a Stolwijker, to give the board strength. Combine this with some soft cheeses, such as a French brie or goat's cheese, for variety.

Step 2: Add meats and charcuterie

To give your snack board some extra spice, you can add different types of meats. Think of a nice salami, a dry ham such as Parma ham, or even a spicy chorizo for those who like a little more spiciness.

Step 3: Sweet and savory: adding nuts, fruit and dips

To balance the flavors on your snack board, add nuts such as walnuts, almonds or pistachios. Combine these with fresh fruit, such as grapes, figs or apple pieces, for a fresh and sweet note. Don't forget to add some dips, such as homemade hummus, tapenade or honey for some extra flavor variety.

Make it personal with unique accents

To make your drinks board truly unique, you can add accents that suit your personal taste. Think of special crackers, such as those from Heks'nkaas, a premium olive oil such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olio Carpeta, or a chutney from Wild & Brown.

Comparison and considerations


  • Coffee machines: A Nespresso machine, such as the Nespresso Vertuo Next, costs on average €100 – €200, while a fully automatic espresso machine from, for example, De'Longhi or Jura often costs between €500 and €1000.
  • Running shoes: Quality running shoes like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 cost around $120, while premium models like the Brooks Glycerin 18 can go towards $180.


  • Coffee machines: Nespresso offers a wide range of coffee capsules with different flavors and intensities, while espresso machines offer the option of using different beans and blends for a unique cup of coffee.
  • Running shoes: Nike has an extensive collection with various models and colors, while Brooks specializes in premium running shoes with advanced cushioning technologies.


  • Coffee machines: Nespresso machines are easy to use and require little maintenance, while fully automatic espresso machines offer more setting options but also require more maintenance.
  • Running shoes: Nike shoes are known for their lightweight and responsive cushioning, which promotes comfort and performance, while Brooks shoes focus on maximum support and stability for long distances.

Personal preferences

  • Coffee machines: If you like convenience and speed, a Nespresso machine may be the best choice, but if you like to experiment with coffee beans and different brewing methods, an espresso machine will suit you better.
  • Running shoes: For runners who enjoy speed and agility, Nike shoes may be preferred, while serious long-distance runners may prefer Brooks for its advanced cushioning and support.

Which option suits you best?

After reading this blog post, you now have enough insight to make a conscious choice between drink packages and putting together a drink board yourself. Enjoy the process and choose the option that best suits your preferences and occasion. Cheers to a successful drink!

Frequently Asked Questions about Drink Packages

Are there specific themes or variations available with pre-composed drinks packages?

Yes, specific themes or variations are often available with pre-composed drinks packages. For example, consider an Italian theme with antipasti, or a cheese board with matching wines. There are also variations such as a vegetarian drinks package or a luxury variant with exclusive delicacies. It depends on the provider exactly which themes and variations are available, so it is always good to check out what is on offer before making a choice.

Is there a price difference between ready-made drinks packages and self-compiled drinks packages?

Yes, there is usually a price difference between ready-made drink packages and self-compiled drink packages. Ready-made packages can sometimes be a bit more expensive because costs have already been charged for selecting and putting together the products. Self-compiled packages can be cheaper because you have control over which products you choose and where you buy them. The price difference may vary depending on the store or supplier. The most important thing is to choose what best suits your needs and budget!

Are the ingredients in the self-composed drink packages fresher or of better quality than those in ready-made packages?

In general, the ingredients in self-composed drink packages are often fresher and of better quality than those in ready-made packages. This is because you have control over which products you select and can assess their freshness before putting them in the package. In addition, with self-compiled packages you can often choose local and artisanal products, which can improve the quality. So it is certainly worthwhile to put together your own drinks packages if you are looking for the best ingredients for a successful drinks evening. Have fun putting together your package!

What exactly does a drinks package entail?

A drinks package is a collection of different delicacies and drinks that you can use for a nice drink. Think of different types of cheese and meats, crackers, dips, nuts, olives, and sometimes even a bottle of wine or beer. It's a fun way to treat yourself or others with a varied selection of snacks and drinks for drinks!

Can you take specific wishes and preferences into account when putting together your own drinks package?

Yes, when you put together a drinks package yourself, you can certainly take specific wishes and preferences into account. You have the freedom to choose the products that best suit the person for whom the package is intended. Think of favorite snacks, drinks or special dietary requirements. This allows you to put together a personal and unique drinks package that perfectly matches the preferences of the recipient. Good luck putting together your ideal drinks package!

What are the advantages of choosing a ready-made drinks package compared to putting together your own drinks package?

If you choose a ready-made drinks package, you save time and effort because all products have already been carefully composed and packaged. In addition, a ready-made package can also offer more variety and surprise, because it is often put together by experts with the best combinations of snacks and drinks. So it is a handy and easy option for a successful drink!

What are the disadvantages of choosing a standard drinks package instead of putting it together yourself?

Choosing a standard drinks package instead of putting it together yourself may have some disadvantages. For example, the options are more limited with a standard package and it may not fully suit your preferences. In addition, there is a chance that you will receive things that you like less or that are not suitable for your occasion. Putting together your own drinks package offers the opportunity to tailor it entirely to your taste and wishes.



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