DIY Gift Box vs. ready-made gift box

Dear readers, we all know the feeling of looking for the perfect gift and the stress that comes with it. In this blog post we take you into the world of gift boxes and help you decide whether it is better to put together a DIY gift box yourself or opt for a ready-made option. After all, you deserve the very best for your loved ones. Let's dive in!

Benefits of DIY Giftbox

Making your own gift box offers numerous benefits that benefit both the recipient and the giver. In this article we discuss the benefits of crafting a unique and personal gift box.


One of the biggest advantages of the DIY gift package is the possibility of unprecedented personalization. By choosing the items and decorations yourself, you can put together a gift box that perfectly matches the interests, tastes and preferences of the recipient. For example, imagine surprising a coffee lover with a gift box filled with their favorite Starbucks coffee, a set of handmade ceramic mugs from Dille & Kamille and a luxurious chocolate bar from Tony's Chocolonely. This personalization not only makes the gift unique, but also shows that you put effort into creating something special.

Creative freedom and unique presentation

With a DIY gift package you have the freedom to unleash your creativity and create a unique presentation. You can combine different themes, colors and textures to create a visually appealing gift box. Consider using an environmentally friendly and stylish recycled cardboard box from Ecoprint, combined with silk ribbons and biodegradable filling from 'GreenPackaging'. By designing the presentation yourself, you give the gift an extra personal touch and make it an experience in itself.

Cost savings and sustainability

In addition to personalization and creativity, making your own gift box also offers significant cost savings and sustainability benefits. By choosing the items and packaging yourself, you can better control costs and maintain the luxurious appearance. For example, consider saving on expensive gift packaging by using simple but elegantly printed paper bags from ''. You also contribute to sustainability by choosing environmentally friendly options such as recycled materials and reusable packaging.

The benefits of DIY gift boxes are convincing and emphasize the value of crafting a gift with craftsmanship. By choosing personalization, creativity and cost savings, you not only give a unique and memorable gift, but you also show your care for the environment and responsible consumption. With a homemade gift box you not only give a gift, but also a piece of yourself.

Time-intensive process

Making a gift box yourself can be quite a time-consuming process. From coming up with the design to gathering materials and the actual crafting, every step requires time and attention. If you have a busy schedule, making a DIY gift box can be quite overwhelming.

Example: Scrapbook Set from PaperPassion

Imagine that you decide to use a beautiful scrapbook set from PaperPassion for your DIY gift box. It requires precise cutting, pasting and a personal touch to make this gift perfect. This can take hours depending on your creativity and experience.

Difficulty and skills

Not everyone is equally handy with crafts or making gift packaging. You may notice that certain techniques or constructions are too complicated, meaning your gift box does not look as professional as you had hoped.

Example: Craft materials from Creabest

If you decide to use crafting materials from Creabest, you may encounter challenges if you don't have the right skills. For example, using special gluing techniques or folding complex structures can be difficult for beginners.

Potential imperfections

Another disadvantage of making a gift box yourself is that the result is not always perfect. From crooked lines to glue residue and uneven packaging, a variety of imperfections can occur that affect the overall appearance of your gift.

Example: Hobby glue from Pritt

If you decide to use Pritt hobby glue to make your DIY gift box, the glue residue may remain visible or the connections may not be strong enough. This can result in a less professional appearance, despite your best efforts.

By considering these disadvantages, it is important to weigh whether making your own gift box is the best option for you. It can be helpful to look at ready-made gift boxes that have already been professionally designed and produced, saving you time and effort without sacrificing quality.

The Benefits of Ready-made Giftbox

Convenience for the Giver

Buying a ready-made gift box offers the ultimate convenience for the giver. No more hassle with looking for individual gifts and collecting them together. An example of a ready-made gift box that excels in this is the “Relax & Pamper” box from Rituals. This box contains luxurious bath and body care products that are perfectly composed for a relaxing moment of pampering.

Time saving

You save valuable time with a ready-made gift box. Giving a beautifully wrapped and composed gift becomes a piece of cake. An example of this is the “Gourmet Chocolate Box” from Tony's Chocolonely. This box contains a selection of delicious chocolate bars in various flavors, ideal for chocolate lovers.

Professional appearance

A ready-made gift box has a professional appearance. The carefully selected products and tasteful packaging give a feeling of luxury and attention to the recipient. The “Home Spa” box from The Body Shop is an example of a gift box that combines a professional appearance with high-quality care products, perfect for a pampering moment at home.

Practical Benefits

  • Ready-made gift boxes often contain an assortment of products for a complete experience.
  • The packaging is often already festive and beautifully designed, making additional wrapping unnecessary.
  • Thanks to the specific themes and products in the gift boxes, there is a suitable gift available for every occasion.

With the benefits of convenience, time-saving and professional appearance, purchasing a ready-made gift box is a smart choice for any occasion. Be inspired by the various options and treat yourself or someone else with a perfectly put together gift!

Disadvantages of ready-made Giftbox

Lack of Personalization

One of the main disadvantages of choosing a ready-made gift box is the lack of personalization. You run the risk that the recipient already has a similar product or that the items in the box do not perfectly match his or her interests. Imagine you have a Starbucks Gift Box gift to a coffee lover who is a fan of local, artisanal coffee roasters. In this case, the standardization of the gift box could spoil the surprise and not have the desired impact.

  • Example: A Bastiaansen Fashion Shop Giftbox that only contains accessories, while the recipient was looking for new items of clothing.

Limited Originality

Another disadvantage is the limited originality of ready-made gift boxes. These boxes can sometimes be too generic, meaning they don't feel unique or special. For example, when you have a Lush Cosmetics Gift Box that contains the same products you always use, it misses the surprise and excitement that comes with receiving a truly thoughtful and original gift.

  • Example: A Famous Gourmet Food Giftbox with standard snacks that you can find in any supermarket, without any exclusive or local specialties.

A personal touch versus convenience

That's completely right! Making your own gift box can add a personal element, while a ready-made gift box is useful for a quick fix. It is important to consider your own preferences and the occasion when choosing between the two options. Good luck choosing the best option for your next gift!

Frequently asked questions about the Giftbox

What are the recipients' reactions to homemade gift boxes compared to ready-made gift boxes?

Research shows that recipients generally respond more positively to homemade gift boxes than to ready-made gift boxes. Homemade gifts are often perceived as more personal and thoughtful because they show the effort and creativity that has gone into them. This can lead to greater appreciation and emotional impact on the recipient. At the same time, ready-made gift boxes can be useful because of the ready-made presentation and variety of products. However, it is important to remember that the response to a gift box also depends on the individual taste and preferences of the recipient.

How much time and effort does it take to make a DIY gift box compared to buying a ready-made gift box?

Making a DIY gift box generally takes more time and effort than buying a ready-made gift box. Making a DIY gift box involves purchasing materials such as the box itself, decorations, ribbons, and any items to put inside the box. In addition, putting together the box itself requires time and creativity. On the other hand, with a ready-made gift box you only have to buy the box and wrap it if necessary. So it may be a matter of personal preference and available time whether you choose to make a gift box yourself or buy one.

What materials are needed to make a DIY gift box and are they easily available?

To make a DIY gift box you need materials such as cardboard or sturdy paper, glue, scissors, decorations such as ribbons or stickers and possibly packaging materials such as tissue paper. These materials are generally readily available at hobby stores, department stores, or online stores. You can also take a look at specialty shops for handmade materials to find something unique for your gift box. Have fun crafting!

Can you add more variety and creativity with a homemade gift box than with a ready-made gift box?

Yes, with a homemade gift box you can certainly add more variety and creativity than with a ready-made gift box. By putting together a gift box yourself, you can choose items that perfectly suit the person for whom the gift is intended. You can fully personalize the contents of the gift box and adapt it to the preferences and interests of the recipient. In addition, you can also add a personal touch with a homemade gift box by adding handwritten cards or homemade decorations, for example. All this makes for a unique and thoughtful gift that feels extra special to the person receiving it.

What are the advantages of making a gift box yourself compared to buying a ready-made gift box?

Making your own gift box offers several advantages compared to buying a ready-made gift box. First of all, it allows you to add a personal touch by choosing the items that suit the recipient perfectly. In addition, you can better control costs by selecting which products you add, potentially saving you money. Finally, making a gift box gives you the opportunity to be creative and put together unique and original gifts. Have fun creating your personalized gift box!

Are homemade gift boxes more personal than purchased gift boxes and if so, why?

Yes, homemade gift boxes are more personal than purchased gift boxes. This is because self-made gift boxes give you the opportunity to fully tailor the content and presentation to the recipient. This way you can show that you have put effort into putting together a unique and meaningful gift. With homemade gift boxes you make a personal connection with the recipient, which makes the gift extra special.

What about costs: is it cheaper to make a gift box yourself or to buy one?

It depends on the contents and materials you want to use for the gift box. In general, it can be cheaper to make a gift box yourself because you have the opportunity to compare prices and save on packaging and decoration costs. On the other hand, buying a ready-made gift box can be more convenient and save time and effort. So consider what is most important to you: saving costs or convenience.



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