How many dishes are usually in an Easter box?

This step-by-step guide answers the question: How many dishes are usually in an Easter box? An Easter box is a composed meal box especially for Easter.


What is an Easter box?

An Easter box is a composite package with all kinds of treats and dishes that are special for Easter. People choose to order an Easter box for Easter for the following reasons:

  • The convenience: everything you need for a festive Easter brunch or dinner is in one box.
  • The variation: an Easter box often contains a mix of traditional and modern Easter dishes.
  • Time saving: you don't have to buy all the ingredients separately and come up with recipes, everything is already in the box.

Different types of Easter boxes

  • View different types of Easter boxes and compare their size and contents.
  • Note the diversity, for example a gourmet box for two people with luxurious meats and sauces, or a brunch box for four people with freshly baked rolls and sweets.
  • Choose the Easter box that suits you best based on the number of people, your culinary preferences and budget. Have fun discovering delicious Easter options!

Average number of dishes

Provide an overview of the average number of dishes that are usually included in a standard Easter box.

  • First look at the description of the Easter box to see how many dishes are listed in it.
  • Add the number of main dishes and side dishes to determine the total number of dishes.
  • Compare this number with other Easter boxes to see if the average matches.

Special dishes in an Easter box

  • Enrich the festive atmosphere of your Easter box by including traditional dishes such as:
  • Stuffed eggs with herbs and bacon for a delicious start to the meal.
  • A tasty leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary as a main course.
  • End the Easter celebration with a delicious carrot cake with a creamy topping.
  • Also add chocolate eggs and colorful macarons for an extra festive touch.

Additional items

  • Add colorful Easter decorations to increase the festive atmosphere, such as eggs, rabbit figures or flowers.
  • Choose special Easter drinks, such as a refreshing lemonade with mint and lemon or a festive cocktail with a hint of chocolate.
  • Don't forget to add napkins and tablecloths in spring colors for an extra touch of festiveness.
  • Candles in Pastel colors are also good additions for cozy lighting during Easter dinner.

Variations in Easter boxes

First take a look at the variety of dishes that Easter box providers offer. Choose the box that suits your preferences, whether you like traditional dishes or want to experiment with new flavors. Also check the ingredients and any dietary restrictions to choose a box that meets your needs. Don't forget to compare the price and quantity of food in the box to make an informed choice.


Price range

Provide an indication of the average price ranges for Easter boxes and what you can expect in each price category. Compare the available options based on your preferences and budget. View the contents and quality of the boxes in the different price ranges before making a choice. Make an informed decision based on what each budget level has to offer.


Ordering an Easter box

Go to the website of your favorite restaurant or local supermarket and look for the option to order an Easter box. Choose the dishes or products you would like and add them to your shopping cart. Select your preferred delivery option, such as home delivery or in-store pickup, and check available order times. For example, at Restaurant

Take the time to compare the different providers and choose what best suits your needs. At Supermarket Y it is possible to order an Easter box and pick it up in the store on Friday evening for the Easter weekend. Don't forget to inform us of any special instructions, such as dietary requirements or allergies, to ensure that the Easter box is perfectly suited to your needs.

Summary overview

That sounds like a handy guide to help you choose an Easter box for your Easter celebration! It is always good to be well informed about the options. Have fun putting together your perfect Easter feast!

Required tools

  • Supermarket brochures
  • Recipe books
  • Phone or computer for online ordering
  • Bank card or payment app

Helpful suggestions and tricks

  • An Easter box usually contains between 4 and 6 dishes, depending on the provider
  • Don't forget to check whether the Easter box also contains dessert options or extras
  • Look at the size of the dishes in the box to determine whether it is sufficient for the number of people you are celebrating Easter with
  • Take note of any special dishes or thematic menus that an Easter box may contain
  • It is helpful to inquire in advance about any dietary restrictions or allergies that the provider can accommodate
  • Enjoy the convenience and variety that an Easter box offers and celebrate Easter stress-free with delicious dishes!

Instructions for using the Easter box

  • Start by opening the “Easter Box” and viewing the contents
  • Follow the included instructions step by step to successfully prepare each dish
  • Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and utensils ready before you start
  • Take the time to enjoy cooking and putting together your delicious Easter dishes
  • Enjoy your homemade Easter meal and share the fun with your friends and family! Have fun cooking!

Frequently asked questions about the Easter box

Does an Easter box meet certain dietary requirements, such as gluten or lactose free?

Yes, an Easter box can meet certain dietary requirements, such as gluten or lactose free. However, it depends on the specific contents and composition of the Easter box you choose. Some providers offer specific Easter boxes that contain gluten- or lactose-free options. It is therefore advisable to carefully read the description of the Easter box you are interested in or contact the supplier to ensure that the box meets your specific dietary requirements. This way you can enjoy a delicious and appropriate Easter celebration with peace of mind!

What is the best way to store an Easter box until you are ready to use it?

It is best to store the Easter box in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Make sure the products are kept properly cooled to maintain quality. Check the expiration date of each product and plan to use it within that period. Enjoy your Easter box!

What are popular desserts in an Easter box?

Some popular desserts in an Easter box are often chocolate eggs, hot cross buns (sweet buns with currants and raisins), lamingtons (cakes covered with chocolate and coconut) and carrot cake. These sweet treats fit well with the Easter atmosphere and are loved by many. Have fun putting together your Easter box!

Are the dishes in an Easter box easy to heat up or prepare?

Yes, dishes in an Easter box are usually easy to heat up or prepare. These dishes are often put together in such a way that you can put a delicious meal on the table with minimal effort. Instructions for heating or preparing the dishes are usually included, so that you can enjoy a festive meal during Easter without stress!

Are there special Easter boxes available for children?

Yes, there are certainly special Easter boxes available for children! These boxes often contain treats, activities and perhaps even small gifts that are perfect for children to enjoy during Easter. It's a fun and festive way to surprise the children and make Easter even more special. You can check out different stores and online retailers to see what options are available and which ones best suit your children's interests. Have fun looking for the perfect Easter box for your children!

Are there also more luxurious variants of the Easter box available?

Yes, there are certainly more luxurious variants of the Easter box available. Some restaurants and caterers offer Easter boxes with more exclusive ingredients and dishes, such as lobster, truffle or luxury chocolate. These more luxurious variants can often be customized and contain high-quality culinary surprises for an extra special Easter experience. It's worth looking around and comparing the different options to find an Easter box that perfectly suits your needs. Have fun putting together your luxurious Easter menu!

What's in a traditional Easter box?

In a traditional Easter box you will often find a mix of typical Easter dishes such as smoked salmon, stuffed eggs, leg of lamb, potato gratin, various vegetables and of course a dessert with chocolate or fruit, for example. The box may also contain Easter bread, Easter eggs and other treats. It may differ per compiler and region, so it is always good to check what specifically is in the Easter box you are considering ordering. Do you have any further questions about this?

What is the average price level of an Easter box?

The average price level of an Easter box varies depending on the contents, quality and supplier. In general, the prices for an Easter box are between 20 and 50 euros, but there are also more luxurious versions available that cost more than 50 euros. It is always good to compare the specific details of the different Easter boxes to make the best choice based on your budget and preferences.

Can you have an Easter box delivered or do you have to collect it yourself?

Yes, you can have an Easter box delivered or choose to collect it yourself. Some companies offer the option to have the Easter box delivered to your home, while others give the option to pick it up at an agreed location. It is important to check what the delivery or collection options are when ordering an Easter box.

Are there vegan options available in the Easter boxes?

Yes, there are vegan options available in the Easter boxes. These may vary per provider, but more and more catering companies and restaurants are offering special vegan Easter boxes with delicious dishes without animal products. It is always useful to ask the relevant provider in advance which vegan options they offer and whether they take into account any allergies or dietary requirements. Enjoy a tasty and animal-friendly Easter celebration!

How many people are usually provided in an Easter box?

An Easter box usually provides meals for 4 to 6 people. This allows you to enjoy a festive Easter meal with your family or friends. Enjoy it!

Are there Easter boxes that are composed of local products?

Yes, there are certainly Easter boxes that are composed of local products! Many local delicatessens, farms and artisan producers offer special Easter boxes with fresh and high-quality products from the region. By choosing such a box, you not only support local entrepreneurs, but you can also enjoy delicious products with an honest story. It's a great way to make your Easter table a little more special and support the local economy at the same time. Have fun discovering and enjoying these delicious local delicacies!

Which drinks are often added to an Easter box?

You will often find various types of drinks in an Easter box. Popular choices include champagne, white wine, rosé and fruit juices. It is also common to add special Easter cocktails or mocktails for a festive touch. Exactly which drinks are added depends on personal preferences and the theme of the Easter box.



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