How do you make a personal label for your wine gift?

This manual teaches you step by step how to make a personal label for your wine gift. By adding a personalized label you make your gift extra unique and special.


Determine the design of the label

Choose a style, color scheme and font that suit the occasion and the person the gift is for. Go for an elegant, playful or minimalist look, depending on what suits the recipient's personality. Think carefully about the message you want to convey with the label. Should it be festive, personal or simple and clear? Be creative and experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect match.

Make sure that the colors, style and font harmonize and form one whole. Consider contrasts for good readability and an attractive appearance. Remember that the ultimate goal is to surprise and delight the recipient with your personalized gift. With the right choices you create a unique and appropriate label that conveys the message in a special way.


Gather necessary materials

Make sure you have all the necessary materials within reach. Gather the labels, markers, stickers and any other decorative materials. Place them on a clean and well-lit surface where you can work comfortably.

Create your label:

Write the desired text clearly and accurately on the label using the markers. If you want to use stickers, carefully place them in the right place. Add additional decorative elements to give your label a personal touch. Let it dry completely before attaching it to the desired location.


Design and write the text

Write a personal message or name on the label of your design. Give free rein to your creativity and make sure the text is clearly legible. Use a black marker or pen and write with clear, straight lines. Be careful and take the time to write the message accurately on the label so that it looks neat. Think carefully about the words you want to use and how you want to place them on the label in an attractive way. Don't forget to tailor the message to the purpose or recipient of the article. Let your personality shine through this handwritten addition!


Add extra decoration

Decorate the label with drawings, stickers or other decorative elements to make it even more special.

Give that extra special touch to your label by decorating it with drawings, stickers or other decorative items. For example, you can use colorful markers to add fun designs. Think of flowers, hearts, stars or other patterns that match the theme of your creation. You can also use glitter stickers to add some extra sparkle. If you prefer a more minimalist style, you can opt for simpler designs in black and white. Experiment with different elements and discover which style best suits your design. Give free rein to your creativity and make your label unique and personal!


Stick the label on the bottle of wine

Make sure the label is stuck firmly and straight to the bottle. Be careful not to create wrinkles or bubbles.

  • Start by removing the protective film on the back of the label.
  • Gently place the label against the bottle, starting at one side and slowly working your way to the other side.
  • Press firmly along the edges of the label to ensure it sticks properly.
  • Check whether the label is straight by viewing it from a distance and adjusting it if necessary.
  • To avoid wrinkles or bubbles, carefully smooth the label with your hands from the center outward.

By following these steps you will ensure that the label is placed on the bottle of wine beautifully and professionally.


Let the glue dry and admire the result

Allow the bottle with the personal label to dry thoroughly before picking it up. Make sure the glue is firmly set before continuing. Do this by placing the bottle on a stable surface and letting it dry for at least an hour.

Then admire the beautiful result of your creative efforts. Take the time to look at the bottle from different angles and enjoy the personal touch you have given it. Your creativity has now created a unique and beautiful object to cherish or give as a gift.

Design a unique label

Awesome! With these tips you are ready to add a special touch to your wine gift. Give free rein to your creativity and create a unique label that will certainly leave a lasting impression. Have fun personalizing your gift!

Required tools

  • White or colored label sheets
  • Scissors or cutting machine
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Decorative materials (markers, stickers, ribbon, etc.)
  • Bottles of wine

Helpful suggestions for personalization

  • Choose a special design that suits the occasion or the person you are gifting the wine to
  • Add a personal message, such as a congratulations or a thank you
  • Use quality paper and a good printer for a professional appearance
  • Consider adding a photo for an extra personal touch
  • Make sure the information on the label is clearly legible, such as the type of wine, the year and the name of the recipient
  • Don't forget to tape the edges of the label well to avoid wrinkles
  • Finish with a protective layer such as clear tape or a laminating pouch to protect the label. Have fun personalizing your wine gift!

How to give a wine as a gift: Useful tips and suggestions

  • Choose a suitable wine: Think about the recipient's taste preferences and choose a wine that suits them. When in doubt, a classic red or white wine can never be wrong
  • Add a personal touch: Write a handwritten card or add a small gift to make the gift extra special
  • Presentation is key: Pack the bottle of wine in a beautiful way, for example with a luxurious gift wrapping or a beautiful ribbon
  • Give suggestions: If the recipient doesn't know much about wine, offer suggestions for dishes that pair well with the wine or how best to serve the wine
  • Enjoy together: Invite the recipient to enjoy the wine together and make it a pleasant moment. Cheers!

Frequently asked questions about wine gifts

How long can a bottle of wine be kept before being given as a gift?

A bottle of wine is usually best drunk within 1 to 5 years after the harvest. This depends on the type of wine and storage conditions. It is therefore advisable not to keep the bottle for too long before giving it as a gift to ensure quality.

What are some rules of etiquette when giving wine as a gift?

When giving wine as a gift, there are some etiquette rules to keep in mind. Make sure you know the recipient and that the wine suits his or her taste. Choose a quality wine that suits the occasion. If possible, add a personal touch, such as a handwritten card. Pack the wine nicely, for example in a gift box or wine bag. And finally, be modest and don't force the recipient to taste the wine right away. Have fun giving wine as a gift!

What type of wine is best suited as a gift?

A bottle of good quality wine is always an appreciated gift. A popular choice as a gift is a bottle of red wine, such as an elegant Merlot or a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines are generally appreciated by many people and go well with various dishes. If you prefer white wine, a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice. Just make sure you take the recipient's taste preferences into account and choose a wine that suits his or her taste. Good luck choosing the perfect wine gift!

Can you have a personalized label made for a bottle of wine as a gift?

Yes, you can certainly have a personalized label made for a bottle of wine as a gift. There are several online services and stores that offer this service. You can often choose the text, images and even the design for the label yourself. Adding a personalized label can add a beautiful and personal touch to your gift. Have fun creating your unique bottle of wine!

Should you take the recipient's taste preference into account when choosing a wine gift?

Yes, it is certainly advisable to take the recipient's taste preferences into account when choosing a wine gift. This will ensure that the recipient enjoys the wine you have chosen more. For example, if you know that the person likes dry white wine, you can take that into account when making your choice. Showing an interest in the recipient's taste preferences will also make the gift more personal and appreciated.

How can you beautifully package a bottle of wine as a gift?

One way to beautifully wrap a bottle of wine as a gift is to use wrapping paper or a gift bag specifically designed for wine bottles. You can also package the bottle in a stylish gift box or wooden box. Make sure that the gift is securely and beautifully wrapped, possibly with ribbons or decorative elements, to make the presentation extra festive. Don't forget to add a personal card for an even more personal touch. This way you turn the bottle of wine into a beautiful and thoughtful gift packaging. Have fun packing!

Are there special wine accessories that you can give as gifts?

Yes, there are definitely special wine accessories that you can give as gifts! Consider, for example, a sommelier's knife, a decanter, wine stopper, vacuum pump, good quality wine glasses, a wine cooler or even a subscription to a wine club. These accessories can enrich the recipient's wine experience, making them perfect gifts for wine lovers. Have fun choosing the perfect wine accessory gift!

Is it acceptable to give an opened bottle of wine as a gift?

It is generally not customary to give an opened bottle of wine as a gift as it may be seen as rude or inappropriate. A bottle of wine is usually given as a gift that is new and unopened so that the recipient can enjoy the full experience of opening and tasting the wine. If you are in doubt, it is safer to give a new bottle of wine or opt for another gift.

Are there any special wine events or tastings you can give as gifts?

Yes, there are several wine events and wine tastings that you can give as gifts. Some wineries or wine shops organize special tastings or events for which you can purchase tickets. There are also wine subscriptions where the recipient is regularly sent new wines to taste. It is a fun and original gift for the wine lover!



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