How to make an original gift package

This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of putting together an original gift package. It's designed to help you create a unique and personal gift so you can really show that you care about the recipient. Have fun creating your own special gift package!


Step 1: Choose a theme

Choose a theme that suits the person for whom the gift package is. Consider categories such as relaxation, cuisine, or hobbies. This theme will serve as a guide when selecting the gift items. Determine what the recipient would find interesting and what suits his or her personality. This way you ensure that the gift package is not only beautiful, but also matches the taste of the recipient. Make a well-considered choice and choose a theme that will make the recipient happy.


Step 2: Select the gift items

Carefully select the gift items that perfectly match the chosen theme of your gift. Consider the personality, interests and needs of the recipient. Choose items that will genuinely surprise and delight them. Consider different options and try to find original and personalized gifts that have a special meaning for the recipient. Make sure the gifts are practical or memorable, not just run-of-the-mill gifts. By paying attention to the details and the recipient's specific interests, you will create a gift that will be unforgettable and truly appreciated. So think carefully about which gifts best suit the moment and the person for whom the gift is intended.


Step 3: Gather packaging materials

  • Start by carefully selecting baskets, boxes or beautiful gift wrapping that match the theme or occasion of the gift package. For example, you can choose a festive box for a birthday gift or a luxurious basket for an anniversary gift.
  • Make sure you have enough decorative ribbon to finish the packaging nicely. Choose ribbons in different colors and materials to give the gift package a personal touch. For example, a satin ribbon adds a touch of elegance, while a burlap ribbon gives a more rustic look.
  • Don't forget to add stuffing to keep the items in the gift package in place and present the whole thing beautifully. You can think of colored paper curls, tissue paper or even scraps of fabric to create a luxurious look.

By carefully choosing and combining suitable packaging materials, you can present your gift package in a creative and attractive way. Have fun putting together the perfect gift!


Step 4: Arrange the gift items in the packaging

Place the selected gift items in the packaging in an attractive way so that they stand out. Start by placing the largest gift item in the center of the package as a focal point. Place the smaller gifts around it. Make sure the items are secure and clearly visible. For example, if you are making a gift basket, place a soft pillow in the bottom before placing the items on top. This ensures a beautiful presentation and protects the items.

Another idea is to arrange the gift items in layers. Start with the largest items at the bottom and work your way up to the smaller items. This creates a layered effect that looks attractive when the package is opened. For example, if you are filling a gift box, first place the flat items such as cards or photos on the bottom and then place the other gifts on top. This gives a beautiful presentation and invites you to discover the gifts.


Step 5: Add a personal touch

Write a handwritten card in which you leave a personal message for the recipient. Think of memories you have shared together, beautiful wishes for the future or just a sincere thank you. This way you add an extra dose of warmth and meaning to the gift package. Another fun way to personalize the package is to add a special detail that suits the recipient's interests or preferences. This could be a favorite snack, a small gadget or something that symbolizes your bond. This way you show that you have really taken the trouble to put together a unique gift.


Step 6: Wrap and present the gift package

To wrap the gift package beautifully, first unpack the gift wrapping paper. Place the gift in the center of the paper, making sure there is enough wrapping paper left on both sides. First fold one side of the paper over the gift and secure it with clear tape. Then repeat this on the other side. Fold both ends like a candy and tape them securely. To finish it off, tie a beautiful bow around the gift.

Now that the gift is beautifully wrapped, you are ready to proudly present it to the lucky recipient. Hand over the gift package with a smile and enjoy the moment when you see their face light up. Your carefully selected gift and the beautiful packaging will certainly put a smile on the recipient's face. Have fun giving this special gift!

Put together a creative gift

With this guide you have all the tools to put together a unique gift package. Follow the steps and enjoy giving a personal and special gift!

Required tools

  • Gift items of your choice
  • Packaging materials (such as gift wrap, ribbons, labels)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • Possibly decorative elements (such as stickers, cards)
  • Gift box or basket
  • Personal touch (such as a handwritten note)

Creative gift ideas

  • Consider the recipient's interests and preferences when putting together the gift package
  • Add a personal touch, for example a handwritten card or homemade details
  • Vary the types of items to make the package diverse and surprising
  • Choose high-quality and unique products that suit the occasion
  • Be creative with the presentation of the gift package, for example with ribbons, packaging or special decorations
  • Don't forget to take into account any allergies or preferences of the recipient
  • Consider making or personalizing something yourself to make the gift package even more special
  • Tailor the choice of items to the occasion, such as a luxurious tea and biscuit package for a pleasant evening or a wellness package for relaxation
  • Look for unique local products or artisanal items to give the gift package a special touch
  • Let the joy of giving shine through in the gift package and make it a joy to give and receive

Instructions for use for the original gift package

  • Choose a theme: First think about what kind of gift package you want to make. Are you going for a relaxation package, a culinary package or perhaps a package full of care products? Choose a theme that suits the recipient
  • Mix and match: Fill the gift package with different items that match the theme. Think of treats, beauty products, handmade items or other personal gifts
  • Presentation is key: Ensure a beautiful presentation of the gift package. For example, use a nice basket, a decorated box or a cotton bag to present the gifts
  • Add a personal touch: Make the gift package extra special by adding a personal card with a sweet message for the recipient
  • Enjoy giving: Don't forget to enjoy the process of putting together the original gift package and the moment of giving it as a gift. After all, it's all about showing your love and appreciation for others! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about original gift packages

What types of products are usually included in an original gift package?

An original gift package often contains a combination of luxurious foods such as fine cheeses, artisanal chocolate, premium wines or beers, exclusive olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It may also contain non-food products, such as handmade candles, scented candles, luxury bath products, or design accessories. The whole is put together to pamper the recipient and give a feeling of luxury and pleasure.

Are there special offers or discounts available if you want to order multiple original gift packages?

Yes, many stores and online retailers offer discounts or special offers when you order multiple original gift packages at the same time. This can vary from a percentage discount on the total amount to free shipping or even a free gift when purchasing multiple packages. It's always a good idea to check the respective stores' websites or contact customer service to inquire about any available discounts. This way you can take full advantage of any offers when ordering multiple gift packages.

Are there also options for companies to order original gift packages as business gifts?

Yes, there are several companies that specialize in putting together original gift packages as promotional gifts. These packages can often be personalized and tailored to the wishes of the company. You can think of thematic packages with, for example, local products, luxury food items or beauty products. It's a great way to show appreciation to your relationships and give a nice surprise at the same time. It is advisable to compare different providers and look at the quality, price and personalization options before making a choice. Good luck ordering your gift packages!

What is the price range for original gift packages and are there options for different budgets?

The price range for original gift packages may vary depending on the contents and quality of the products. In general, prices are between €20 and €100. There are certainly options available for different budgets. For example, you can opt for a small gift package under €30 with some nice items, or invest in a luxury package above €50 with high-quality products. So there are certainly gift packages available that suit different budgets.

Which occasions are suitable for giving an original gift package?

Original gift packages can be suitable for different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings, holidays, as a thank you or just as a surprise. Think of festive moments when you want to surprise someone with a unique and personal gift. It's a nice way to put someone in the spotlight and let them know you're thinking of them. Whatever the occasion, an original gift package will certainly be appreciated!

What are the most popular items you can find in an original gift package?

In an original gift package you can often find popular items such as luxury foods such as chocolate, fine wines, artisan cheeses, nuts and dried fruit. In addition, decorative items such as candles, scented candles, flowers and plants are also popular. Care products such as bath salts, shower gel and hand cream are also often added to gift packages. In short, there is a wide variety of popular items that you can find in an original gift package.

Can you have an original gift package uniquely put together or are there standard options?

At most gift shops and online stores you can often choose between standard gift packages or having a unique package put together. You can often also pass on special wishes to special gift shops so that they can make a tailor-made package. So it really depends on the store where you want to buy your gift. It is certainly worthwhile to inquire about the options for a uniquely composed gift package.



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