How do you choose the right Pata Negra for your melon?

Welcome to our latest blog post! Are you ready to surprise your taste buds with an unexpected combination? Did you know that a piece of Pata Negra ham can mature for more than three years before being enjoyed? Discover how to choose the perfect Pata Negra to serve with juicy melon and be surprised by the delicious taste sensation that awaits you. Read on for all the tips and tricks!

What is Pata Negra?

Pata Negra is a form of Iberico ham that comes from Spain. This ham is produced from the Iberian pig, a unique breed that mainly occurs in Spain. The most striking feature of Pata Negra is the black claw (pata negra) of the pig, from which the ham takes its name.

Types and qualities

There are several types of Pata Negra ham, which vary in quality and price. The two main categories are:

  • Jamon Ibérico de Bellota: This is the highest quality Pata Negra ham, sourced from pigs that roam freely during the last months of their lives and feed on acorns. This creates a unique and delicate taste.
  • Jamon Ibérico de Cebo: This ham is of slightly lower quality and is produced from pigs that are mainly fed grain.

Why is it such a beloved delicacy?

Pata Negra ham is prized worldwide for its rich flavor, juiciness and unique texture. Some reasons why it is such a beloved delicacy:

  • Flavor profile: Pata Negra ham has a complex and intense flavor that is difficult to match.
  • Tradition: The production of Pata Negra ham is a centuries-old tradition in Spain, where craftsmanship and passion come together.
  • Health benefits: Due to its high monounsaturated fatty acid content, Pata Negra ham is considered a healthier option than many other meats.

Sample brands

Some well-known Pata Negra ham brands and products to consider:

  • 5J Cinco Jotas Jamón Ibérico de Bellota: A premium Pata Negra ham with unparalleled taste and quality.
  • Joselito Jamón Ibérico de Bellota: Another top choice for Pata Negra ham lovers, known for its refined taste and texture.

In short, Pata Negra ham is a gastronomic gem that delights the senses and is a real treat for gourmets all over the world. Try it yourself and discover the unique taste of this special delicacy.

Which types of melon go best with Pata Negra?

When it comes to pairing melon with Pata Negra, it is important to know which melon varieties pair best with the rich flavor of this Spanish delicacy. In this blog we take a closer look at the three most suitable melon varieties: Cantaloupe, Galia and Watermelon. We will discuss what factors you should consider when choosing melon that is perfect for Pata Negra.


Flavor profile:

  • Sweet and juicy with a light musky undertone
  • Creamy texture that goes well with the salty, nutty flavor of Pata Negra

Recommended brand:

  • Charentais Cantaloupe from Galia


  • Choose a ripe Cantaloupe for the best taste experience
  • Combine with thin slices of Pata Negra for a sublime flavor combination


Flavor profile:

  • Refreshingly sweet and slightly aromatic
  • Crispy texture that contrasts with the creamy Pata Negra

Recommended brand:

  • Galia melon from Kings Seeds


  • Cut the Galia melon into cubes and serve with Pata Negra on a tapas board
  • The sweetness of the melon perfectly balances the salty taste of the meat


Flavor profile:

  • Wonderfully juicy and sweet, with a light freshness
  • Refreshing contrast to the rich, salty taste of Pata Negra

Recommended brand:

  • Mini Watermelon from Albert Heijn


  • Cut the watermelon into pieces and serve it together with Pata Negra on a summer day
  • Add a touch of mint for extra refreshment

By choosing the right type of melon and combining it correctly with the delicious taste of Pata Negra, you can create a perfect balance between sweet, salty and refreshing. Experiment with different melon varieties and discover your favorite combination!

How do you choose the best quality Pata Negra?

If you are looking for the best quality Pata Negra, there are several factors you should pay attention to. Here we will tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Origin and quality

  • Iberian pig: The best Pata Negra is made from Iberian pigs bred in Spain. Therefore, always pay attention to the origin of the product.
  • Part of the pig: Pata Negra is made from the specific hind leg of the pig. Look for products that emphasize this part for the highest quality.

Ripening time

  • Acorn-fed: Top quality Pata Negra are fed with acorns during their life, which gives the meat a unique taste and texture.
  • Ripening time: The longer the meat matures, the more intense the flavor and tenderness. Therefore, choose products with a long ripening period, such as 36 months or more.


  • Bellota: This is the highest quality class for Pata Negra, indicated by the term Bellota on the packaging. These products have the best taste and texture.
  • Cebo de Campo and Cebo: Less high in quality than Bellota, but still of good quality. Compare the different classifications to make the right choice.

Sample brands

  • Cinco Jotas: Known for their premium Pata Negra products, with a focus on quality and tradition.
  • Joselito: Another renowned brand offering top quality Pata Negra, loved by foodies all over the world.

Always refer to the packaging and product information for specific details about the origin, ripening time and classification of the Pata Negra you wish to purchase.

With these tips you are well on your way to selecting the best quality Pata Negra. Enjoy the rich taste and unique experience of this special Spanish product!

The perfect combination: Pata Negra and melon

Pata Negra, also known as Jamón Ibérico, is a delicious Spanish delicacy made from the meat of black Iberian pigs. Its intense flavor and velvety texture make it a treat for gourmets all over the world. When you combine this with juicy, sweet melon, you create an explosion of flavors that make every bite unforgettable.

Select the right ingredients

To create the perfect combination of Pata Negra with melon, it is essential to select high-quality ingredients. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a premium Pata Negra, such as the “5J Cinco Jotas” or “Ibérico de Bellota” from Joselito.
  • Go for a ripe and juicy melon, such as a Cantaloupe or Galia melon.
  • Make sure the melon is well cooled for a refreshing taste experience.

Preparation method

Follow these simple steps to properly serve Pata Negra with melon:

  1. Cut the Pata Negra into thin slices with a sharp knife and place elegantly on a serving plate.
  2. Scoop small balls of melon from the rind with a melon spoon and divide them between the slices of Pata Negra.
  3. Garnish with a sprinkle of fresh mint leaves for a refined touch.

Serving suggestions

To maximize the flavors of Pata Negra and melon, consider serving them with:

  • A glass of chilled Fino sherry, such as “Tío Pepe” from Gonzalez Byass, for a perfect harmony of flavors.
  • A light and crunchy salad of arugula and goat cheese as a refreshing side dish.
  • Toasted baguette with tomatoes and olive oil for a Spanish touch to the whole.

By following these tips and ensuring you use high-quality ingredients, you can effortlessly enjoy a flavorful and elegant Pata Negra with melon experience. Impress your guests or treat yourself with this delicious combination!

A Perfect Combination

By carefully selecting the right Pata Negra ham and melon, you can enjoy a tasty and authentic Spanish culinary experience. Don't forget to pay attention to the quality of both ingredients for a perfect flavor combination. Enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions about pata negra with melon

What should you pay attention to when choosing a good Pata Negra for melon?

When choosing a good Pata Negra for melon, it is important to pay attention to the category of the meat. The highest quality is Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, which comes from pigs that have been allowed to graze freely and have lived mainly on acorns. So look at the label and make sure you choose this premium category. In addition, it is also advisable to pay attention to the marbling of the meat, which ensures the right texture and taste. With these tips you will certainly be able to put together a delicious combination of Pata Negra and melon. Enjoy your meal!

Should the Pata Negra be sliced thin or thick for the perfect combination with melon?

For the perfect combination with melon, the Pata Negra should be sliced thinly. Thin slices help the flavors of the ham and melon better combine for a delicious tasting experience. Enjoy it!

What types of Pata Negra are there and what are the differences?

There are two main types of Pata Negra ham: the Jamón Iberico and the Jamón Serrano. The main difference between the two is the type of pig used. Jamón Iberico is made from the Iberian pig, while Jamón Serrano is made from other pig breeds. The Iberian pig is known for its dark meat and the marbling of fat throughout the muscle tissue, which gives the ham a unique taste and texture. Jamón Iberico is also often divided into different quality categories depending on the diet and living conditions of the pigs, such as Iberico de Bellota and Iberico Cebo.



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