Which meats go well on a snack board?

This manual will help you make a tasty snack board with a variety of meats. You will learn which meats go well together and how to make an attractive platter that will impress your guests.


Choose a variety of meats

  • Choose a variety of meats such as salami, ham, chorizo, smoked sausage and pâté.
  • Make sure you have a balance between different flavors and textures.
  • Select salami for a spicy and savory taste.
  • Add ham for a mild and smooth taste.
  • Combine chorizo for a spicy and spicy element.
  • Add smoked sausage for a hearty and smoky taste.
  • Add pate for a creamy and rich texture.
  • Vary between different types of meats for a varied and interesting meat platter.

Prepare the meats

Cut the meats into nice slices or pieces. Think of thin slices of salami, sliced pieces of ham, and roast beef rolls. Make sure the slices are not too large so that they are easy to pick up with your fingers or a fork.

Place the sliced meats separately on a nice plate or bowl. Divide the different types of meat neatly next to each other, so that the whole looks attractive and is easy to select for your guests. This way you create a beautiful presentation and you can easily assemble the snack board with the prepared meats.


Add garnishes

Combine the meats with matching garnishes to create a delicious snack board. Think of:

  • Olives: Choose green or black olives for a savory touch.
  • Pickles: Add some sour pickles for a refreshing taste.
  • Mustard: Spread some mustard on a piece of meat for some extra spice.
  • Nuts: Combine the meats with walnuts or almonds for a crunchy addition.
  • Grapes: Add sweet grapes for a fresh and sweet note on the drinks platter.

By adding these garnishes, your platter will have a range of flavors and textures that complement the meats. Try playing with different combinations and flavors to create a varied and tasty experience for you and your guests. Give free rein to your creativity and enjoy putting together a delicious snack board that goes perfectly with the meats you have chosen.


Arrange the snack board

Start by placing the meats on the snack board. Arrange slices of salami, ham and cervelat in a nice formation. Make sure that the meats alternate and overlap for a playful effect. Then fill in the blanks with the trimmings. Think of grapes, olives, gherkins and nuts. Place this strategically between the meats for a balanced taste experience.

Create an attractive presentation by playing with color and shape. For example, place green olives next to red cherry tomatoes for contrast. Also vary the shape by, for example, alternating ham rolls with salami slices. This variety makes the snack board not only a feast for the taste buds, but also for the eyes. Unleash your creativity and enjoy putting together this tasty creation.


Serve and enjoy

Place the drinks board on the table and invite your guests to enjoy it. Combine the meats with bread, cheese and a good glass of wine for a successful drink.

  • Arrange the various meats such as salami, ham and chorizo attractively on the snack board.
  • Place an assortment of freshly baked bread or crispy toast next to the cold cuts. This way your guests can choose what they prefer to combine.
  • Add chunks of cheese to the board; think of a soft brie, spicy cheddar, or creamy goat cheese for variation in taste.
  • Don't forget to add a few bowls of olives, nuts or grapes to complete the drinks board.
  • Open a bottle of delicious wine and pour it generously for your guests, so they can toast to a pleasant get-together. Cheers!

Summary of tasty choices

That sounds like a delicious drink! Don't forget to choose a good mix of different types of meats and present them beautifully. This way your drinks board will certainly steal the show at your next party! Have fun putting together and enjoy sharing these delicious snacks with your guests. Enjoy your meal!

Required equipment

  • Different types of meats (e.g. salami, ham, chorizo)
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Garnishes such as olives, pickles
  • Drinks board
  • Serving dishes
  • Napkins

Smart choices of meats

  • Choose a variety of meats, such as salami, prosciutto, smoked sausage and pâté, for an interesting taste experience
  • Combine different textures, such as sliced and cubed meats, for an attractive presentation
  • Add something savory, such as olives, pickles or mustard, to balance the flavors
  • Remember to serve meats at room temperature for the best taste experience
  • Experiment with different combinations and presentations to make your drinks board unique

Tips for putting together the perfect drinks board online

  • Choose a suitable website to order “Borrelplank online ellen”, such as a well-known cheesemonger, deli or catering company
  • View the range of snack boards on the website and choose the variant that best suits your needs, for example with cheese, meats, dips and bread
  • Add the drinks board of your choice to your shopping cart and follow the steps to complete your order, such as entering your address details and choosing a delivery time
  • Receive the drink board at the agreed delivery time and enjoy a delicious drink board, possibly together with friends or family
  • Leave a review on the website afterwards to share your experience and help other potential buyers make their choice. Have fun with your drinks board!

Frequently asked questions about our online drinks boards

How many people can enjoy the Borrelplank online ellen?

The Borrelplank online ellen is suitable for 4 people. So you can enjoy this delicious board with 4 friends or family members!

Can you also send the Borrelplank online as a gift?

Yes, you can order the Borrelplank online and have it sent as a gift. Many online stores offer the option to enter a different shipping address and add a personal message when ordering. This way you can send the Borrelplank directly to the lucky recipient as a gift. It's always helpful to check the store's specific guidelines before placing an order to ensure they offer gift service. Have fun giving this wonderful surprise!

Are there vegetarian options available on the Borrelplank?

Yes, there are usually vegetarian options available on the Borrelplank, such as cheese, olives, nuts, vegetable sticks with hummus and fruit salad. However, this may vary depending on the specific composition of the Drinks Board that is offered. It is always good to inquire in advance about the vegetarian options if you have a specific preference.

Is there an option to personalize the Borrelplank with a message or name?

Yes, many companies offer the option to personalize drinks boards with a message or name. This can often be done by having an engraving on the wood or by having a special design made. It is always best to contact the company in advance to inquire about the specific personalization options they offer. Have fun personalizing your drinks board!

What is the price of the Borrelplank online ellen?

The price of the Borrelplank online at Ellen is currently €25.99.

How is the Borrelplank online ellen packaged for shipping?

The Borrelplank online ellen is carefully packaged for shipping. The board is often packed in a sturdy box, which is properly secured so that it cannot slide or break during transport. In addition, protective filling material, such as bubble wrap or foam, is often used to ensure that the plank arrives at its destination undamaged.

What are the most popular items on the Borrelplank?

The most popular items on a snack board are often cheese, different types of sausage, olives, nuts, grapes, and pieces of baguette or toast. What you also often see are dips such as hummus, pesto or tapenade. Don't forget to add some variety so everyone can choose something to suit their taste!

Are there options for adding extra ingredients to the Borrelplank?

Yes, there are certainly options to add extra ingredients to the Borrelplank! Typical additional ingredients that are often added include olives, nuts, dried fruit, different types of cheese, charcuterie and dips. These extra additions can make the snack board even more varied and tasty. Have fun putting together your perfect drinks board!

Is the Borrelplank freshly prepared for shipment?

Yes, the Borrelplank is freshly prepared before it is shipped. The ingredients are carefully selected and prepared just before the plank is put together. This way you are assured of a fresh and tasty experience when you receive the Borrelplank!

How long does it take to ship the Borrelplank online?

The shipping time of the Borrelplank online at Ellen depends on the specific delivery conditions stated on the website. In general, shipping can take 1 to 3 days depending on your location and the shipping method you choose. It is best to consult the website for the most current information about the delivery time of the Borrelplank.

What types of meat are on the Borrelplank?

On a Borrelplank you will often find an assortment of different types of meat. This can include: salami, chorizo, prosciutto, roast beef, pate and sometimes some smoked chicken or meatballs. It often varies by board and by occasion, but these are common meats you can expect. Enjoy your meal!

Are there special offers available for ordering multiple snacks?

Yes, many restaurants and caterers offer a discount when you order multiple drinks boards. This can vary from a fixed amount discount per additional shelf to a certain percentage discount for a certain number of shelves. So it is certainly worthwhile to inquire with different providers to see what special offers are available for ordering multiple drinks boards. Good luck finding the best deal!

Are there customer reviews available about the quality of the Borrelplank online ellen?

Yes, there are customer reviews available about the quality of the Borrelplank online. You can find them on various websites and platforms such as Yelp, Google Reviews and the website of Borrelplank online ellen itself. It's always a good idea to read reviews before making a purchase so you can get a good idea of what other customers think of the product!

What types of cheese are on the Borrelplank?

Different types of cheese can appear on a serving board, such as young cheese, aged cheese, brie, goat cheese, blue cheese, or, for example, a spicy cheese such as a farmer's cheese. It often varies per shelf and personal preference, so you can always choose which cheeses you want on it. What type of cheese do you prefer on your snack board?

Does the Borrelplank online ellen come with accessories such as tasty bread or dips?

Yes, the Borrelplank is supplied online with accessories such as delicious bread and dips. However, it may vary depending on the specific provider or supplier. It is therefore important to read the product description carefully before placing an order. Have fun with your drinks board!



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