How do you make cocktail sticks with flags?

This manual explains step by step how you can make your own cocktail sticks with flags to brighten up your parties. You will learn what materials you need and how to attach the flags to the sticks. With these homemade cocktail sticks you can give a personal and festive touch to any occasion. Follow the simple steps and enjoy your creative and practical party decoration!



Collect cocktail sticks, flags in different colors or patterns, glue and scissors. Attach the flags to the cocktail sticks by applying a small dot of glue to the back of the flag and pressing it firmly onto the stick. Cut away any excess paper with the scissors for a neat finish. Repeat this process until you have enough cocktail sticks with flags for your party!


Cut flags

Cut small rectangular flags from the paper with the desired colors and patterns. You do this by cutting the paper to size so that you get uniform flags. For example, you can use a ruler to make straight lines and scissors to cut out the paper neatly. Make sure all flags are the same size for a neatly finished bunting.


Attach flags

Put a little glue on the cocktail sticks and stick the flags firmly on them. Make sure the glue is evenly distributed so that the flags stay firmly in place. Press the flags carefully and let the glue dry before you stick them in cakes or snacks, for example.


  1. Take a cocktail stick and apply a small drop of glue to the tip.
  2. Stick the flag on the glue and press it firmly.
  3. Let the cocktail stick with the flag dry before using it to decorate anything.

To dry

Let the cocktail sticks with flags dry on a flat surface. Make sure they are not touching each other. This helps the glue to adhere properly and prevents the flags from sticking together. Allow the flags to dry completely before using them for decoration or placing them on the table.



Decorate the flags with glitter, stickers or other decorations if necessary. This can give the flags a personal touch. Use your creativity to decorate them to your own taste. Have fun personalizing the flags!



Repeat the steps for all the cocktail sticks you want to make. Thread a piece of pineapple, a piece of strawberry and a grape onto each skewer. Repeat this until you have assembled all the cocktail sticks. Then place them on a tray and serve them to your guests! Have fun making your delicious and colorful snacks!


Creative use

Use the cocktail sticks with flags to serve snacks or as decoration for drinks. Insert the skewers into small snacks such as cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes or pieces of sausage to make them easy to grip. For drinks, insert the skewers into the fruit slices or olives in your cocktail for a festive touch. It will instantly brighten up your snacks and drinks!



  • Keep the cocktail sticks in a safe place until you are ready to use them. This way they remain clean and free of dust and dirt. A suitable place could be, for example, a kitchen drawer or a closed box. Make sure they are easily accessible when you need them for your cocktails.

Enjoy it!

  • Prepare your homemade cocktail sticks with flags to impress your guests.
  • Take small skewers and cut small squares from different colored paper.
  • Fold the squares in half to make flags and then stick them on the skewers.
  • Stick the skewers in your snacks and enjoy the admiration of your guests!

Summary and recommendations

In the conclusion of your blog post “How do you make cocktail sticks with flags?” can you summarize that with the simple steps you have learned, you can now make your own cocktail sticks in a creative and personal way for any occasion. Give free rein to your creativity and impress your guests with this fun and original detail! Have fun creating your unique cocktail sticks with flags!


  • Colorful papers
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Paint or markers
  • Optional: glitter, ribbons, stickers
  • Box or container for storage

Useful hacks and tips

  • Use sturdy paper for the flags to prevent them from tearing when you wrap them around the skewers
  • Cut the flags into equal rectangular shapes for a neat look
  • Make sure the ends of the flags are securely attached to each other by wrapping them tightly around the cocktail sticks
  • Experiment with different colors and patterns to make your cocktail sticks unique
  • Be careful when inserting the skewers into food to prevent the flags from becoming loose
  • Give free rein to your creativity and make themed flags for special occasions or parties. Have fun making your decorative cocktail sticks!

Instructions for using cocktail sticks with flags

  • Insert the cocktail sticks into small snacks, such as cheese cubes, fruit, olives or pieces of sausage for easy picking up
  • You can also use the flags to mark the different snacks, so that guests know what goodies they can expect
  • Also use cocktail sticks with flags as decoration on a festive table or in a cocktail glass for an original presentation
  • Please note that the flags are not edible, so make sure you remove them before eating the snacks
  • Enjoy the convenience of these handy and festive accessories when serving snacks at your next party! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about cocktail sticks with flags

What other types of decorations can be placed on cocktail sticks?

In addition to traditional flags, various other types of decorations can also be placed on cocktail sticks, such as fruit pieces, mini umbrellas, flowers, cheese cubes or small signs with text. These decorations can add an extra festive touch to your cocktail. Have fun experimenting and creating beautiful and tasty cocktail creations!

In which occasions are cocktail sticks with flags often used?

Cocktail sticks with flags are often used at parties, barbecues, drinks and other events where snacks are served. They are useful for keeping small snacks together and add a festive touch to serving snacks. The flag at the top of the skewer also makes it easy to see which snacks are on offer.

What type of flags are usually used?

Fabric or plastic flags are often used for special occasions. These flags are usually colorful and festive, and can be hung during parties, events or celebrations, for example. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be printed with various images, symbols or patterns. Flags can be reused and create a cozy atmosphere!

Can you personalize cocktail sticks with flags?

Yes, you can personalize cocktail sticks with flags. There are companies that offer this service where you can have flags printed with your logo, text or image of your choice. This is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to parties or events, for example.



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