When is the best time to give Christmas parcels as a business gift?

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Are you also curious about the ideal time to give Christmas packages as a business gift? In this blog post we take you into the world of Christmas packages and discover together when the perfect time is to show appreciation to your employees and business partners during the holidays. Enjoy reading!

For the Christmas period

The traditional Christmas gift is a popular gift among employees and business associates during the holidays. However, many companies are asking themselves: when is the best time to hand out these Christmas packages? Companies are increasingly choosing to give Christmas parcels before the Christmas period, allowing recipients to use or consume their contents during the holidays themselves. In this blog article we look at why this strategy is becoming increasingly popular and what benefits it offers.

Why give Christmas packages before Christmas?

  • Avoid last-minute stress: By providing Christmas hampers before the Christmas period, companies avoid the rush and stress that often accompanies last-minute gifts.
  • Optimal use of products: Recipients can use the contents of the Christmas package immediately or consume it during the holidays, increasing the appreciation and impact of the gift.

Examples of popular Christmas packages

  • [Name of brand A – Luxury Wine & Cheese Christmas Package]
    • Contains a selection of high-quality wines and fine cheeses
    • Perfect for a luxurious Christmas dinner at home
  • [Name of brand B – Wellness & Relaxation Package]
    • Includes luxurious bath products, scented candles and a soft bathrobe
    • Ideal for relaxing during the holidays

Comparative advantages of Christmas packages before Christmas

Advantages Christmas packages before Christmas Traditional Christmas packages after Christmas
Prevents last-minute stress
Optimal use of products
Increases appreciation and impact of the gift

In short, by giving Christmas gifts before the Christmas period, companies not only show their appreciation for employees and business associates, but also ensure that the gifts are optimally used during the holidays. It's a smart choice that will only increase the festive spirit.

After the Christmas period

During the Christmas period it is all about fun, togetherness and presents. For many employees, the Christmas package is one of the highlights of the season. But what if companies choose to hand out the Christmas packages right after the Christmas period? In this blog we look at why some companies choose to surprise their employees with Christmas packages after the holidays.

Extending the festive mood

Example: Chocolate December box

  • The company “Delightful Sweets” gives their employees a “Chocolate December box” after the Christmas period. With this they want to extend the festive atmosphere and show their appreciation for the staff.

Example: Wellness package “New Year, New Me”

  • Another example is the company “Relax & Revive” that distributes a wellness package called “New Year, New Me” to their team. This way, employees can start the new year fresh and relaxed.

Pleasant surprise

Example: Gadgets Surprise Box

  • “Tech Innovations” surprises their employees after the Christmas period with a “Gadgets Surprise Box”. This contains the latest technological gadgets to stimulate and motivate their team.

Start the new year on a positive note

Example: Sporty Start Gift Set

  • The company “Active Life” ensures a sporty start to the new year by offering their staff a “Sporty Start Gift Set”. With this they want to encourage their team to stay healthy and active.

Summary of the benefits of post-Christmas Christmas hampers:

  • Extending the festive mood
  • Pleasant surprise for employees
  • Positive start to the new year

Remind your boss or HR department that handing out Christmas hampers after the Christmas period can be a unique and surprising way to show appreciation for staff and start the new year on a positive note. This can provide an extra dose of motivation and team spirit in the company!

Enjoy the festivities and have a good start to the new year!

During New Year's Eve

The traditional ritual of giving Christmas gifts can easily be extended to the celebration of New Year's Eve. By handing out Christmas parcels at this time, not only does the old year end festively, but the new year is also warmly welcomed. This symbolic act not only brings joy to the recipients, but also strengthens mutual ties and symbolizes a positive and hopeful start to the new year.

Why Christmas packages during New Year's Eve?

  • Extended festive cheer: By also giving Christmas packages during New Year's Eve, the festive period is extended and the warm atmosphere continues.
  • Symbolism of renewal: Handing out Christmas packages at the transition to the new year symbolizes renewal, fresh starts and new opportunities.
  • Show appreciation: By giving Christmas packages during New Year's Eve, you as an employer, family or friend show appreciation for the recipients and their efforts.

Practical examples

To make this concept concrete, Christmas packages for New Year's Eve can contain various products, such as:

  • Champagne: To ring in the new year festively.
  • Luxury chocolate range: As a symbol of sweets and happiness.
  • Cheese and wine set: For a nice drink during New Year's Eve.
  • Diary planner: As the start of a new year full of organization and goals.
  • Spa gift set: To relax and start the new year fresh.

Comparison table

To clarify the difference between giving Christmas packages at Christmas and New Year's Eve, here is a comparison table:

Aspect Christmas Old and new
Symbolism Closing of the old year Welcoming the new year
package contents Traditional Christmas products Festive New Year's Eve items
Emotion Warmth and connection Renewal and hope
Practical value For Christmas celebration and holiday For a festive New Year's Eve

With Christmas gifts during New Year's Eve you add extra meaning to this special time and create a moment of joy and togetherness that will resonate all year round.

For Anniversaries or Special Occasions

It is customary for companies to give Christmas packages as a token of appreciation during the Christmas period. However, it can also be very appropriate to extend this tradition to anniversaries or other special occasions, apart from the Christmas season. In this article we explore how giving Christmas hampers on these occasions can leave a valuable and lasting impression.

Why Christmas packages for anniversaries?

  • Appreciation and recognition: Giving a Christmas package for anniversaries shows appreciation for the commitment and loyalty of employees.
  • Connectedness and motivation: Receiving a personal Christmas package can strengthen team spirit and motivate employees to continue their efforts.
  • Remembrance value: A Christmas package for an anniversary can provide a lasting memory of a special milestone in the company.

Practical examples

  • Tony's Chocolonely Anniversary box: A special edition with a mix of delicious chocolate bars and treats that is perfect for celebrating an anniversary.
  • Nespresso Limited Edition Christmas package: An exclusive set of fine coffee flavors and matching accessories that offer a luxurious and festive experience.

Advantages of Christmas packages for anniversaries

  • Personal touch: Christmas packages can be customized to the recipient's preferences, creating a personal and meaningful gift.
  • Variety and choice: With various products and themes, Christmas packages can be tailored to the specific occasion, which provides a unique surprise.
  • Sustainable impact: By choosing sustainable and ethically responsible products, Christmas hampers can not only strengthen the company image, but also have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Conclusion: Optimal timing for Christmas packages as business gifts

Absolute! The best time to give Christmas parcels as a business gift depends on the individual context and the relationship with the recipients. Think carefully about the timing and choose the moment that is most suitable and valuable for the people who will receive the gifts.

Frequently asked questions about Christmas packages as business gifts

Are there occasions other than Christmas when it is also appropriate to give a Christmas gift as a business gift?

Yes, there are certainly occasions other than Christmas when it is appropriate to give a Christmas gift as a business gift. A popular option is the end of the year, such as during New Year's Eve. In addition, Christmas packages are often given on the occasion of company anniversaries, trade fairs, events or as a thank you for a successful collaboration. So it is certainly not limited to just the Christmas period!

How can the timing of giving a Christmas package as a promotional gift influence its impact on the recipient?

The time at which you give a Christmas package as a business gift can certainly influence its impact on the recipient. Research shows that giving a Christmas gift at the end of the year, around Christmas or New Year, is usually considered very thoughtful and valuable. It can give the recipient a feeling of appreciation and connection, especially as it is often seen as a token of recognition for their efforts over the past year. By giving the Christmas gift at the right time, you can increase the impact and leave a positive impression.

At what time of the year is it customary to give Christmas packages as business gifts?

It is common to give Christmas parcels as business gifts during the Christmas period, usually at the end of the year. Companies often give Christmas packages to their employees as a token of appreciation for their efforts during the year. It is a tradition that often takes place during the months of November and December.

In what ways can a Christmas package as a promotional gift be personalized for different recipients?

There are different ways to personalize a Christmas package as a business gift for different recipients. Some examples are:

  • Choose personalized items in the Christmas package, such as mugs with the recipient's name on it.
  • Adjust the contents of the Christmas package to the preferences of the recipient, for example by choosing different variants of the Christmas package depending on the interests of the recipients.
  • Add a personal message to the Christmas package, for example a card with a thank you or an introductory word specifically addressed to the recipient.

By applying these different personalization options, you make the Christmas package extra special and tailor-made for each recipient.

Is there a specific reason why Christmas packages are often given at the end of the year?

Yes, Christmas gifts are often given at the end of the year because of the tradition of showing appreciation to employees and business associates during the Christmas period. It is a way to express gratitude for their efforts during the year. That is why the end of the year is a common time to give Christmas gifts.

What are the advantages of giving Christmas hampers as a business gift compared to other gift options?

Giving Christmas packages as business gifts has several advantages over other gift options. Firstly, Christmas packages offer a wide range of products, giving the recipient a feeling of appreciation and diversity. In addition, Christmas packages can be seen as a traditional and festive gesture that strengthens the bond with the recipient. In addition, Christmas packages give the opportunity to add a personal touch by personalizing them based on the interests and preferences of the recipient. Finally, Christmas hampers can serve as a practical gift that can be used for a long time, ensuring that the memory of the gesture lasts for a long time.

How can Christmas packages contribute to strengthening relationships with customers and business partners?

Christmas packages can contribute to strengthening the relationship with customers and business partners by creating a feeling of appreciation and recognition. By giving a carefully composed Christmas gift, you show that you appreciate and find the bond with the recipient important. This can increase loyalty and contribute to a positive image of your company. In addition, receiving a Christmas package can also provide a personal connection and strengthen the feeling of belonging. It is therefore an effective way to strengthen and maintain relationships in the business world.



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