How to choose an original wedding gift?

This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of choosing an original wedding gift. We understand how important it is to find something unique and special for the bridal couple, which is why we are happy to help you with inspiring tips and ideas. This makes your gift an unforgettable gift that the couple will enjoy for a long time. Good luck finding the perfect gift!


Determine your budget

Start by determining the amount you want to spend on the wedding gift. This will help narrow your search and narrow down choices. Follow these steps:

  • Determine a clear budget for the gift.
  • Make a list of possible gift options within this budget.
  • Compare prices and quality of different gifts.
  • Decide which gift best suits your budget and the expectations of the bridal couple.
  • Make your final choice based on your budget and the happy couple's preferences.

By determining your budget in advance, you can focus your search for the perfect wedding gift and avoid overspending.


Know the couple's interests

  • Talk to the bride and groom about their hobbies and interests.
  • Ask them about recent activities they have done.
  • Look for any hints in their conversations about things they are excited about.
  • Check out their social media profiles for clues about their interests.
  • Ask friends or relatives of the couple for suggestions about their preferences.
  • Consider giving a gift that reflects a shared passion of the bridal couple.

Consider personalized options

  • Add initials to the gift for a personal touch. Think of the recipient's initials or yours together.
  • Choose a special date that is important to your relationship and include it in the gift. This could be the date of your first meeting or another memorable moment.
  • Write a personal message that makes the gift unique. Think of kind words, funny anecdotes or an inspiring quote that has meaning for your relationship.
  • Consider adding a photo that brings back fond memories or is special to both of you. This makes the gift even more personal and emotional.

Choose experiences instead of material things

Buy a gift certificate for a weekend getaway, dinner at a fancy restaurant or a fun activity the couple can do together. These types of gifts create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between the two people. Take advantage of the opportunity to give a unique experience instead of a standard gift. For example, you can think of a culinary adventure, an exciting activity or a relaxing outing. This will certainly be appreciated by the couple and will give them a beautiful memory.


Consult the gift list

Check whether the bridal couple has created a gift registry by viewing the wedding invitation or contacting the officiant. This gives you insight into what the bridal couple needs or would like to receive as a gift. By consulting the gift list, you can be sure that you are giving a gift that the bridal couple will be happy with and that will actually be used. Following the gift list ensures that you give an appropriate and appreciated gift, making the bride and groom's wedding even more special.


Make it personal

  • Wrap your gift in a creative way, such as with homemade paper flowers, ribbons or stamps.
  • Add a personal touch by including a handwritten card with a special message. Think of beautiful words, memories or funny anecdotes.
  • Choose special gift wrapping paper or a fabric wrapper that suits the recipient's taste, for example with a nice pattern or in their favorite color.
  • Use different materials, such as washi tape, stickers or dried flowers, to make the gift extra special.
  • Don't forget to wrap the gift carefully and write the card neatly for a personal touch that the recipient will appreciate.

Think about sustainability

Choose a sustainable gift, such as an item made from recycled materials or an eco-friendly experience. Equip yourself with options such as reusable products that generate less waste. Look for local artisans offering handmade and sustainable items. Also consider giving the gift of an experience, such as a workshop on sustainability or a trip into nature. By consciously choosing sustainable gifts, you contribute to a cleaner and greener world.

Tips for choosing

It was a pleasure to help you find an original wedding gift. You now have all the tools to choose the perfect gift for the bridal couple. Have fun giving a gift that really suits them and they will certainly appreciate your attention!

Required tools and materials

  • Budget calculator
  • Notebook
  • Photos of the couple
  • Access to experience platforms
  • Access to the gift list
  • Sustainable gift options

Useful suggestions for you!

  • Consider the interests of the bridal couple and choose a gift that matches these, such as a cooking workshop for a culinary couple or a concert ticket for music lovers
  • Personalize the gift, for example by putting together an engraved item or a photo collage of beautiful memories
  • Consider giving the gift of an experience, such as a hot air balloon ride, a wine tasting or a luxurious wellness day
  • Be inspired by creative gifts, such as homemade works of art, personalized jewelry or a subscription to a special service
  • If necessary, ask family or friends of the bridal couple if they have any tips for an original gift that suits the couple. This way you can be sure that your gift will be appreciated. Good luck finding the perfect wedding gift!

How do you choose the perfect wedding gift?

  • Think about what kind of gift you want to give: personal, practical or romantic
  • Ask the newlyweds if they have a gift list or specific wishes
  • Choose a gift that fits the budget you have in mind
  • Think about when you want to give the gift, for example during the wedding or later
  • Personalize the gift if possible, for example with an engraving or a special message

Frequently asked questions about wedding gifts

What are gifts that a bridal couple often really appreciates later?

What bridal couples often really appreciate are timeless and sustainable gifts, such as quality kitchenware, beautiful tableware or even a work of art. Experiences, such as a romantic weekend away or a culinary workshop, also often prove to be unforgettable. These gifts provide lasting memories and valuable moments for the bridal couple.

Can you also give money as a wedding gift and if so, how much is appropriate?

Yes, giving money as a wedding gift is a common and practical choice. The amount considered appropriate varies depending on your relationship with the bride and groom and your own financial situation. In general, it is advised to base the amount on the costs the bridal couple incurs to receive you as a guest at their wedding. On average, an amount between €50 and €150 per person is considered appropriate. However, it is always important to keep in mind that the gesture of giving a gift is the most important and the value of the gift should not be the most important aspect of their special day.

What makes a fun and creative DIY wedding gift?

A fun and creative DIY wedding gift could be a personalized photo frame where the bridal couple can frame their favorite wedding photo. You can decorate the photo frame with beautiful fabrics, ribbons, flowers or other personal details. This way you give a unique and thoughtful gift that the bridal couple can enjoy for a long time! Have fun crafting!

What is an appropriate wedding gift for a friend or family member?

An appropriate wedding gift for a friend or family member could be a personalized gift such as an engraved photo frame, a set of personalized champagne glasses or even a specially curated gift voucher for an experience together. It is always nice to give something that suits the personality and interests of the bridal couple. Good luck finding the perfect wedding gift!

Are there specific gifts that are often given at a wedding?

Yes, there are several gifts that are often given at a wedding. Common gifts include money, appliances, dishes, kitchen utensils, towels, bedding, and decorative items for the home. Of course, it also depends on the personal preferences of the bridal couple, and it is always good to see if they have a gift list that you can choose from.

How can you personalize a wedding gift for the bridal couple?

One way to personalize a wedding gift for the bride and groom is to have their names and the wedding date written on the gift. This can be done, for example, by means of engraving, printing or embroidery. Other options include choosing a gift that matches the couple's hobbies or interests, or selecting something unique that symbolizes them together. Personalizing a wedding gift makes it extra special and meaningful for the bridal couple. Have fun personalizing the gift!

Should you choose a wedding gift just for the bride, just for the groom, or for both?

It is customary to give a wedding gift that appeals to both the bride and groom. This way you show respect and appreciation for the couple as a whole. When in doubt, a gift that they can use or enjoy together is often a safe choice. It is a beautiful gesture to celebrate the couple's love and commitment.

How do you choose a personal and original wedding gift?

If you are looking for a personal and original wedding gift, consider giving something that has a special meaning to the bride and groom. Think of personalized items such as engraved glasses, a photo album with your favorite moments together or a self-composed gift box with their favorite things. Showing your creativity and attention to detail will certainly be appreciated by the newlyweds!

What are gifts that bridal couples are often very happy with, but that are not standard on a wedding list?

Naturally! Bridal couples are often very happy with personalized gifts that add a personal touch to their new life together. Think of an engraved table set, a hand-painted vase or a self-compiled cookbook with recipes from friends and family. Experiences such as a meal in an exclusive restaurant, a wine tour or a weekend away are also often unforgettable gifts that are not standard on a wedding list. It's about giving something that suits the bridal couple and their unique relationship, making them feel truly special and appreciated.

Do you have to buy wedding gifts from the wedding list or can you choose something yourself?

If you have been invited to a wedding and the bridal couple has made a wedding list, it is usually appreciated if you choose a gift from this list. This way you can be sure that you are giving something that the bridal couple wants and needs. However, it is not mandatory to buy gifts only from the wedding list. You can also choose to choose something yourself, but it is advisable to let the bridal couple know that you deviate from this, so that they do not receive the same gift multiple times. The most important thing is that the gift has been selected with love and attention, regardless of whether it comes from the wedding list or not.

Can you give experiences as wedding gifts and if so, which ones are suitable?

Naturally! Experiences are a great wedding gift because they create unforgettable memories. Some suitable experiences include a romantic weekend away, a culinary cooking class, a night out at a fancy restaurant, a spa day for two or even a hot air balloon ride. Choose something that suits the interests and tastes of the bridal couple, and they are guaranteed to enjoy it!



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