Which drinks box will you choose for your birthday party?

Dear reader, are you also faced with the choice of which drinks box to choose for your birthday party? Organizing a party can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to the menu. In this blog post we will help you choose the perfect drinks box, so that you can enjoy your own party without any worries.

What is a drinks box?

A drinks box is the perfect way to spoil your guests with a varied selection of delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. Whether it is a birthday party, a festive gathering or just a pleasant evening with friends, a drinks box offers something for everyone.

What's in a drinks box?

  • Cheese: Think of a tasty selection of young cheese, aged cheese, goat cheese and brie.
  • Sausage: Dry sausage, chorizo, salami – a mix of different meats to enjoy.
  • Olives: Green olives, black olives, with garlic or feta – a Mediterranean touch for your drink.
  • Nuts: From salted peanuts to luxurious mixed nuts, a crunchy addition to your drink.
  • Dips: Hummus, tzatziki, guacamole – dips to dip your snacks in.
  • Mini desserts: Mini cupcakes, petit four, brownie bites – sweets to complete the party.

Why a drinks box?

  • Convenience: No hassle with putting together snacks and drinks, the drinks box is ready-made.
  • Diversity: A variety of flavors and textures provides a surprising taste experience.
  • Time-saving: You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to organize an impressive drinks party.

Examples of popular drinks boxes

  1. Delicatessen box from DeLuxe: This box contains a luxurious selection of international cheeses, cold cuts and artisanal olives.
  2. Tapas box from Terra: With a mix of Spanish tapas, such as patatas bravas, calamari and albondigas, you will feel like you are in Spain.
  3. Drink & Bubbelsbox from Bites & Bubbles: Combine your snacks with a sparkling prosecco for the ultimate festive experience.

Whether you are a lover of savory snacks, sweet treats or a combination of both, a drinks box offers something for everyone. Make your next get-together memorable with a tasty selection from one of these great options!

Types of drinks boxes

When organizing a successful party or meeting, choosing the right drinks box is essential. There are different types of drinks boxes available, each with their own features and benefits. In this article we discuss the various options, from classic cheese boards to luxurious gourmet drinks boxes with exclusive snacks.

1. Classic drinks boxes

  • Examples: The Boska cheese board, Old Amsterdam drinks box
  • These boxes contain traditional delicacies such as various cheeses, dry sausage, olives and crackers.
  • Suitable for an informal meeting with a group that likes classic snacks.

2. Deluxe drinks boxes

  • Examples: Delicious Dip Deluxe, The Luxury Gourmet Box
  • These boxes offer exclusive snacks such as truffle cheese, stuffed dates with almonds and artisanal charcuterie.
  • Ideal for a chic party or a pampered group of guests enjoying luxurious treats.

3. Personalization and theme boxes

  • Examples: BorrelboxXL with personal engraving, Green & Healthy vegan drinks box
  • Some suppliers offer the option to customize drinks boxes to specific wishes or themes, such as vegan or organic.
  • Convenient for parties with special dietary restrictions or themed events.

Tips for choosing a drinks box

  • Consider the number of guests and their taste preferences to ensure the right amount and variety.
  • Check the composition and quality of the products in the drinks box, so that you can be sure that your guests can enjoy high-quality snacks.
  • Check whether the supplier offers any additional services, such as delivery or customization options.

With this information you are well prepared to choose the perfect drinks box for your next party or meeting. Let your guests enjoy delicious flavors and an unforgettable experience!

Make the right choice when ordering drinks boxes

When ordering drinks boxes for your event or party, it is important to make a well-considered choice. There are several options available from various caterers, catering companies and online stores. To ensure that your guests can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks, there are some important things you should pay attention to.

Quality of products

Make sure that the drink boxes are composed of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Choose suppliers who are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Some examples of popular caterers that offer excellent drinks boxes are:

  • The Burgundian
  • Snacks at home
  • Burgundian Enjoyment

Delivery options

View the delivery options of the various providers. Some caterers offer home delivery, while others offer the option to pick up the drink boxes at a location of your choice. Also pay attention to the delivery costs and any minimum order quantities.

Dietary requirements of guests

It is essential to take the dietary requirements and allergies of your guests into account. Choose suppliers that offer options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free or lactose-free diets. Inform the provider in a timely manner of any dietary requirements so that they can take these into account.

Example: Snacks at home

An example of a catering company that offers extensive drinks boxes is Hapjes aan Huis. They have a wide range of snacks and drinks that are suitable for different occasions. Some advantages of Snacks at Home are:

  • Wide range of drinks boxes with various types of snacks and drinks
  • Possibility of delivery to your home or location
  • Flexibility in adapting the drink boxes to dietary requirements

Comparison table

Caterer Quality Delivery options Dietary requirements
Burgundian Extensive range Home delivery Options for dietary requirements
Snacks at home Diversity of snacks Delivery on location Adjustments possible

By paying attention to the quality of the products, delivery options and dietary requirements of your guests, you can make the right choice when ordering drinks boxes for your party or event. Pay attention to these important aspects to ensure that your guests have a tasty and worry-free experience.

Price and quality

When planning a birthday party, a drinks box is a popular choice. These boxes are available in different price ranges and with various contents, depending on the supplier. But how do you know whether you are getting value for money and which drinks box is most suitable for your special occasion? Here we discuss the relationship between price and quality when choosing a drinks box.

Price variation: What affects costs?

The price of a drinks box can vary for various reasons:

  • Contents: Some boxes contain luxury items such as fine cheeses, artisanal charcuterie and fine wines, which can increase the price. Other boxes offer a more basic range for a lower price.
  • Number of persons: Some suppliers offer boxes for specific numbers of people, which affects the price per person.
  • Quality of ingredients: The ingredients used and their origin can affect the costs. Organic products or sustainable options may be more expensive.

Value for money: What to look out for?

When evaluating the value for money of a drinks box, there are some important points to consider:

  • Quality of the items: Check whether the box contains high-quality ingredients. Brands such as Delicacies Deluxe Drinks Box are known for their premium range.
  • Variety: A good drinks box offers a diverse selection of snacks and drinks to suit different tastes.
  • Presentation: The way the box is put together and presented can contribute to the overall experience. Gourmet Enjoy Drink Box is known for their eye for detail.

Practical examples

  • Exclusive Culinary Drinks Moment: A luxurious drinks box with a selection of refined hors d'oeuvres and matching wines, perfect for a chic party.
  • Budget-friendly Party Box: An affordable option with basic snacks and drinks, ideal for an informal gathering with friends.

By carefully weighing the price and quality of different drinks boxes, you can make the ideal choice for a successful birthday party. Have fun planning and enjoying your special day!

Choose the perfect drinks box for your party!


Choose wisely and enjoy your birthday party with a suitable drinks box. Make it easy for you and enjoy a tasty evening full of fun! Have fun celebrating your birthday!

Frequently asked questions about our festive Drink Boxes

What types of snacks are in the drinks box?

The drinks box often contains a mix of cheeses, meats, olives, nuts, baguettes, dips and other tasty snacks. This may vary depending on the supplier or composition you have chosen. It is always a delicious combination to enjoy during a drink!

Will the drinks box be delivered or do you have to pick it up?

The drinks box will be delivered to the address you choose. So you don't have to pick it up yourself. Have fun drinking!

How far in advance should you order the drinks box for your birthday party?

You usually have to order the drinks box for your birthday party at least 1 week in advance. This gives the supplier enough time to prepare everything and ensure that the box is delivered to you on time. It is always wise to check with the specific supplier, because the required ordering time may vary. Have fun with your birthday party!

Are drinks included in the drinks box, or do you have to arrange these separately?

Some drinks boxes include drinks, but you often have to arrange these separately. It varies per provider, so it is always good to read the description of the drinks box or inquire. Have fun putting together your drink!

Is the drinks box suitable for a certain number of people?

Yes, the drinks box is suitable for a certain number of people, depending on the size of the box and the amount of snacks it contains. Some drinks boxes are designed for two people, while other boxes are intended for larger groups, such as four or six people. It is important to consult the description of the drinks box to see how many people it is suitable for, so that you can be sure that there is enough goodies for everyone!

Can you adjust the drinks box to your personal preferences or wishes?

Yes, most suppliers of drinks boxes allow you to adjust them to your personal preferences or wishes. They often offer options to add extra products or replace certain products. It is useful to contact the supplier in advance to inquire about the options and any additional costs. This way you can ensure that the drinks box perfectly matches your wishes. Good luck putting together your ideal drinks box!

Are there options for special dietary needs, such as vegetarian or gluten-free?

Yes, most restaurants and eateries these days offer options for special dietary needs, such as vegetarian and gluten-free. It is always advisable to contact the restaurant in advance so that they can take this into account and serve you a suitable meal. Happy dining!



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