How to choose a drinks gift for a colleague?

In the step-by-step guide “How to choose a drinks gift for a colleague?” you will learn how to choose a suitable gift to show appreciation and strengthen bonds with colleagues during a drink.


Determine the budget

Determine how much you want to spend on the drinks gift for your colleague by first determining your budget. Take a look at your finances and decide how much you can comfortably spend. Remember to stay realistic and avoid overspending.

Example: If your budget is €20, some nice options are a bottle of good wine, a set of luxury chocolates or a personalized mug. If you want to spend more, say $50, consider putting together a gift basket with various treats, an elegant candle set, or a gourmet gift certificate. By determining your budget in advance, you make it easier to choose a suitable and affordable drinks gift for your colleague.


Know your colleague's preferences

Ask your colleague about his or her interests and preferences. Ask questions about hobbies, favorite activities, music preference or maybe even their favorite food. Take the time to really listen to what they like and what motivates them. Try to subtly pick up hints in conversations or observations in the workplace. This will help you get a better idea of their personality and tastes.

Once you have a good idea of your colleague's interests, it will be easier to choose a gift that really suits him or her. Think of something that gets them excited or helps them relax after a long day at work. Being aware of their preferences shows that you put effort into selecting a thoughtful gift. This will undoubtedly be appreciated by your colleague. Good luck!


Think of a personal touch

Write a handwritten card with a personal message for your colleague. Think about something that suits them specifically and add a little detail to the gift that shows you've paid attention to their preferences. For example, it could be a favorite color, hobby or interest. This will make your colleague feel extra appreciated and the attention will feel even more special.


Choose a suitable gift

Choose a gift that fits perfectly with a drink moment! Think of a bottle of delicious wine, a surprising set of special beer, luxurious snacks or a nice gadget. Go to a specialized store or online store and navigate to the 'drinks gifts' category. View the different options and read any descriptions to make the most suitable choice. Check the delivery options and ensure that the gift arrives in time for the drinks moment. Add a personal message to make the gift extra special. Now you're ready to give the perfect drinks gift and leave a great impression!


Presentation is important

Wrap the gift carefully in beautiful wrapping paper. Use ribbons and bows to make the gift extra festive. You can also add a card with a personal message to make the gift even more special. Make sure that the packaging suits the occasion, for example using cheerful colors for a birthday gift or stylish packaging for a wedding gift. You can also be creative and add fresh flowers or greenery to the packaging for an extra surprise effect. Finally, don't forget to deliver the gift with attention and care, so that the presentation really impresses the recipient.


Give the gift at the right time

Make sure that you hand over the drinks gift to your colleague at a suitable time during the drinks. A well-chosen moment can increase surprise and appreciation.

Look around discreetly and find a moment when your colleague is relaxed and not too busy with other conversations. Then approach them confidently and give the gift with a smile. Make eye contact and give a sincere compliment about something your colleague has recently worked on or accomplished. This makes the handover more personal and valuable.


Follow up on the response to the gift

Pay close attention to your colleague's reaction when he or she receives the gift. Pay attention to their facial expressions, body language and any comments they make. By paying attention to how your coworker responds, you can gain insight into what types of gifts they appreciate and which ones are less popular. These observations can help you choose even better gifts for your coworker in the future, increasing their appreciation and gratitude.

Summary advice and tips

Great, by following the guidelines, you are now ready to choose the perfect drinks gift for your colleague. Your thoughtful gesture will certainly be appreciated and contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere. Good luck and have fun giving the gift!


  • Budget calculator
  • Notebook
  • Information about colleagues' preferences
  • Pencil
  • Various drinks gift options
  • Gift wrapping paper or gift wrapping
  • Calendar
  • Succession list

Useful gift ideas

  • Think about your colleague's preferences – choose a drink he/she likes
  • Consider a gift box with a mix of different drinks, such as wine, beer or spirits
  • Personalize the gift by adding a personal touch, such as a handwritten card
  • Choose quality over quantity – rather one good bottle than several inferior drinks
  • Make sure your coworker doesn't have any specific dietary restrictions or alcohol preferences before choosing the gift
  • Get creative and think outside the traditional drink options, like cocktail supplies or specialty mixes. Have fun choosing the perfect drinks gift for your colleague!

Instructions for use for the perfect drinks gift

  • Choose a nice bottle of wine, liqueur or champagne as a gift for a special occasion
  • Combine the drink with tasty snacks, such as cheese, nuts or olives to create a complete drinks experience
  • Give the Drinks Gift personally to the recipient, so that you can explain why you chose this combination
  • Encourage the recipient to share the drink with friends or family to enjoy together
  • Don't forget to add a personal message to the gift to convey your appreciation and well wishes. Have fun giving your Drinks Gift!

Frequently asked questions about drinks gifts

Can you also put together a drinks gift yourself?

Yes, you can also put together a drinks gift yourself at many stores and online stores. This way you can choose which drinks, snacks or accessories you want to include in the gift package. This way you can personalize the gift and adapt it to the preferences of the person you want to give the gift to. It's a fun and original way to give something personal!

Are there certain traditions or customs surrounding drinks gifts?

Yes, there are indeed certain traditions and customs surrounding drinks gifts. A common habit is to bring a bottle of wine or another drink as a drinks gift when you are invited to someone's home. Cheese boards, nut mixes or other delicacies are also often given as drinks gifts. It is customary to present the gift nicely wrapped and add a personal card to show your appreciation. It is important to remember that the value of the gift does not matter, but that the gesture is appreciated by the host or hostess.

What are some nice themes or ideas for a drinks gift for a friend?

If you're looking for a fun drinks gift for a friend, there are several themes and ideas to consider. Some popular options include:

  1. A personalized cocktail set: A set with all the necessities to make delicious cocktails yourself, such as shakers, measuring cups and stirrers.
  2. A selection of special beers: Choose a number of craft beers from different breweries or countries, so that your friend can go on a nice journey of discovery.
  3. A cheese board with matching wines: Put together an assortment of cheeses, accompanied by a few matching bottles of wine. This way your friend can enjoy a delicious cheese and wine tasting.
  4. A gourmet snack package: Think of luxurious nuts, olives, tapenades and other tasty snacks that fit perfectly with a nice drink.

Hopefully these ideas will help you find the perfect drinks gift for your friend!

What are popular drinks gifts in the Netherlands?

The Dutch love to have drinks and that of course also includes suitable drinks gifts. Popular drinks gifts in the Netherlands include delicious cheeses, artisanal sausages, good wines or specialty beers, and luxurious nut and olive mixes. In addition, drinks boards, serving boards and special shot glasses always make good gifts. If you want to give a unique drinks gift, you can also consider special liqueurs, chic cocktail sets or personalized drink accessories. Whatever drinks gift you choose, the most important thing is that it suits the taste and preferences of the recipient. Have fun choosing a suitable drinks gift!

For what occasions do you give a drinks gift?

For what occasions do you give a drinks gift?

You can give a drink gift for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, Christmas and New Year's Eve, as a thank you or as a congratulations. It is a versatile gift that is suitable for various festive moments. It can consist of a bottle of wine, a special beer package, a cocktail set, or other delicacies that suit a nice drink. It is a thoughtful and tasteful gift to give!

Are there special etiquette rules associated with giving a drinks gift?

Yes, there are some etiquette rules associated with giving a drinks gift. It is customary to give a bottle of wine, spirits or another alcoholic drink as a drinks gift. Make sure the gift is of good quality and suitable for the recipient. It is also polite to wrap and deliver the gift with a smile and an appropriate compliment. Don't forget to thank the host or hostess for the invitation and the hospitable reception. With these etiquette rules you can convey your token of appreciation in an appropriate way.

Are there special stores or web shops that specialize in drinks gifts?

Yes, there are special stores and web shops that specialize in drinks gifts. These stores offer a wide range of products such as wine, beer, cheese, nuts, dips, and other treats that are perfect for drinks. Some well-known examples include De Borrel Fabriek, Kadoos and The Gift Label. You can also search online for specialty stores that offer drinks gifts to find the perfect gift for any occasion. Have fun choosing a delicious drinks gift!

Is it customary to give a drink gift at a housewarming?

Yes, it is customary to give a drink gift at a housewarming. A bottle of wine, champagne, or other beverage of your choice is often an appreciated gift for the host or hostess. This can help celebrate the new home and contribute to a festive atmosphere during the housewarming.

How much do you spend on average on a drinks gift?

On average, people in the Netherlands spend between €10 and €20 on a drinks gift. This may vary depending on the relationship with the recipient and the occasion. The most important thing is that the gift is thoughtful and appropriate for the occasion.



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