How many luxury snacks should I calculate per person?

In our guide “How many luxury snacks should I calculate per person” we will help you plan the perfect amount of delicious snacks for your party or event. We want to ensure that all your guests can enjoy a flavorful experience without having to worry about treat shortages.


Step 1: Determine event type and duration

To start, decide what type of event you are hosting and how long it will last. Think about whether it is an informal meeting, such as a birthday party or a business networking drink. Also consider how long the event will last – a few hours, half a day or a whole day. Then look at the duration of the event and consider which type of catering best suits the occasion. A shorter meeting often requires fewer luxurious snacks than a party that lasts all evening. Make sure you take your guests' needs into account and plan accordingly.


Step 2: Determine the number of guests

Calculate how many people will come to your event. Count the number of confirmed guests and add an estimate for possible absentees. Make sure you have enough snacks and drinks for the number of guests present. Make a list of the names of the invitees and keep it up to date.

Remind guests to confirm their presence or absence so you can provide an accurate estimate. Determine the total number of guests and plan catering accordingly. Ensure there is sufficient variety in the menu and keep any dietary requirements in mind when ordering food and drinks.


Step 3: Choose a variety of snacks

  • Study what types of luxury snacks are available. Consider hot and cold options, and provide meat, fish and vegetarian choices.
  • Make a list of the snacks you want to serve, making sure there is a good balance of different flavors and textures.
  • Make sure you have enough variety so that all your guests can find something they enjoy.
  • Consider making some snacks yourself, and don't hesitate to buy some ready-made options as well.
  • Test a few recipes in advance to make sure you are happy with the flavors and presentation of the snacks.

Step 4: Calculate the quantity per person

When calculating the amount of snacks per person for your event, it is useful to know that you can expect an average of 4 to 6 snacks per person. If you have an event where only snacks are served, you can keep this number. For an event where a meal is also served, you may choose to reduce this number slightly depending on the size of the meal being served. This ensures that you have enough snacks for all your guests, without having too much left over. Make sure you take your guests' preferences and dietary needs into account when determining the amount of snacks per person. This way you make your event a successful and tasty occasion for everyone!


Step 5: Take dietary requirements into account

Step 5: Take dietary requirements into account

  • Provide sufficient variety of dishes, such as:
    • Vegetarian options: Think of vegetable curry, grilled vegetables or falafel.
    • Vegan dishes: For example a quinoa salad, lentil soup or vegan sushi.
    • Gluten-free choices: Options such as grilled chicken with vegetables, risotto or gluten-free pasta.
  • Ask in advance about your guests' dietary requirements and make a list of them.
  • Communicate clearly with the catering company about dietary requirements and ensure that they take this into account.
  • Place cards next to the dishes stating special dietary information, such as “vegetarian”, “gluten-free” or “vegan”.
  • Make sure all guests feel welcome and have plenty of options so everyone can enjoy the food at your event!

Step 6: Determine the total amount of snacks

Multiply the number of guests you expect by the number of luxury snacks per person that you want to serve. Suppose you have 30 guests and you want to serve 4 luxurious snacks per person. Then multiply 30 by 4 to calculate a total of 120 snacks. This way you get an overview of the total amount of snacks you need for your event. Make sure you order enough snacks so that your guests can enjoy a tasty experience during your meeting.

Practical summary and recommendations

In the conclusion of this article we can conclude that calculating the right amount of luxury drinks per person is essential for creating a successful event. By carefully considering various factors such as the type of event and dietary requirements, you can ensure that your guests can fully enjoy delicious snacks and have an unforgettable experience. We hope this guide has helped you organize successful and tasty get-togethers!

Required tools and materials

  • Determine event type and duration
  • Determine number of guests
  • Choose a variety of snacks
  • Scale
  • Calculator
  • Dietary wish list
  • Bowls for serving
  • Storage containers
  • Serving tongs
  • Napkins
  • Decorative items (if desired)

Helpful suggestions

  • Count on about 4-6 different snacks per person for a 1-2 hour drink
  • Take the time of the drinks into account. For example, people will eat more during lunch than during an evening drink
  • Ensure there is sufficient variety in the snacks, both in taste and type
  • Consider dietary requirements and allergies when choosing the snacks
  • Use the rule of thumb: 8-10 snacks per person for a 2-3 hour drink as a meal replacement
  • Don't forget to also take into account other snacks and drinks that are served
  • Make sure you have enough crockery and cutlery for serving the snacks

How to enjoy our refined snacks range

  • Remove the snacks from the packaging and place them on a nice serving plate
  • Provide a variety of flavors and textures by combining different snacks
  • If necessary, add some extra fresh fruit, nuts or dip sauces for an extra taste experience
  • Serve the snacks with a nice glass of wine or sparkling water to complete the dish
  • Enjoy the luxurious snacks and the fun with your friends and family! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about luxury snacks

What is the recommended composition of the range for a successful drink?

For a successful drink, it is generally recommended to offer a mix of different types of snacks and drinks. Think of a combination of savory snacks such as cheese, sausage, olives and nuts, along with something sweet such as chocolate or fruit. When it comes to drinks, it's good to provide a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, such as wine, beer, soft drinks and water. This way you ensure that there is something tasty for everyone to choose from during drinks. Have fun and enjoy it!

Are the luxury snacks ready-made or do they still need to be prepared?

The luxurious snacks are ready-to-use and no longer need to be prepared. You can serve them directly to your guests. Enjoy the convenience and delicious taste of these snacks!



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