Where can you buy a Dopper bottle?

Dear readers, are you also looking for a sustainable and trendy water bottle that contributes to a better environment? Then you are not alone! In this blog post we will tell you everything about where you can buy a Dopper bottle. Find out why these bottles are so loved and how they have a positive impact on our environment. Read on and find out everything about the popularity and sustainability benefits of the Dopper bottle!


A Dopper bottle is not just a water bottle; it is a statement for a sustainable lifestyle. These reusable bottles are known for their eco-friendly design and their mission to reduce plastic waste. But what makes the Dopper bottle so unique and why should you have one too?

Environmentally friendly design

  • Material: The Dopper bottle is made of high-quality and durable plastic, free of BPA and other harmful substances.
  • Modular design: The bottle consists of three parts that are easy to clean and can even be used as a drinking cup.
  • Refillable: With the Dopper bottle you always have your own drinking bottle at hand, so you no longer have to buy disposable bottles.

Mission against plastic waste

  • Impact: Every Dopper bottle sold contributes to a cleaner planet and the fight against plastic soup in the oceans.
  • Awareness: Dopper is more than just a bottle brand; it is a movement that inspires people to be more conscious about plastic and water use.
  • Projects: Dopper invests in water projects all over the world and is committed to clean drinking water for everyone.

Practical benefits

  • Handy size: The Dopper bottle is available in different sizes and colors, so there is a suitable variant for everyone.
  • Durable: By choosing a Dopper bottle you reduce your plastic waste and contribute to a better future for our planet.
  • Stylish: With the iconic design of the Dopper bottle you can be seen contributing to a cleaner world.

Whether you are on the road, in the office or exercising, a Dopper bottle is the perfect companion for every day. Make a conscious choice for sustainability and say goodbye to disposable bottles with a Dopper bottle!

Where can you buy a Dopper bottle online?

If you are looking for where to buy a Dopper bottle online, there are several options available. Here we discuss some popular online retailers where you can find these sustainable water bottles.

Official website of Dopper

  • Website: Dopper.nl

On the official Dopper website you will find an extensive range of Dopper bottles in various colors and sizes. The advantage of purchasing via the official website is that you are assured of the authenticity of the product and buy directly from the manufacturer.


  • Website: Bol.com/Dopper

Bol.com is a well-known online retailer where you can find a wide choice of Dopper bottles. With fast delivery and often interesting offers, Bol.com is a convenient option for buying your favorite Dopper bottle.


  • Website: Bever.nl

Bever is a store that specializes in outdoor and travel items, where you can also purchase Dopper bottles. With their focus on sustainability and adventure, Bever is a good match for fans of the Dopper brand.

The Beehive

  • Website: DeBijenkorf.nl

De Bijenkorf, the well-known luxury department store, also offers a selection of Dopper bottles. If you're looking for a stylish and environmentally conscious water bottle, De Bijenkorf is a store to consider.

Comparison of online retailers for buying a Dopper bottle:

Official website of Dopper Bol.com Beaver The Beehive
Product Range Wide range of colors and sizes Plenty of choice Outdoor specialization Luxurious appearance
Reliability Authentic products Well-known retailer Sustainability focus Luxury store
Delivery Directly from the manufacturer Fast delivery Adventurous option Luxury service

Buying a Dopper bottle online is easy and offers you the opportunity to choose from a diverse range. Whether you're looking for a specific color, size or just a reliable retailer, with these suggestions you'll be well on your way to finding your perfect Dopper bottle online. Have fun shopping!

Where can you buy a Dopper bottle in physical stores?

Dopper bottles, the popular sustainable and reusable drinking bottles, are not only available online, but also in various physical stores. Below you will find an overview of the different types of stores where you can buy a Dopper bottle.

Department stores

Dopper bottles can be found in many department stores. Well-known chains such as Bijenkorf, HEMA and V&D often have a range of Dopper bottles in different colors and sizes. Here you can find a wide range of choices and expert advice.

Sustainable stores

Sustainable stores are of course the perfect place to purchase your Dopper bottle. Stores that sell sustainable and environmentally friendly products, such as Waar and Ekoplaza, often have an extensive selection of Dopper bottles. Here you can not only buy a bottle, but also learn more about the sustainable aspect and Dopper's mission.

Specialty stores

In addition to department stores and sustainable stores, there are also specialty stores that offer Dopper bottles. This includes stores that specifically focus on outdoor and sporting goods, such as Bever and Decathlon. These stores often have a range of Dopper bottles that are perfect for sports or outdoor activities.

Advantages of buying a Dopper in physical stores

Here are some benefits of buying a Dopper bottle in physical stores:

  • Possibility to see and feel the bottle in real life before purchasing.
  • Expert advice and help choosing the right Dopper bottle for your needs.
  • Direct support of local shops and stimulating sustainable trade in the area.
  • Possibility to take the bottle with you and use it straight away.

By visiting the nearest physical stores that sell Dopper bottles, you can not only make a conscious choice for a sustainable drinking bottle, but also enjoy the convenience and service that these stores offer.

Price and variety

When you are looking for a Dopper bottle, it is important to know that prices can vary based on the model chosen and the size of the bottle. Dopper also offers special editions and accessories, giving you a wide choice to meet your wishes and needs.

Price variation based on model and size

Dopper offers various bottle models, including the Dopper Original, the Dopper Steel and the Dopper Insulated. Each bottle has its own price tag, which can vary depending on the model and size. Here is an overview of the average prices per model:

  • Dopper Original: €12.50
  • Dopper Steel: €24.50
  • Dopper Insulated: €29.50

In addition to the standard sizes, special editions are also available, such as the Dopper Solid Steel or the Dopper Special Collection. These editions often have unique designs and details that can affect the price. It is therefore important to take this into account when choosing your Dopper bottle.

Special editions and accessories

For those looking for a unique touch, Dopper offers various special editions, such as the Dopper Insulated Traveler or the Dopper Glass. These editions can vary in price and functionality, so it's worth determining which additional features or design elements are important to you.

In addition to special editions, Dopper also has a range of accessories available, such as sports caps, carabiners and thermal holders. These accessories can improve the functionality and ease of use of your Dopper bottle and therefore increase its value.

With all these options and variations, Dopper offers a wide range of choices for every taste and need. By viewing and comparing the different models, editions and accessories, you can find the Dopper bottle that suits you perfectly. Have fun discovering the price and variety of Dopper bottles!

Summary and recommendations

In conclusion, buying a Dopper bottle not only offers a sustainable choice for the environment, but also a stylish and convenient option for everyday use. Consider the different outlets and choose the one that best suits your needs. If you want to contribute to a cleaner world and enjoy a practical and beautiful water bottle at the same time, a Dopper is definitely a smart investment!

Frequently asked questions about Dopper bottles

Where can you buy Dopper bottles?

Dopper bottles can be purchased on the official Dopper website, in various stores such as department stores, bookstores and specialty stores, and online at web shops such as Bol.com. It is also possible to find Dopper bottles in sustainable stores or stores that sell other environmentally friendly products. Good luck finding your perfect Dopper bottle!

Are Dopper bottles also for sale in specialty stores?

Yes, Dopper bottles are also available in specialty stores. Many specialty stores, such as stores that focus on sustainable products or lifestyle products, offer Dopper bottles because of their environmentally friendly nature and reusable properties. So you can certainly go to specialty stores if you want to purchase a Dopper bottle!

Can you order Dopper bottles online?

Yes, you can order Dopper bottles online. Dopper has an official webshop where you can buy different types and sizes of Dopper bottles. This way you can easily choose your favorite color and size and have it delivered to your home. It's a convenient way to support sustainability and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Have fun shopping!

Which stores sell Dopper bottles?

Various stores sell Dopper bottles, including large chains such as Bijenkorf, Blokker, HEMA and Bever. In addition, there are also many local shops, stationery stores and web shops that offer Dopper bottles. So you have different options to purchase a Dopper bottle, both online and in physical stores.

Are there different sizes or colors of Dopper bottles available and where can you buy these variants?

Yes, different sizes and colors of Dopper bottles are available. The Dopper Original is available in different colors such as blue, pink, white and green. Dopper Steel and Dopper Insulated bottles are also available in various colors. You can buy these variants in physical stores, online shops and on the official Dopper website.

What are the points of sale for Dopper bottles in my city?

In your city you can buy Dopper bottles at various stores and webshops, including department stores, drugstores, outdoor stores and sustainable stores. It is best to consult the Dopper website and use the store locator to find the points of sale near you. Good luck finding your new Dopper bottle!

Are there physical stores that specialize in sustainable products where you can buy Dopper bottles?

Yes, there are physical stores that specialize in sustainable products and where you can buy Dopper bottles. Dopper even has a list of points of sale on their website, so you can easily see which stores near you offer these products. You can search for a store in your region and purchase your Dopper bottle there. Many stores that focus on sustainable products have Dopper bottles in their range, so there is a good chance that you can find one in a physical store.



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