Budget-friendly drinks box ideas for a housewarming

Dear readers, are you planning to organize a housewarming soon and do you want to surprise your guests with delicious snacks, but without exceeding your budget? Then you've come to the right place! In this blog post we share smart and budget-friendly drinks box ideas that are perfect for your special occasion. Discover how you can put together a festive and tasteful drinks box that will impress, without costing a lot. Read on and be inspired for a cozy and affordable housewarming! 🎉🧀🍇

What is a drinks box?

A drinks box is a curated collection of delicious snacks and drinks, perfect for creating a pleasant drinks experience. These trendy boxes are becoming increasingly popular for special occasions, such as housewarmings, birthday parties and even online drinks with friends.

What's in a drinks box?

A typical drinks box contains a mix of savory and sweet treats, as well as a selection of drinks to complete the atmosphere.

Content examples:

  • Various types of cheese, such as aged cheese, goat cheese and brie
  • Various meats, such as salami, chorizo and prosciutto
  • Luxury tapenades and spreads
  • Crackers, baguette or toast
  • Mixed nuts and olives
  • Mini quiches or small snacks
  • Sweet treats: macarons, chocolates or brownies
  • A bottle of wine, prosecco, specialty beer or soft drink

Why choose a drinks box?


  • Convenience: everything is already put together for you and ready to serve
  • Diversity: There is something for everyone with different flavors and textures
  • Atmosphere: a drinks box provides an informal, cozy atmosphere without too much hassle
  • Time saving: no need to spend hours in the kitchen, enjoy the drink straight away

Comparison of different drinks boxes:

Brand Contents Price Availability
Drink & Bite Cheese, meats, dips, wine €25 Online
Cheers & Pros Beer, nuts, sausages, chocolate €30 Local shops
PartyFactory Tapas, olives, prosecco, brownies €40 Nationwide

In short, a drinks box is the solution for those who want to enjoy a carefree and delicious drinks experience. Try it out for your next party and discover the ease and enjoyment of this trendy option!

Variety of cheeses

A budget-friendly drinks box is not possible without a selection of delicious cheeses. Choose affordable, but tasty options such as:

  • Old Amsterdam – A well-known Dutch cheese with an intense taste.
  • Young Mature Gouda Cheese – Perfect for lovers of milder cheeses.

Meats for everyone

Add various meats to your drinks box to create a varied taste experience:

  • Chorizo – Adds a spicy touch to your drinks box.
  • Fuet – A lightly spiced, dried sausage that appeals to many.

Dive into the world of dips

A good dip cannot be missing in your drinks box. Think of:

  • Hummus – An affordable and versatile choice.
  • Aioli – Garlic mayonnaise that is the perfect addition to your snacks.

Crispy crackers and breadsticks

Provide the necessary crunch in your drinks box with a mix of crackers:

  • Water crackers – Neutral crackers that go well with cheeses.
  • Grissini – Italian bread sticks that add something extra to your drinks box.

Create your budget-friendly drinks box

With the above ideas you can easily put together an affordable, yet tasty drinks box. Experiment with different flavors and textures to create your ideal drinks box, without breaking the bank.

Enjoy your meal and enjoy your budget-friendly drinks moment!

Presentation tips

When you organize a housewarming party, it's not just the contents of your drinks box that count. The presentation and table setting play a major role in creating the right atmosphere and making a lasting impression on your guests. Here are some helpful tips to help you elegantly present your drinks box and set up a beautiful table setting.

1. Choose the right tableware and glassware

To present your drinks box in a stylish way, it is important to choose the right tableware and glassware. Go for earthenware or porcelain tableware in neutral colors to focus on the colorful contents of the drinks box. Invest in some high-quality wine glasses and water glasses, such as the Riedel Vinum Chardonnay glasses, which accentuate the taste of the drinks.

2. Use thematic decorations

Add some personality to your table setting by using themed decorations that match the theme of your housewarming party. For example, choose beautiful flower arrangements in vases IKEA SOCKERART for a fresh and lively look that fits perfectly with spring or summer.

3. Create a varied and inviting presentation

Ensure that your drinks box has a varied and inviting presentation by using different textures and heights. For example, place a mix of hard cheeses, soft cheeses, and cold cuts on a wooden tapas board such as the Boska Amigo S tapas board for a tasteful and visually attractive composition.

4. Don't forget the details

To complete your table setting, it is important to also think about the details. Make sure you have enough napkins, such as the Duni Dunisoft napkins, which are both functional and elegant. Add some candles in beautiful candlesticks for a warm and cozy atmosphere.

5. Present drinks in style

In addition to the drinks box, it is also essential to present your drinks in a stylish way. Choose an elegant glass carafe such as the Nachtmann Noblesse carafe for your wine or water. Combine this with glasses from the same series for a uniform look.

Drink options

When you're hosting a housewarming, drinks are an essential part of the festive atmosphere. Choosing the right drink options is crucial to keeping your guests happy and ensuring everything stays within your budget. Here are some suggestions for budget-friendly drink options that will pair perfectly with your drinks box and enhance your housewarming festivities.

Fresh Bubbles and Sparkling Wines

1. Prosecco

  • Brand: La Gioiosa Prosecco
  • Price range: Average
  • Taste profile: Fresh and fruity with aromas of green apple and peach.

2. Cava

  • Brand: Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut
  • Price range: Budget-friendly
  • Taste profile: Dry and refreshing with notes of citrus and green apple.

Refreshing Cocktails and Mocktails

1. Gin & Tonic

  • Gin: Gordon's London Dry Gin
  • Tonic: Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
  • Garnish: Slice of lemon or cucumber
  • Price range: Affordable

2. Virgin Mojito

  • Ingredients: Mint leaves, lime juice, cane sugar, sparkling water
  • Easy to prepare and refreshing for non-alcoholic option.

Variation in Beers and Special Beers

1. Pilsner

  • Brand: Jupiler
  • Price range: Affordable
  • Light and refreshing beer that is always popular.

2. Belgian Abbey Beer

  • Brand: Leffe Blond
  • Price range: Middle segment
  • Rich taste with notes of caramel and spices, ideal for specialty beer lovers.

Variety of Juices and Soft Drinks

1. Freshly squeezed orange juice

  • Ideal as a non-alcoholic option or mixer for cocktails.
  • Refreshing and full of vitamin C.

2. Coca Cola Zero

  • Popular soft drink without sugar and calories.
  • Ideal for mixing with spirits or serving neat.

By including these budget-friendly drink options in your lineup, you can offer your guests a diverse selection without breaking your budget. Cheers to a successful housewarming!

Party without blowing the finances

That sounds like a great plan for your housewarming party! Your guests will certainly be impressed by your budget-friendly drinks box. Have fun putting it together and enjoy the party! 🎉

Frequently asked questions about our festive Drink Boxes

Are there special presentation or decoration tips to make a drinks box for a housewarming extra festive?

Yes, there are certainly some special presentation and decoration tips to make a drinks box for a housewarming extra festive! For example, you can decorate the drinks box nicely with a variety of colorful and tasty snacks such as cheese cubes, grapes, olives and charcuterie. Use different types of containers, bowls, and serving boards to make the presentation diverse and attractive. You can also add some extra decorations, such as flowers, green sprigs or small flags, to make it more festive. Have fun putting together your drinks box and celebrating the housewarming!

How can you make a drinks box thematic for a special celebration such as a housewarming?

To make a drinks box thematic for a special occasion such as a housewarming, you can take the atmosphere and theme of the party into account. For example, choose snacks and drinks that suit the new home, such as regional products or favorite treats of the host or hostess. You can also decorate the box in the colors of the new furnishings or with festive elements that make the housewarming extra special. Don't forget to offer a variety of options so that there is something for everyone. This way you can make the drinks box completely suitable for the occasion!

Which drinks are suitable to combine with a drinks box for a housewarming?

There are various drinks that fit well for a housewarming drinks box. It's always nice to offer a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Think of beers, wines, soft drinks and possibly cocktails or spirits such as gin or vodka. Make sure there is something for everyone so that your guests can choose what they prefer to drink. Don't forget to prepare plenty of water and possibly some tasty mocktails for those who don't drink alcohol. This way you make the drinks box extra cozy and hospitable. Have fun with your housewarming!

Are there specific drinks box ideas that are budget-friendly, but still make an impression?

Of course! A budget-friendly drinks box that still impresses is, for example, a box with homemade bruschetta, olives, cheese cubes and some tasty dips such as hummus and tzatziki. These options are not only affordable, but also easy to make yourself and look very festive on the table. This way you can spoil your guests without it costing you much. Have fun putting together the perfect drinks box!

Are there certain dishes or snacks that go well with a drinks box for a housewarming?

Yes, there are various dishes and snacks that go well with a drinks box for a housewarming! Think of cheese cubes, olives, charcuterie, mini quiches, meatballs, bruschetta and various dips such as hummus and tzatziki. These snacks are easy to share and go well with an informal drink. Have fun putting together your drinks box!

What are some popular items that are often included in a housewarming drinks box?

Naturally! In a drinks box for a housewarming you will often find a mix of tasty snacks and drinks. Some popular items that are common are cheese, charcuterie, olives, nuts, toast, dips, and different types of drinks such as wine, beer and soft drinks. Such a drinks box ensures that your guests can enjoy a varied selection of delicacies during the housewarming. Have fun putting together your own drinks box!

Are there alternatives to classic drink box items that are still affordable?

Yes, there are certainly alternatives to classic drink box items that are still affordable. For example, you could consider replacing more expensive cheeses with affordable options such as young cheese or Edam. Replacing luxury meats with more affordable options such as cervelate or liverwurst can also help reduce costs. You can also opt for seasonal vegetables and cheaper snacks such as popcorn or homemade dips. This way you can still put together a delicious drinks box without spending too much money.



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