The Best Tips for Sending a Drinks Box

Dear reader, are you looking for inspiration for sending a delicious drinks box to your loved ones? In this blog post we share the ultimate tips to make your drinks package a success. Whether you want to surprise your friends, family or colleagues, we are ready to help you put together the perfect drinks box. Sit back, relax and be inspired by our suggestions!

Choose the right products

When putting together a drinks box, it is important to carefully select the products to ensure that your guests can enjoy a varied and tasty experience. Here are some tips to help you choose the right products for your drinks box.

1. Snacks

  • Choose a mix of savory and sweet snacks to suit different taste preferences. Think of:
    • Olives: Go for a variety of olives, such as Kalamata and green olives with garlic.
    • Nut mix: Combine salted and unsalted nuts for a balanced taste experience.
    • Cheese board: Includes different types of cheese, such as brie, goat cheese and aged cheese.

2. Drinks

  • Provide a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Think of:
    • Wine: Choose a good quality red, white and rosé wine. For example, a Chardonnay from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.
    • Soft drink: Offer a choice of soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite.
    • Juices: Add fresh fruit juices, such as orange and apple juice.

3. Extras

  • Consider adding some extras to complete the drinks box. Think of:
    • Fresh rolls: Includes ciabatta, baguette and multigrain bread.
    • Dipping sauces: Add hummus, tzatziki and guacamole for some extra flavor.
    • Chocolate: Choose a range of milk, dark and white chocolate.

By carefully selecting and varying snacks, drinks and extras, you create a drinks box that offers something for everyone. Don't forget to take into account any dietary requirements and allergies of your guests, so that everyone can fully enjoy the drinks experience.

Packaging and presentation

In the world of drinks boxes, the difference between a good and a great experience can often be determined by the packaging and presentation of the whole. After all, a carefully composed drinks box deserves a presentation that is just as tasteful as the contents themselves. Below you will find some tips to take the packaging and presentation of your drinks box to a higher level.

1. Creative packaging

One of the first things the recipient of your drinks box will notice is the packaging. Therefore, choose packaging that matches the appearance of the drinks box and the theme you want to convey. Think about:

  • Colorful and festive – Choose packaging that suits the occasion, such as a cheerful holiday or a special event.
  • Sustainability – Go for environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as recycled cardboard or reusable boxes.
  • Thematic elements – Add small details that match the theme of the drinks box, such as festive ribbons or stickers.

2. Personal touch

A personal touch can make the difference between a standard drinks box and a unique gift experience. Therefore, consider adding a personal card with a message that is specially tailored to the recipient. Some ideas for a personal touch are:

  • Handwritten message – Write a short, personal message on a card to let the recipient know you were thinking of them.
  • Name printing – Add the recipient's name to the packaging or card for an extra personal touch.
  • Add photo – Add a small photo to the package to remind the recipient of a special memory.

3. Stylish presentation

A stylish presentation of the drinks box can immediately put the recipient in the festive mood. Think about:

  • Layout of the inside – Place the items in the drinks box in a structured and attractive way, so that they stand out well.
  • Adding decorations – Add decorative elements, such as fresh flowers or festive confetti, to liven up the presentation.
  • Information cards – Add information cards with details about the products in the drinks box, such as origin, flavor profile or serving tips.

By paying attention to the packaging and presentation of your drinks box, you not only create a tasteful gift, but also an unforgettable experience for the recipient. Experiment with different elements and discover what works best for your drinks box!

The importance of a reliable delivery service:

Choosing a reliable delivery service is essential to ensure that your drinks box reaches the recipient safely and on time. Here are some top delivery services known for their reliability and quality:

  • PostNL: With their extensive network and track & trace service, PostNL offers reliable delivery options for your drinks box.
  • DHL Express: For fast international deliveries, DHL Express is an excellent choice to ship your drinks box worldwide.

Planning for a suitable delivery time:

Well-thought-out planning is crucial to ensure that the drinks box arrives at the right time. Here are some best practices for planning delivery:

  • Consider the delivery date based on the occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.
  • Communicate clearly with the delivery service about the desired delivery time to avoid surprises.

Examples of successful delivery:

Imagine that you have a delicious Borrelbox Deluxe order for a birthday. Thanks to PostNL's careful planning and reliable delivery service, the drinks box arrives to the birthday boy/girl on time and in perfect condition!


  • Make sure that the products and delivery services you mention in your blog post actually exist and are relevant to readers.
  • Use Markdown to make the content clear and easy to read.
  • Where possible, include specific examples and brand names to make the information concrete and convince readers of your recommendations.

Budget and value for money

When shopping for products, setting a budget is an essential step to ensure the best value for money. In this article, we'll look at how to create a budget and compare various options to make the most cost-effective choice, taking into account additional costs such as shipping.

Step 1: Drawing up your budget

  • Determine how much you are willing to spend for the product.
  • Consider whether you need to allocate extra budget for possible shipping costs.

Step 2: Compare different options

For example, let's say you're looking for wireless headphones. We compare three popular brands and models:

  1. Sony WH-1000XM4
  • Price: €350
  • Active noise cancellation technology
  • Long battery life of 30 hours
  • Includes carrying case
  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II
  • Price: €280
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable design for long-term wearing
  • Integrated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  1. JBL Live 650BTNC
  • Price: €150
  • Affordable option with active noise cancellation
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Convenient controls on the ear cup

Step 3: Consider additional costs

In addition to the purchase price of the product, you may also have to consider additional costs, such as shipping costs.

  • Sony WH-1000XM4: Free shipping
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II: €10 shipping costs
  • JBL Live 650BTNC: Free shipping when you spend over €100

By including these costs in your budget calculation, you can make an informed choice that offers the best value for money.

This process of budgeting and price comparison allows you to find the right balance between the price you are willing to pay and the quality you are looking for in a product. By being conscious of your budget and paying attention to extra costs, you can find a product that not only falls within your financial means, but also meets your wishes and needs.

Finally: Festive wrapping and worry-free delivery!

In conclusion, sending a drinks box is a fantastic idea for different occasions. By choosing the right products, taking care of packaging and delivery, and taking budgetary aspects into account, you can send a successful drinks box. Have fun putting together your own drinks box!

Frequently asked questions about sending a drinks box

What types of snacks and drinks fit well in a drinks box?

A drinks box holds different types of snacks and drinks that go well together and are easy to serve. For snacks you can think of cheese cubes, olives, nuts, pieces of sausage or charcuterie, mini sandwiches, bruschetta, mini quiches or meatballs. Matching drinks include wine (red, white or rosé), prosecco, beer, soft drinks, juices or water. It is also nice to offer a mix of sweet and savory snacks, so that there is something for everyone. Have fun putting together your drinks box!

Which ingredients are essential for a successful drinks box?

A number of essential ingredients are required for a successful drinks box. For example, it is important to have a variety of cheese and charcuterie, such as different types of cheeses, meats and pâté. In addition, a selection of tasty dips, such as hummus, pesto and tapenade, should not be missed. Don't forget to add some fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Finally, a mix of nuts, olives and some sweetness, such as grapes or dried fruit, gives the drinks box the finishing touch.

How can you ensure that the drinks box looks attractive upon arrival?

To ensure that the drinks box looks attractive upon arrival, it is important to pay attention to the presentation and packaging. Make sure the box is nicely decorated with a mix of different treats, such as cheese, meats, nuts, fruit and dips. Also consider adding decorative elements such as edible flowers, sprigs of rosemary or colored napkins. In addition, the use of high-quality and attractive packaging materials, such as ribbons, strings or boxes, is a good way to make the drinks box extra inviting. This way you create a festive and tasty experience for the recipient!

What are good packaging materials to protect the contents of the drinks box?

Good packaging materials to protect the contents of the drinks box include air cushions, filling material such as wood wool or paper, and foam rubber sheets. These materials help to keep the items in the drinks box in place and protect them from shocks and impacts during transport. In addition, it is also important to use sturdy boxes and ensure that the items are properly wrapped and secured to prevent damage. This way you can ensure that the contents of the drinks box arrive at its destination safely and undamaged.

How can you ensure that the drinks box remains fresh during shipping?

To ensure that the drinks box remains fresh during shipping, there are a few important steps you can take. First of all, it is essential to properly insulate and cool the box. For example, use cooling elements, insulation material and impact-proof packaging to maintain the temperature. Also ensure that the box is properly closed to minimize airflow. In addition, it is important to prepare the drinks box as fresh as possible and send it immediately after assembling. This way the recipient can enjoy the fresh products in the drinks box to the fullest.

Are there special shipping services that specialize in sending drinks boxes?

Yes, there are indeed special shipping services that specialize in sending drinks boxes. These services often offer a wide choice of drinks boxes with different types of snacks, drinks and sometimes even decorative items. You can easily search online for these specific shipping services and choose a drinks box that suits your needs. It is helpful to compare the available options and read reviews from other customers to make the best choice. Have fun exploring these tasty shipping options!

What tips do you have for adding a personal touch to a drinks box?

A tip to add a personal touch to a drinks box is to make a selection of your favorite snacks and drinks. Choose items that match your taste and style, so that the recipient really sees your personality in the drinks box. You can also add handwritten notes with nice messages or anecdotes to make it extra personal. Have fun putting together your unique drinks box!



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