What is the Best Drinks Board Trend of 2024?

Welcome to our latest blog article, where we explore the exciting world of drinks boards and reveal the best trends of 2024! Whether you're a seasoned appetizer expert or just looking for inspiration, we have all the information you need. Let's dive together into the delicious world of this year's best appetizer trends!

Sustainable Materials Use

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the choices consumers make. The use of sustainable materials for drinks boards is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity in 2024, and rightly so! Let's look in detail at the benefits and possibilities of sustainable materials for drinks boards.

Bamboo Drink Boards

Bamboo is a popular and sustainable material that is often used for drinks boards. Some benefits of bamboo are:

  • Natural look
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to cleanSome brands that offer high-quality bamboo serving boards are:
  • Mark Brand Bamboo Deluxe Drinking Board
  • Braxton Eco-Friendly Bamboo Serving Board

Recycled Wooden Drink Boards

Using recycled wood for snack boards is an excellent choice for lovers of rustic and unique pieces. Advantages of recycled wooden serving boards include:

  • Unique appearance due to the different types of wood
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Handmade and artisanSome brands that offer beautiful recycled wooden serving boards are:
  • WoodCrafts Eco-Line Recycled Serving Board
  • ReVive Vintage Wooden Cutting Board

Recycled Materials Drink Boards

For those striving for a truly sustainable lifestyle, drinks boards made from recycled materials are a fantastic choice. Some advantages of recycled materials snack boards are:

  • Minimizes the demand for new raw materials
  • Unique and original
  • Offers a story behind the productSome brands that offer innovative recycled materials drinks boards are:
  • ReNew Upcycled Serving Board
  • EcoFusion Recycled Plastic Cutting Board

By choosing drinks boards made from sustainable materials, you not only contribute to a greener planet, but you can also enjoy high-quality and unique products that are an addition to any kitchen or dining table. Choose consciously and enjoy your drinks with style!

Plant-Based Appetizer Boards: The New Trend

In the world of culinary trends we see a growing popularity of plant-based platters. These offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options that are not only delicious, but also contribute to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Below we explore some aspects of this emerging trend.

Vegetables in the Leading Role

One of the key features of plant-based platters is the emphasis on various vegetables as tasty and nutritious options. Think of grilled peppers, zucchini and mushrooms as delicious additions to your board.

Rich Fruit Variety

In addition to vegetables, a well-composed drinks board also offers an abundance of fruit. Think of juicy strawberries, fresh grapes and sweet pineapple wedges that add a true taste sensation.

Nuts for Crunchy Delight

Nuts serve not only as a tasty addition, but also as an excellent source of healthy fats and proteins. Almonds, walnuts and cashews are popular choices that provide the necessary crunch.

Dairy Free Cheese Options

To please vegan guests, dairy-free cheese alternatives are a must. Brands such as Violife and Wilmersburger offer a range of coconut oil or almond-based cheese alternatives that are barely distinguishable from traditional cheese.

Example drinks board:

An example of a tasty plant-based snack board could consist of:

  • Grilled vegetables (pepper, zucchini, mushrooms)
  • Various types of fresh fruit (strawberries, grapes, pineapple)
  • Mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews)
  • Dairy-free cheese slices from Violife
  • Crispy whole wheat bread and salty olives as tasty side dishes


Plant-based platters offer a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional options, and with more and more choices on the market, it's easier than ever to surprise and delight guests with delicious plant-based treats. Happy snacking!

Why choose Local and Seasonal Products?

It is no secret that nowadays we attach more and more importance to the origin of our food. Local and seasonal products are often fresher, more sustainable and help support local farmers and producers. These products are becoming increasingly popular on drinks boards because of the unique flavors and quality they offer.

  • Freshness and Taste: Products that are in season, such as artisanal Farmer's cheese from De Boerderij or the Organic Sausages from Slagerij Jansen, offer unparalleled freshness and flavor that you can taste.
  • Sustainability: By choosing local products, such as Mature Goat Cheese from Geitenboerderij De Bok, you reduce your ecological footprint and support the local community.

Practical Examples of Local and Seasonal Products

Instead of the standard foreign cheeses and charcuterie, you can put together your snack board with local and seasonal delicacies. For example, think of:

  • Bread from Bakery de Vries: Freshly baked bread from a local bakery gives your snack board an authentic touch.
  • Organic Apple Juice from Fruitgaard de Bloesem: Refreshing and locally produced, perfect for a healthy choice.

Tips to Find and Buy Local Products

  • Visit local farmers' markets to purchase fresh and seasonal produce from area farmers.
  • Check out the local specialty stores, such as Cheese shop De Smaakmaker, for unique local cheeses and meats.
  • Also try local beverage producers such as Brewery De Copper Kettle, for locally brewed beers.

By choosing local and seasonal products for your drinks board, you not only enjoy tasty and fresh products, but you also contribute to a more sustainable and supportive food industry. Experiment with different local delicacies and surprise your taste buds!

Creative Presentation

Drink boards are increasingly becoming a true art form in which not only the flavors, but also the presentation are central. The rise of creative presentations of drinks boards brings with it a trend where colorful layouts, diverse textures and unique flavor combinations come together to create a visual and culinary spectacle.

Colorful Layout

One of the trends that stands out in creative presentations of drinks boards is the emphasis on colorful layout. By using a varied selection of foods in different colors, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, dips and cheeses, a visually appealing whole is created. Examples of brands that offer quality products that fit perfectly in colorful drinks boards include:

  • Dutch Cheese Company: Known for its artisan cheeses in different flavors and colors.
  • Tapas Time: An assortment of Mediterranean delicacies that add color and flavor to any platter.

Various Textures

In addition to color, the combination of different textures is an important aspect of a creative snack board. Think of crunchy crackers, soft cheeses, crispy vegetable chips and creamy dips. Adding contrast in textures enriches the taste experience. Examples of products that lend themselves to various textures on a drinks board are:

  • Lay's Oven Baked Chips: For a crispy addition with less fat.
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese: Perfect for creamy textures and delicious dips.

Unique Flavor Combinations

Combining different flavors on a snack board is the key to success in a creative presentation. Think sweet and savory, mild and spicy, and everything in between. Brands that offer products that excel in creating unique flavor combinations on a snack board are:

  • Tony's Chocolonely: For delicious chocolate bars that go perfectly with cheese and fruit.
  • Farm Chips: With surprising flavor combinations such as truffle, sea salt and rosemary.

Create your perfect snack board by playing with colors, textures and flavors. Be inspired by these trends and take your drinks board to the next level!

A tasty and pleasant ending

In 2024, choose sustainable, plant-based and local options on your drinks board and present them creatively to create a trendy and tasteful drinks experience! Cheers to a delicious and conscious drink!

Most frequently asked questions about snack board trends

Which presentation and styling trends will be seen on drinks boards in 2024?

In 2024 we will see a trend where drinks boards are composed with a mix of local and exotic ingredients, such as fermented vegetables, artisanal cheeses and unique dipping sauces. There will also be more attention to sustainability, with biodegradable serving boards and reusable serving dishes. In addition, floral and colorful garnishes will be popular to make the presentation of the drinks boards even more attractive. Have fun preparing your trendy drinks board in 2024!

Which ingredients and dishes will be popular on a drinks platter in 2024?

In 2024, popular ingredients on a snack board will include fermented vegetables, vegan cheese alternatives and refined charcuterie. You're also more likely to find plant-based options, such as hummus made from legumes other than chickpeas. In addition, you can expect different types of nuts, fruit compotes and various types of crackers on the drinks board of 2024. As for dishes, you often see mini tacos, sushi rolls and artisanal mini burgers popping up to make your drinks experience extra tasty in the future! Have fun putting together your trendy drinks board!

Are there influences from traditional or international cuisines to be seen in the snack board trends of 2024?

Yes, there are certainly influences from both traditional and international cuisines in the appetizer trends of 2024. You will notice that more and more diverse flavors and ingredients are being added to appetizer boards, such as exotic cheeses, specialty meats and unique dips inspired by traditional and international dishes. For example, Japanese, Mediterranean and Mexican influences are becoming increasingly popular in the drinks world. This ensures an exciting and varied culinary experience while having drinks!

Are there any specific drinks recommended to pair with this year's drinks platters?

Yes, there are certainly drinks that go well with this year's drinks boards! For example, with a cheese board you can serve a glass of white wine, such as a fresh Sauvignon Blanc. For a meat platter, a red wine, such as a nice Merlot or Malbec, is an excellent choice. And if you choose a platter with tapas or antipasti, a glass of dry rosé or a light red wine, such as a Pinot Noir, goes well with this. Don't forget that a fresh beer, a sparkling prosecco or a refreshing cocktail can always work well as an accompaniment to your drinks board. Enjoy it!



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