How do I choose the best drinks to serve with my drinks box?

This handy guide is ready to help you choose the best drinks for your drinks box. Let yourself be guided by the tips and tricks to create the perfect flavor combinations and organize an unforgettable drinks party. Cheers to a successful evening!


Analyze the contents of the drinks box

Carefully look at which snacks are in the drinks box. Pay attention to the different flavors and textures of the snacks. Take the time to observe and analyze the ingredients and combinations used. This gives you a good idea of the diversity of flavors that the drinks box offers and you can better estimate which drinks would go well with it.

Then try to think of which drinks would go well with the various snacks in the drinks box. Combine the flavors and textures you observed earlier and discuss with yourself which drinks could enhance these combinations. Think of wines, beers or other drinks that can complement the taste experience of the snacks. By consciously selecting which drinks you serve, you can take the drinks experience to the next level and ensure that every bite goes perfectly with the right drink.


Consider different drink options

Think of wine, beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic options that complement and enhance the flavors of the snacks. For example, choose a dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc if you serve seafood, because the fresh notes pair well with the salty flavors. For spicy dishes like spicy chicken wings, you can offer a hoppy India Pale Ale beer, which can counteract the heat and balance the flavors.

For cocktail lovers, consider offering a classic Margarita with Mexican snacks such as guacamole and nachos. The freshness of the lime and the sweetness of the Triple Sec go perfectly with the creamy avocado dip and the salty chips. For a non-alcoholic option, you could serve a freshly prepared lemon-lime-mint mocktail that highlights the refreshing elements of a mojito alongside a herby salad. By choosing drinks that complement and enhance the flavors of the snacks, you turn your party into a real taste sensation!


Take your guests' preferences into account

  • Inquire about your guests' drink preferences before planning the occasion. For example, ask if they prefer soft drinks, beer, wine or perhaps non-alcoholic options. Make sure you offer a varied selection of drinks to suit different tastes.
  • Don't forget to take your guests' special dietary needs or allergies into account when choosing beverage options. Make sure you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available, such as soft drinks, fruit juices or bottled water. This way everyone can enjoy their favorite drink during the event.

Experiment with flavor combinations

  • Try unexpected combinations, such as sweet and salty or spicy and sweet.
  • Experiment with different textures, such as crunchy and creamy.
  • Choose contrasts that can reinforce each other and provide a surprising taste.
  • Do this step by step and taste in between to experience the effect of the combinations.
  • Dare to go outside your comfort zone and discover new flavor combinations that are unique and exciting.

Present the drinks with care

Provide beautiful glasses that match the type of drink you serve. For example, serve champagne in flutes and whiskey in tumblers. Clean, shiny glasses add a touch of elegance to the presentation. Before pouring the drink, rinse the glasses with water to remove dust and freshen them.

Add ice cubes to the drink in a stylish way. Use tongs to place the ice cubes in the glasses to prevent your hands from touching the ice. As a garnish you can, for example, add a slice of lemon or orange to a cocktail or a sprig of mint to a mojito. Experiment with different combinations that will improve not only the taste but also the appearance of the drink. You can also use drinking straws, cocktail sticks or specific glass markers to further embellish the presentation and improve the visual aspect.

Final assessment and recommendations

That's a nice ending to your blog post! By paying attention to the choice of drinks with your drinks box, you can really make a difference and surprise your guests. Give free rein to your creativity and enjoy the process of putting together the ideal combinations. Cheers to a successful drink! 🥂

Required tools

  • Drinks box
  • Various drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks, etc.)
  • Glasses and cups
  • Bowls or saucers
  • Cocktail sticks or spoons
  • Serving board or tray
  • Any garnishes (fruit, olives, etc.)

Tasty drink combinations

  • Consider what types of cheese, meats and snacks are in the drinks box and choose drinks that pair well with these flavors
  • Consider a variety of drinks, such as wine, beer, soft drinks and water, so that there is something tasty for everyone
  • Adjust the drinks to the season. In summer, refreshing drinks such as white wine and beer are popular, while in winter, warm drinks such as mulled wine or dark beer go well.
  • Don't forget to think of non-alcoholic options for those who don't drink alcohol. Mocktails, soft drinks and fruit juice are good choices
  • Experiment with different combinations of drinks and snacks to see which ones go best together and bring the most pleasure to your guests

Instructions for ordering and enjoying Borrelboxes online

  • Choose a reliable supplier: Look for well-known and respected companies that offer drinks boxes
  • Choose the correct box: Pay attention to the contents, size and price of the different drinks boxes to find the best option for your occasion
  • Place your order: Select the desired drinks box(es), add them to your shopping cart and complete the order by entering your details
  • Look at reviews: Read other customers' reviews to get an idea of the supplier's quality and service
  • Receive and enjoy: As soon as your drinks box is delivered, you can unpack it and enjoy all the delicious snacks and drinks! Have fun with your drink box experience!

Frequently asked questions about drinks boxes

What is the difference between a drinks box and a tapas box?

A drinks box and a tapas box are both composite packages with snacks, but there are some differences. A snack box usually focuses specifically on snacks that are tasty to eat with a drink, such as nuts, chips, olives, cheese and sausage.

A tapas box, on the other hand, contains traditional Spanish snacks, such as different types of Spanish cheeses, ham, olives, anchovies and other Mediterranean delicacies. Tapas are meant to be shared and are often a more extensive meal than a drinks box.

In short, while a drinks box is more focused on drinks and snacks, a tapas box offers an assortment of typical Spanish snacks that are often consumed as a meal and shared with others.

Are there also vegetarian or vegan drink boxes available?

Yes, there are many options for vegetarian and even vegan drink boxes available these days. This way you can enjoy delicious snacks without meat or animal products. These boxes often contain an assortment of vegetables, fruit, nuts, hummus, crackers and other treats that are perfect for a nice drink. The offering naturally differs per provider, so it pays to see which options best suit your needs. Enjoy your meal!

Are there options for organic or sustainable drink boxes?

Yes, there are certainly options for organic or sustainable drink boxes available. Many catering companies and specialty stores now offer various options that meet these criteria. You can ask them which organic and sustainable drinks boxes they offer, so that you can make a conscious choice when organizing your next drink. It is good to see that there is increasing attention to sustainability and organic products in the catering industry!

Are there also special drink boxes for holidays or special occasions?

Yes, many catering companies and restaurants offer special drinks boxes for holidays and other special occasions. These boxes often contain a selection of snacks, tapas, cheeses, charcuterie and matching drinks. It's a convenient and festive way to enjoy good food on special occasions. You can inquire online or at local businesses about the available options. Have fun discovering the possibilities for your next festive occasion!

How far in advance should you order a drinks box online?

It is best to order a drinks box online at least 2 to 3 days in advance. This way, suppliers can ensure that everything is prepared and delivered on time, so that you can optimally enjoy your drinks box. However, it can vary by store or supplier, so it's always good to check the provider's specific guidelines.

Can you personalize or adjust a drinks box to your liking?

Yes, you can often personalize or adjust a drinks box to your liking. This may vary per provider, so it is wise to contact the company that offers the drinks box in advance to ask about the options. Many companies are flexible and willing to put together custom drinks boxes based on your preferences or dietary requirements. It is a good way to ensure that the box perfectly meets your needs and wishes.

What is the average price of a drinks box online?

The average price of a drinks box online varies depending on the contents, quality and the number of people the box is intended for. In general, you can expect a drinks box to cost somewhere between €20 and €50 online. However, the price may be higher or lower depending on the specific composition and supplier of the box. It is always wise to compare different offers before making a choice.

Are the drinks boxes delivered chilled?

Yes, drink boxes are usually delivered chilled to keep the products fresh. This way, the snacks and drinks remain cooled in the box until they are delivered to you. It is always good to ask the supplier how the drink boxes are specifically packaged and delivered, so that you can be sure that everything stays fresh until you want to enjoy it.

What are popular drink boxes that can be ordered online?

There are several popular drinks boxes that you can order online. Some examples are the drinks box from Booij Kaasmakers, with a selection of delicious cheeses and meats, or the drinks box from Brandt & Levie, with various types of tasty dry sausage. In addition, the drinks board from Le Fromage Club is also recommended, with a variety of cheeses and accompaniments. Enjoy a tasty drink with these drink boxes that can be ordered online!

Which websites offer drink boxes online?

There are several websites that offer drink boxes online. A few popular options include:


You can view the range on these websites and choose the drinks box that best suits your needs. Have fun drinking!

What types of snacks are usually included in a drinks box?

In a drinks box you will often find different types of snacks such as different types of cheese, meats, olives, nuts, dips, vegetables and bread sticks. It can also be supplemented with other treats such as mini quiches, mini sandwiches or sweet treats such as chocolate or fruit. This makes a drinks box ideal for a nice drink or party!



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