What is the best choice for drinks catering?

Hey there! Are you always looking for the perfect drinks platter catering for your party or event? Don't worry, because in this blog post we will tell you everything about how to make the best choice. Read on for useful tips and advice!

What is snack board catering?

Drinks catering is all about delivering delicious and tasty drinks for all kinds of occasions. Whether you are organizing an informal drink with friends at home or a corporate event, drinks catering can be a valuable addition. Let's take a closer look at what exactly drinks catering entails and what benefits it can offer.

Advantages of drinks board catering

  • Ease: By choosing snack board catering, you do not have to worry about assembling and serving the boards. Everything is arranged for you, from the selection of cheeses and meats to the presentation on the shelf.
  • Variation: Catering companies often offer a wide range of options, so there is something for everyone. From cheese boards to luxurious snacks, you can tailor the catering to the tastes of your guests.
  • Professional presentation: A good catering company not only provides delicious dishes, but also pays attention to presentation. This way the drinks board not only looks tasty, but also becomes a visual highlight at your event.

Options and possibilities

There are several catering companies that offer appetizer catering, each with their own specialties and styles. Here are a few examples of popular appetizer catering options:

  1. Plank Amsterdam: This company is known for its diverse and luxurious drinks boards, including a range of premium cheeses, fine meats and artisan breads. Ideal for chic events.
  2. The Borrelplank Factory: For those looking for a more informal and cozy atmosphere, this company offers a wide choice of drinks boards with a mix of savory and sweet treats, perfect for a relaxing drink at home with friends.
  3. Catering Top quality: This company focuses on organic and sustainable ingredients for their drinks boards, making them an excellent choice for events where attention to quality and environmental awareness is important.

In short, drinks catering offers an excellent way to spoil your guests with delicious snacks and at the same time relieve yourself of organizational stress. Whether you choose a luxurious board with exclusive delicacies or a cozy range for an informal meeting, there is always a drinks board catering option that suits your needs.

Factors to consider

Drinks platters are a popular choice for events and gatherings, but choosing the right catering platter requires some consideration. Here we look at the most important factors that play a role in selecting the perfect drinks board.


  • Budget is a crucial factor when choosing drinks catering. It is essential to find a balance between quality and costs.
  • For those looking for a budget-friendly option, catering from local supermarkets such as Delhaize or Aldi can be a good choice. They often offer affordable drinks boards with a good price-quality ratio.

Dietary requirements

  • Dietary requirements play an important role when choosing catering. It is essential to consider allergies, vegetarian or vegan preferences, and other dietary restrictions.
  • Well-known caterers such as De Broers Gezond offer a wide range of drinks boards that meet different dietary requirements, allowing guests with various dietary needs to enjoy the meal.


  • The presentation of the snack board is just as important as the taste. Beautifully presented dishes can enhance the dining experience and add a wow factor to the event.
  • Catering companies such as Boardplank are known for their beautifully composed drinks boards, with an eye for detail and aesthetics.

Quality of the products

  • The quality of the products on the drinks board is decisive for the overall satisfaction of the guests. Fresh, tasty, high-quality food makes a world of difference.
  • Brands such as Brandt & Levie for charcuterie and Lindenhoff for cheese are known for their excellent products and artisanal approach.

By taking these important factors into account, you can select the best drinks catering that perfectly suits your needs and takes the event to the next level. Good luck choosing the ideal drinks board!


Organizing an event or a social gathering often requires hiring a caterer. A popular option that is gaining popularity is snack board catering. Delicious snacks and drinks are served on a beautifully presented board, ideal for both small and large groups. In this article, we will discuss some popular caterers that offer appetizer catering and highlight their various packages and specialties.

Caterer A: De Tastemakers

De Smaakmakers are known for their traditional drinks boards that are put together with care. Their packages range from classic to luxury and can be adapted to specific dietary requirements. Some of their specialties include:

  • Organic cheese selection
  • Dried meats from local farms
  • Homemade dips and spreads
  • Artisan bread and crackers

Caterer B: Tasteful Moments

Tasteful Moments offers a wide range of drinks boards, from Mediterranean to vegetarian and vegan. They work with local producers and also supply matching wines and beers. Some highlights of their range include:

  • Antipasti board with olives and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Hummus and falafel bites
  • Fresh fruit salads
  • Gluten and lactose free options

Caterer C: Fingerfood Party

Fingerfood Feest is known for their creative presentation and surprising flavor combinations. They offer themed drinks boards, ideal for festive occasions. Some features of their range are:

  • Mini sliders with pulled pork
  • Asian dumplings with dipping sauce
  • Puffed quinoa balls
  • Chocolate dessert bites

Comparison table

To provide an overview of the different caterers and their offerings, we have put together a comparison table with some important features:

Caterer Specialities Diet options Price range
The Tastemakers Organic cheese, meat Vegetarian, vegan €€€
Tasteful Moments Antipasti, hummus Gluten-free, lactose-free €€
Finger food party Mini sliders, dumplings Vegetarian €€€

By choosing the right caterer that suits your taste preferences and dietary requirements, you can spoil your guests with delicious drinks and enjoy your event without any worries.

1. Choose the right caterer

When ordering drinks catering, it is essential to choose the right caterer. Look at the specialization of the caterer and whether they have experience in putting together drinks boards. A popular option is Catering De Smaakmakers, who are known for their diverse range of drinks boards, filled with local and fresh products.

2. Determine the number of guests and dietary requirements

Before placing an order, it is important to determine the number of guests and any dietary requirements. This way, the caterer can tailor the drinks board and take allergies or specific preferences into account. For example, Zuivelboerderij De Vrolijke Koe offers gluten- and lactose-free options for their drinks boards.

3. Choose a variety of flavors and textures

A successful snack board contains a variety of flavors and textures. Think of different types of cheese, meats, nuts, fruit and dips. We highly recommend the Borrelplank Deluxe from Traiteur Maison, which offers a combination of savory and sweet treats.

4. Make sure you have a nice presentation

The presentation of the drinks board is at least as important as the contents. Create a beautiful layout with colorful ingredients and varied textures. A tip is to use serving boards from Houtwerk Design, which give a rustic and luxurious look to the presentation.

5. Order on time and communicate clearly

Finally, order the catering drinks platter on time and communicate clearly with the caterer about any special wishes. This way you avoid disappointments and ensure that it will be a successful and successful drink. Use a handy bullet point list to communicate all details to the caterer:

  • Number of guests
  • Dietary requirements / allergies
  • Desired collection or delivery date
  • Any extras such as crockery or cutlery

With these tips you can order drinks catering with confidence and ensure that it is an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Choose the perfect drinks caterer with ease

The conclusion of this blog post summarizes the key points and makes a recommendation based on the factors discussed. This way, readers can make a well-considered choice for the catering drinks board that best suits their needs.

Frequently asked questions about drinks catering

Can special decoration or presentation options be added to the drinks boards for catering, for example for a festive occasion?

Yes, catering companies often offer the option to add special decoration or presentation options to drinks boards for festive occasions. This can vary from festive tableware, colorful garnishes, to thematic decorations that suit the occasion. It is always advisable to inquire in advance with the caterer what options they offer and what the additional costs are. This way you can ensure that the drinks boards fit perfectly with the festive atmosphere you want to create.

What types of snacks are usually offered at snack board catering?

Drinks catering usually offers different types of snacks, such as cheese and meat products, olives, nuts, baguette with dips, bruschetta, dried fruits and small quiches. Luxury snacks such as stuffed dates, mini wraps, scampi and finger food are also often served. The offer may vary depending on the caterer and specific wishes.

What is the minimum and maximum number of people who can be provided with drinks boards for catering?

For catering, the minimum and maximum number of people who can be provided with drinks boards may vary, depending on the catering service or company. In general this varies between 10 and 100 people. It is always advisable to contact the catering service in advance to discuss the specific options and limitations for your event. This way they can give you an accurate estimate based on your needs.

Are the drinks boards delivered on location and if so, are there additional costs involved?

Yes, the drinks boards are delivered on location. Whether there are additional costs depends on the company or service that delivers the drinks boards. Some companies charge a delivery fee, while other companies offer this service for free, especially for larger orders. It is therefore best to contact the company directly for specific information regarding delivery costs and conditions.

Are there different sizes of serving boards available for catering and if so, what sizes are possible?

Yes, there are often different sizes of serving boards available for catering. The dimensions usually vary depending on the catering service or company offering the drinks boards. Common dimensions may be, for example: smaller planks of approximately 30×20 cm, medium-sized planks of approximately 40×30 cm and larger planks of 50×40 cm or larger. It is always good to inquire in advance with the catering service which exact sizes they offer, so that you can make the right choice for your occasion.

Is it possible to add drinks to the drinks catering order?

Yes, it is usually possible to add drinks to your drinks catering order. In general, catering companies offer various options for drinks such as soft drinks, specialty beers, wines or even cocktails. It is best to contact the catering company directly where you place your order to inquire about available drink options and possible prices. This way you will receive an accurate answer to your specific question and they can advise you on the best choices for your event. Have fun planning your drinks platter!

Can special dietary requirements or allergies be communicated when ordering snack board catering?

Yes, when ordering drinks catering you can certainly indicate special dietary requirements or allergies. It is important to indicate this in advance, so that the caterer can take this into account and possibly offer alternatives. This way you can enjoy the snack board without any worries, with dishes that suit your dietary needs or allergies.



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