What is the average price of a wine gift package?

Dear reader, are you curious about the average price of a wine gift package? In this blog post we dive into this topic and explore what you can expect. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover, a wine gift pack could be just what you're looking for. Read on and find out more about the price of these tasteful gifts!

What is usually included in a wine gift package?

When you're looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover, a wine gift package can be a great choice. Such a package may contain several items that the recipient will appreciate and that will complete the wine experience. Here we discuss the common items that are often found in a wine gift package.

Bottles of wine

Of course, the star of the gift package is the wine itself. Depending on the package, this may be one or more bottles of selected high-quality wines. Some popular brands include:

  • Château de la Rivière Bordeaux
  • Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio
  • La Crema Chardonnay


When enjoying a good wine, the right wine glasses are essential. In some gift packages you will therefore find special wine glasses, such as the elegant ones Riedel Vinum Cabernet/Merlot glasses, which optimize the taste of the wine.


A handy and indispensable tool for every wine lover is a high-quality corkscrew. A popular choice is the Pulltap's Classic corkscrew for its efficiency and durability.


To complete the tasting experience, wine gift packs can also include a selection of delicious snacks. Think about:

  • Godiva Chocolates
  • Olives and Mixed Nuts
  • Cheese and Crackers

Adding these tasty extras can make the gift package even more special and allow the recipient to enjoy delicious wine and snack combinations.

A wine gift package is a thoughtful gift that will delight both experienced and novice wine lovers. With these common items you can put together a package that not only exudes luxury, but also offers the recipient an unforgettable wine experience. Cheers!

Average price range of wine gift packages


Wine gift packs are a popular choice for a variety of occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries and holidays. An important consideration when choosing a wine gift package is the price range. In this article we will look at the average prices of wine gift packages and what options are available on the market.

Affordable options

  1. [Delhaize Chardonnay & Merlot Gift Package](link to product) – This affordable gift package contains a delicious Chardonnay and Merlot wine.
  2. [Albert Heijn Red Wine Gift Package](link to product) – An economical option with a selection of red wines in attractive packaging.

Mid-range options

  1. [Gall & Gall Wine Tasting Gift Package](link to product) – This package offers a range of wines for the connoisseurs.
  2. [Wine Discount Luxury Wine Drinks Board](link to product) – A stylish combination of wines and snacks for a reasonable price.

Luxury options

  1. [Henri Bloem Exclusive Wine Package](link to product) – A high-end package with unique and rare wines for gourmets.
  2. [Gold Plate Champagne & Truffles Gift Set](link to product) – A luxurious gift set with champagne and truffles for an unforgettable experience.

Comparison table

Price range Characteristics
Affordable Simple selection of common wines
Middle class Variation in flavors and possibility of tasting
Luxury Exclusive wines and luxurious additions

Where can you buy wine gift packages?

Are you looking for an original gift for a wine lover? Then a wine gift package is an excellent choice! But where can you find these beautiful gifts and what should you pay attention to when making your choice? Here are some suggestions and considerations to help you find the perfect wine gift package.

Stores and online platforms

1. The Wine Fair

  • The Wine Fair is known for its extensive range of quality wines and also offers various wine gift packages.
  • Examples of popular gift packages are: “Taste the World” with wines from various countries and “Bubbles & Chocolate” for those with a sweet tooth.

2. Gall & Gall

  • Gall & Gall is a well-known chain of liquor stores and offers a wide choice of wine gift packages both in stores and online.
  • We recommend the “Burgundian Enjoyment” package with a selection of red and white wines, cheese and sausage.

3. Uvinum

  • Uvinum is an online platform where you can find a wide range of wines and gifts, including wine gift packages.
  • Take a look at the “Wine & Cheese Deluxe” package with a combination of premium wines and exclusive cheeses.

Factors to consider

When choosing a wine gift package, there are several factors to take into account:

  • Recipient preference: Consider the taste preferences of the person for whom the gift is intended. Do you prefer red, white, rosé, or perhaps sparkling wine?
  • Value for money: Pay attention to the relationship between the price of the gift package and the quality of the wines and included products.
  • Presentation: A beautifully wrapped gift completes the experience. Choose a gift package that is attractively designed.

Add a personal touch to a wine gift package

Giving a wine gift package is a wonderful gesture in itself, but by adding a personal touch you can make the gift even more special and unique for the recipient. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

1. Personalized message

A simple but effective way to add a personal touch to a wine gift package is by adding a handwritten card with a personal message. This can be a congratulations, thank you or special wish that the recipient will appreciate.

Example: Add a card with a special memory of a shared wine tasting or a personal anecdote that will move the recipient.

2. Make it unique with accessories

To make the gift package extra special, consider adding unique accessories, such as a stylish corkscrew, elegant glasses or a personalized wine stopper. This not only adds a personal touch, but also makes the gift more complete and luxurious.

Example: Add a set of hand-painted wine glasses from the Riedel brand to give the gift package an exclusive look.

3. Choose a personalized wine

Another great way to add a personal touch to a wine gift package is to choose a bottle of wine with special meaning to the recipient. This could be a favorite wine from a particular winery, a vintage from an important year, or even a bottle with a personalized label with the recipient's name.

Example: Select a bottle of Château Margaux 2005 for a wine lover who has always wanted to taste this iconic wine.

With these simple but effective ways you can add a personal touch to a wine gift package and make the gift unforgettable for the recipient. Show that you have put thought into putting the gift together and make it a gift that has been put together with love and care.

Conclusion: Prices and recommendations

That was the conclusion of the blog post “What is the average price of a wine gift package?”. Now you are well informed about the average prices and you have all the information to make a smart choice for the ideal gift. Remember to consider the recipient's taste preferences when choosing a wine gift package. Have fun giving this tasty gift!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wine gift packages

Can I put together a wine gift package myself?

Yes, you can certainly put together a wine gift package yourself! Choose a nice selection of your favorite wines and add some tasty snacks or accessories, such as cheese, chocolate or glasses. Make sure that the wines suit the taste of the recipient and present everything beautifully packaged. This way you can put together a unique and personal gift. Have fun making your own wine gift package!

What types of wine are often included in a gift package?

Gift packages often include popular types of wine such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are loved by many people and go well with various occasions. Other options include Rosé, Pinot Noir and Prosecco. Of course, it depends on the personal preference of the gift recipient!

Are there any other products included in the gift package besides wine?

Yes, in addition to wine, other products can also be included in the gift package. This can vary from cheese and chocolate to crackers, nuts and other delicacies. It depends on the specific gift package and the preferences of the person putting it together.

Where can I buy a wine gift package?

You can buy a wine gift package at specialty wine stores, liquor stores, or online at specialized online stores. When purchasing, make sure that the package suits the taste and preferences of the person you want to give the gift to. Good luck finding the perfect wine gift package!

How is a wine gift package packaged?

A wine gift package is usually packaged in a sturdy box or basket, often with wood chips or tissue paper to protect the bottles. Sometimes decorative elements are also added, such as ribbons or cards. The aim is to present the wine bottles as gifts in a safe and attractive way.

Are there special wine gift packages for special occasions?

Yes, there are special wine gift packages available for special occasions. These packages can, for example, consist of a selection of different wines, supplemented with matching accessories such as glasses or a corkscrew. Packages have also been put together for specific occasions such as birthdays, weddings or holidays. These gift packages are perfect to surprise and spoil someone with a nice selection of wines. It's a great way to celebrate a special occasion with a unique and tasteful gift.

Do the prices of wine gift packages depend on the quality of the wine?

Yes, the prices of wine gift packages certainly depend on the quality of the wine contained within. The higher the quality of the wine, the more expensive the gift package will generally be. There are of course exceptions, depending on other factors such as brand name, exclusivity of the wine or added luxury items in the gift package. In general, however, a gift package with high-quality, premium wines will be more expensive than a package with standard wine.



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