What are affordable birthday gifts under 20 euros?

How nice that you are looking for affordable birthday gifts under 20 euros! In this blog post we would like to share practical and original ideas with you, so that you can surprise friends and family without exceeding your budget. Let's embark on a journey of discovery together to find the perfect gifts that are both special and gentle on your wallet. Enjoy reading and hopefully you will find inspiration here for the next birthday to be celebrated! 🎁🎉

Original gifts

Finding an original gift doesn't have to be expensive. In this blog post we share some unique and memorable gift ideas that fall within a budget of just 20 euros. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, these suggestions are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face.

1. Plants and flowers

  • Flowers are always a popular gift, but why not choose a trendy air plant or a colorful succulent?
  • Examples: Kalanchoe “Magic Bells”, Tillandsia Ionantha, or a beautiful bunch of peonies.

2. DIY gifts

  • Give a personalized gift with a DIY twist, such as a photo frame with a self-made photo or a handwritten poem.
  • Creativity and personal attention make these types of gifts extra special.

3. Personalized mugs or keychains

  • Have a mug printed with a funny photo or an inspiring quote, or opt for a key ring with the recipient's initials.
  • A personal touch makes the gift special and unique.

4. Tasty treats

  • A tasty surprise such as artisanal chocolates, delicious tea or a jar of homemade jam can be a great gift.
  • Think of brands such as Tony's Chocolonely, Dilmah tea, or Homemade Happiness.

5. Books or magazines

  • For the bookworm or magazine lover, there are always affordable options within this budget.
  • Inspirational titles such as “The Noble Art of Not Giving Af*ck” by Mark Manson or “Flow” magazine can make great gifts.

It is not the price of the gift, but the thought behind it that counts. With these original gift ideas under 20 euros you can leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank. Give free rein to your creativity and surprise your loved ones with a gift they will remember for a long time!

DIY gifts

Giving homemade gifts can add a special and unique touch to any occasion. Not only are DIY gifts often more personal, but they can also be budget-friendly. Discover some creative ideas here to get started and create something special for your loved ones.

Homemade photo frames

  • Use simple wooden photo frames that you can decorate yourself.
  • Example: IKEA RIBBA photo frame
  • Add personal photos for an extra touch.

Handmade candles

  • Make your own candles with soy wax and essential oils for a wonderfully scented gift.
  • Example: EcoSoya soy wax flakes
  • Create unique shapes and colors by experimenting with different molds.

Personalized mugs

  • Use porcelain markers to transform plain mugs into personalized works of art.
  • Example: Edding porcelain markers
  • Add initials, quotes or illustrations that suit the recipient.

Homemade bath bombs

  • Make luxurious bath bombs with ingredients like baking soda and essential oils.
  • Example: Vivaglory bath bomb molds set
  • Add food coloring and dried petals for extra visual appeal.

Do it yourself scrapbook

  • Create a personalized scrapbook full of memories and photos.
  • Example: Moleskine Classic A4 Scrapbook
  • Add stickers, ribbons and decorative accents for a playful look.

By making gifts yourself, you can unleash your creativity and give something that truly comes from the heart. Whether you choose photo frames, candles, mugs, bath bombs or a scrapbook, a DIY gift is sure to be appreciated by the lucky recipient. Have fun creating!

Practical gifts

Are you looking for a gift that is not only practical but also affordable for a birthday boy/girl? Here you will find a selection of practical gifts that are both functional and gentle on your wallet.

Sustainable water bottle: Stay Hydrated, Stay Stylish

A reusable water bottle makes a great gift for someone who is often on the go. Choose one Dopper Original with a trendy design and sustainability in mind. With this bottle, the recipient avoids plastic waste and stays hydrated wherever they go.

  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Contents: 500 ml
  • Price: €12,50

Wireless charger: No more empty batteries

For that friend who always complains about a dead phone battery, a wireless charger is the solution. Choose the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger which is compatible with most smartphones. The elegant design makes it a practical yet stylish gift.

  • Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, and more
  • Charging speed: 10W
  • Price: €29,99

Foldable Shopping Bag: For Environmentally Conscious Shoppers

For the eco-warrior in your life, a foldable shopping bag is a must-have. The Baggu Standard Tote is lightweight, strong and environmentally friendly. The compact design makes it easy to take anywhere.

  • Material: 100% recycled ripstop nylon
  • Dimensions: 15.5″ x 25″ x 6″
  • Price: €12

With these practical gift options, you ensure that the recipient is not only happy with your thoughtfulness, but also with a convenient and useful gift that they can use every day. There is no better way to show love and care than with a gift that is really useful in everyday life.

Last minute tips

It happens to all of us sometimes: realizing at the last minute that we need to buy a gift for a special occasion. Do not panic! Here are some quick and affordable solutions that will still make a lasting impression.

1. Personal gift basket

A personally composed gift basket is always a hit. Choose a basket or elegant box and fill it with small gifts that match the interests of the recipient. Example:

  • Coffee Lover: Starbucks original coffee beans, Bodum French press, and a set of double-walled espresso glasses.
  • Wellness enthusiast: Lush bath bomb range, Rituals shower gel collection, and a soft bathrobe from H&M.

2. Digital gift cards

No time to buy a physical gift? Consider a digital gift card from popular brands such as:

  • Bol.com: For books, electronics, home decor and more.
  • Netflix: For endless viewing pleasure.
  • Zalando: For the latest fashion and accessories.

3. Subscriptions and memberships

Give a subscription or membership as a gift for long-lasting pleasure. Some suggestions are:

  • Spotify Premium: Unlimited music streaming without ads.
  • Audible: Listen to audiobooks anywhere, anytime.
  • HelloFresh: Receive ingredients and recipes for delicious meals every week.

4. Last-minute flower delivery

Surprise the recipient with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, even at the last minute. Companies such as Bloompost and Greetz offer fast delivery of fresh flowers and personal cards.

With these last-minute gift ideas you don't have to worry, because they are sure to be a hit!

Final conclusion: Festive finds for every budget!

In the conclusion of your blog post you emphasized that selecting affordable birthday gifts under 20 euros is possible by carefully considering the interests of the recipient. It is important to make a well-considered choice that fits within your budget. By keeping these tips in mind, you can find a suitable and affordable gift for any birthday. Have fun giving gifts and surprising your loved ones!

Frequently asked questions about birthday gifts

Which stores or websites offer a good selection of affordable birthday gifts?

Some stores and websites that offer a good selection of affordable birthday gifts are HEMA, Action, Bol.com, Flying Tiger and Xenos. These stores and websites have a wide range of nice gifts at affordable prices. For example, you can think of gifts such as mugs, stationery, decorative items, and much more. It's definitely worth taking a look there for birthday gift inspiration! Have fun choosing the perfect gift!

What are some DIY ideas that don't break the $20 budget but are still personal and thoughtful?

Some nice DIY ideas under 20 euros include homemade candles, a personalized mug with a special message, or a self-compiled photo book with beautiful memories. Other options include handmade jewelry, a self-decorated plant pot including a plant, or a self-made spa package with care products. With a little creativity and crafting, you can create a personalized and thoughtful gift without going over budget. Have fun crafting!

Are there certain gifts that are trendy and popular for birthdays, but not too expensive?

Naturally! A few trendy and popular gifts that are not too expensive for birthdays include nice stationery, such as notebooks with beautiful prints or trendy pens. You can also think of plants, such as succulents or air plants, which are currently very fashionable. In addition, sustainable gifts such as reusable water bottles or shopping bags are also a good choice for a trendy and affordable birthday gift. Have fun finding the perfect gift!

What kind of gifts would be suitable for a birthday and remain under 20 euros?

There are many great options available for birthday gifts under 20 euros. Some suggestions include a beautiful plant, a personalized mug, a book by the birthday boy or girl's favorite author, a scented candle, a fun puzzle or a set of delicious tea. Hopefully these ideas will help you find a suitable gift within your budget!

Are there specific gift ideas that are fun and original, but still affordable?

Naturally! Some affordable gift ideas that can be fun and original include:

  1. A personalized mug or keychain with a nice message.
  2. A plant or flower in a beautiful pot, perfect for decoration and a fresh look.
  3. A DIY gift voucher for a home-made dinner, a walk in nature or a movie night at home.
  4. A book by the favorite author of the person you are giving as a gift.
  5. A basket with treats such as homemade cookies, tea or chocolate.

Hopefully these ideas will help you find a fun and original gift without spending too much! Good luck choosing the perfect gift!

How could you give a multiple choice gift so that you stay within the budget of 20 euros and still offer something diverse and interesting?

An idea might be to give a gift certificate to a store that offers different products or services, such as a department store or an online marketplace. This way the recipient can choose what he wants to buy and still stay within the budget of 20 euros. Another option is to put together a small gift package with several small items, such as candy, a candle, a notebook, and so on. This way you still offer something diverse and interesting, without going over budget. Good luck giving the gift!

Are there certain categories of gifts that are often cheaper, but are still appreciated as birthday gifts?

Certainly! There are some categories of gifts that are often affordable and still appreciated as birthday gifts. Some examples of this are books, greeting cards, plants, homemade gifts, and experiences such as an outing or joint activity. These gifts often show genuine consideration and can be just as valuable as more expensive gifts. Ultimately, it's all about the thought and effort you put into the gift, not always about the price. Good luck finding the perfect gift!



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