How do you add little surprises to the gift box?

In this simple step-by-step plan we show you how to add small surprises to a gift box in a beautiful way. This way you can make your gift even more special and provide the recipient with an unforgettable surprise. Have fun wrapping and giving your gift!


Choose a theme

First decide which theme you want to use for the gift box. For example, consider a birthday theme with balloons and confetti, or a relaxation theme with candles and bath salts. Choosing a specific theme helps you make the gift box cohesive and surprising. Consider the recipient's interests and preferences to choose a theme that suits them. For example, if they like to travel, you can choose a travel theme with maps, miniature globes and travel guides. Once you've chosen a theme, it will be easier to add matching surprises and decorations that will make the gift box extra special. Have fun choosing your theme and putting together a unique gift box!


Select small gifts

  • Look for small items that perfectly match the theme of the gift and that you know will delight the recipient.
  • Think of tasty candies or chocolates that are the recipient's favorites.
  • Choose a fragrant candle in a pleasant scent, such as vanilla or lavender.
  • Consider other fun gadgets, such as a funny keychain, a cute notebook or a beautiful plant for the desk.

By carefully selecting small gifts that match the recipient's theme and personal preferences, you can give a thoughtful and personal gift that they will really enjoy!


Add a personal touch

Write a handwritten card or note to add a personal message to the gift box. Choose a nice card or paper and grab a pen. Start by thanking the recipient for their friendship or for something special they did for you. Write a personal message that suits the occasion or the gift you have selected. Be sincere and show your feelings. Place the note on top of the gift box so that it is the first thing visible when the recipient opens it. Adding this personal touch is sure to be appreciated by the recipient and make the gift extra special.


Pack the surprises

Choose beautiful packaging that matches the theme of your gift box. For example, use colorful gift packaging, an elegant gift box or a festive bag. Make sure the packaging is big enough to fit all the surprises.

Decorate the packaging with ribbons, stickers or other decorative materials. Choose matching colors and designs that complement the contents of the gift box. Use ribbons to make a beautiful bow or stick playful stickers on the packaging for a personal touch. Make sure that the decorations are securely attached so that your gift box looks festive and all the surprises stay in place.


Arrange the items in the gift box

Place the little surprises in the box in an attractive way. Arrange them carefully, for example by placing smaller items on top and using larger items as a base. Make sure each item is clearly visible by arranging them alternately and in layers. Don't forget to add some filler material to hold the items in place and give them a fuller look.

When you place the items in the gift box, keep the recipient in mind. Think about the order in which the items will be seen when the box is opened. Use colors, shapes and textures to create an attractive presentation that piques the recipient's curiosity. Let the items come together in a harmonious way in the box, so that opening the box becomes a festive and surprising experience.


Adding extras

  • Add confetti: Sprinkle a handful of festive confetti in the gift box for a playful effect. Choose colors that suit the occasion, such as gold and silver for an anniversary or pastel colors for a baby gift.
  • Use flowers as decoration: Place a small bouquet of flowers in the gift box to add a touch of elegance. Roses are perfect for a romantic gift, while sunflowers create a sunny and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Other decorative elements: Consider adding other decorative elements such as ribbons, mini flags or glitter accents. These details can make the gift box even more personal and enhance the festive feeling.

Give free rein to your creativity and experiment with different extras to make the gift box unique and festive!


Finishing and shipping

Check that everything is properly packaged before sending the gift box. Please ensure all items are packed securely and securely to prevent damage during transit. If necessary, add a ribbon or sticker for an extra beautiful finish. Send the gift box with care and attention. Choose a reliable and fast shipping option to ensure that the package arrives to the recipient on time and undamaged. If necessary, hand deliver the package to the post office to ensure that it is processed properly.

Surprising finishing touch!

That's completely right! By following these steps, you can easily add small surprises to a gift box and create a special and personal gift. Have fun creating your unique gift!

Essential supplies

  • Gift boxes in different sizes
  • Theme-related decorations
  • Small gifts or surprises
  • Personal cards or notes
  • Gift wrapping materials such as ribbons, paper, stickers
  • Scissors, tape
  • Filler for the gift box
  • Any additional items such as confetti, mini rose petals
  • Shipping materials such as box, envelope, address labels

Creative gift ideas

  • Hide a personal handwritten note among the gifts
  • Add a mini bottle of perfume or a scented candle for a touch of luxury
  • Put some tasty chocolates or candies in the gift box for a sweet surprise
  • Add a small gift certificate for a fun activity or special treat
  • Place a funny or cute keychain in the gift box as an extra touch
  • Give a small plant or flower as a symbol of growth and joy
  • Add a mini notebook for writing down thoughts and dreams

Instructions for putting together your own creative DIY gift box

  • Choose a theme for your gift box, for example birthday, thank you or get well soon
  • Personalize the gift box by decorating it with stickers, ribbons, paint or stamps
  • Add homemade or specially selected gifts that match the theme and recipient
  • Write a personal message on a card and place it in the gift box
  • Close the gift box in a creative way, for example with ribbons or washi tape, and proudly give it to the lucky recipient! Have fun making your Creative DIY gift box!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our DIY gift box

Which festive occasions are suitable for a DIY gift box?

Various festive occasions are suitable for a DIY gift box. Think of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, and holidays such as Christmas or Valentine's Day. By making a gift box yourself, you add a personal touch to the gift and make it extra special for the recipient. Have fun creating your DIY gift box!

What are some helpful tips for making a DIY gift box?

Naturally! Some helpful tips for making a DIY gift box are:

  1. Choose a theme for the gift box to make it all come together beautifully.
  2. Consider the recipient and their interests when selecting the gifts.
  3. Add a personal touch, such as a handwritten note or homemade decorations.
  4. Make sure there is a good balance in the gift box, with a mix of useful and fun items.
  5. Use sturdy wrapping material and be creative with the presentation of the gifts.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a beautiful DIY gift box! Have fun crafting!

How can you make a DIY gift box sustainable and environmentally friendly?

To make a DIY gift box sustainable and eco-friendly, you can follow a few simple steps. First, you can use materials that are biodegradable, such as recycled paper or cardboard. Avoid using plastic packaging materials. You can also opt for reusable items in the gift box, such as a fabric bag instead of plastic bags. Furthermore, you can avoid decorations that can only be used once, such as ribbons and bows. Instead, try using natural and sustainable options, such as burlap ribbon or paper decorations. This way you can create a beautiful gift box that is also friendly to the environment.

How can you personalize a DIY gift box with photos or text?

To personalize a DIY gift box with photos or text, you can do the following:

  1. Print photos: Select and print photos that match the occasion or represent special memories. You can have this done at a photo shop or use a home printer.
  2. Add text: Think about what message you want to convey and write it on a piece of sturdy paper or cardboard with beautiful letters. You can also opt for a handwritten message for a personal touch.
  3. Decoration: To further personalize the gift box, you can add ribbons, stickers, glitter or other decorative elements that suit the recipient or the occasion.
  4. Assemble: Fill the gift box with the chosen gifts and add the photos, text and decorations in a creative and harmonious way.

This way you create a personal and unique gift box that the recipient will certainly appreciate! Good luck!

How can you decorate the outside of the gift box?

A fun way to decorate the outside of the gift box is to use ribbons, bows, stickers, stamps, or even a nice piece of fabric. You can also opt for hand lettering, embossing or adding a personal touch with, for example, a photo. The use of different materials and techniques can make the gift box extra special and surprise the recipient even more. Have fun decorating the gift box!

What are some creative themes for a DIY gift box?

There are several creative themes you can use for a DIY gift box, depending on the interests and personality of the person you are making the gift for. Some ideas include a relaxation box with candles, bath salts and a book, a baking box with ingredients and recipes for baking, or a craft box with materials for creative projects. You can customize and personalize absolutely everything! Have fun creating your gift box!

What types of gifts can you put in a DIY gift box?

You can put different types of gifts in a DIY gift box, depending on the interest of the recipient. Consider, for example, homemade treats, personal notes, small gadgets, handmade items, care products, or creative DIY projects. The most important thing is to choose something that you know will make the recipient happy and that the box has a personal touch!

How can you wrap a DIY gift box in a unique way?

A unique way to wrap a DIY gift box is to use several layers of wrapping paper in complementary colors and patterns. Start with a solid base color and then add a transparent layer of confetti or glitter. Finish with a ribbon in a contrasting color and add a homemade decoration, such as a handwritten card or a tissue paper flower. This way you create a personalized and attractive gift box that the recipient will certainly appreciate. Have fun packing!



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