What can I add to a vegetarian snack board?

How nice that you are interested in putting together a vegetarian snack board! In this article we share useful tips and inspiration to make your snack board vegetarian-proof. Whether you are a vegetarian yourself or are simply looking for delicious meat-free options, we are happy to help you get started. So grab a nice drink and let's discover together how you can make your snack board shine without meat.

Variation in cheeses and dips

Putting together a good snack board starts with the right mix of cheeses and dips. Here are some tips to add variety and surprise your guests:

Different types of cheeses

  • Goat cheese:
    • Sample product: Bettine Blanc
    • A soft goat's cheese that goes perfectly with some honey or figs.
    • Flavor profile: Creamy and slightly spicy, ideal for those who like a little spice.
  • Brie:
    • Sample product: Le Chatelain Brie
    • A creamy and mild cheese that combines beautifully with fruity chutneys.
    • Flavor profile: Soft texture with a nutty undertone.

Various dips

  • Hummus:
    • Sample product: Maza Hummus
    • A traditional chickpea dip with a hint of lemon and garlic.
    • Flavor profile: Fresh and savory, ideal for dipping with vegetables or bread sticks.
  • Tapenades:
    • Sample product: Florentin Basil Tapenade
    • A smooth mix of olives, basil and garlic for a Mediterranean touch.
    • Flavor profile: Intense and aromatic, perfect as a tasty addition to your board.

Perfect combinations

  • Goat cheese with fig jam:
    • The creamy goat cheese harmonizes beautifully with the sweet and slightly sour taste of fig jam.
  • Brie with walnuts:
    • The soft brie gets a crispy texture and nutty taste due to the addition of walnuts.

In short, by playing with various cheeses and dips, you can create a surprising and delicious snack board that will delight everyone. Have fun experimenting and enjoying these flavorful combinations!

Vegetables and Fruit: The Stars of the Drinks Board

Fruit and vegetables should definitely not be missing from a vegetarian snack board. By adding colorful vegetables and fresh fruit, you not only create a visually attractive snack board, but you also ensure a healthy and tasty balance in the offering.

Colorful Vegetables

  • Carrots: These crispy vegetables are not only delicious for dipping, but also provide a sweet and filling addition to the snack board. Try the organic carrots from [Brand
  • Cherry tomatoes: The juicy and sweet taste of cherry tomatoes is indispensable. Choose the organic variant of [Brand Y] for guaranteed freshness.
  • Cucumber: Fresh and light, cucumber is a refreshing addition to the snack board. Cut the cucumber into thin slices for an elegant presentation and choose [Brand Z] cucumbers for a crunchy texture.

Fresh fruit

  • Grapes: Grapes are not only tasty, but also convenient to serve. Choose the juicy seedless grapes from [Brand A] for easy, fuss-free eating.
  • Strawberries: Sweet and juicy, strawberries are a festive addition to any drinks platter. Choose organic strawberries from [Brand B] for an intense aroma and a delicious taste experience.

Complete your vegetarian snack board with a harmonious mix of colorful vegetables and refreshing fruit. Serve with various dipping sauces and enjoy a healthy and festive snacking experience!

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are not only a delicious snack, but also packed with nutrients. By adding a mix of different types of nuts and seeds to your snack board, you create a crunchy and protein-rich addition that is both tasty and healthy. Curious about the benefits and possibilities of this tasty combination? Then read on!

Benefits of nuts and seeds

Adding nuts and seeds to your drinks board offers a range of benefits:

  • Rich in healthy fats: Nuts and seeds contain unsaturated fats that are good for your heart and your body.
  • High in protein: Ideal as a vegetable protein source for vegetarians and vegans.
  • High in fiber: Contributes to good digestion and a feeling of satiety.

Different types of nuts and seeds

There are countless types of nuts and seeds available to enrich your snack board. Some popular options include:

  • Almonds: Full of vitamin E and healthy fats.
  • Walnuts: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy heart.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Packed with iron and magnesium for extra energy.
  • Sunflower seeds: A good source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

Practical examples

For a tasty and balanced mix on your drinks board, you can use the following products, for example:

  • Nut mix from [Brand: A ready-made mix of various nuts for extra convenience.
  • Seed mix from [Brand Y]: A tasty combination of seeds to complete your snack board.

Choose organic varieties to enjoy pure and unprocessed nuts and seeds.

Variety in bread and crackers

When putting together an appetizer board, the choice of bread and crackers is an essential part of creating a balanced and delicious experience. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you add the perfect variety of bread and crackers to your appetizer platter:

Variety of bread

  • baguette: Choose a classic French baguette from, for example Le Perron for that authentic crunchy texture.
  • Sourdough bread: A tasty sourdough bread, such as the variants of Menno 't Hoen, adds a wonderful depth to the drinks board.
  • Nut bread: Try a nut bread from Bakery de Knollentuin, with the rich flavor of nuts that goes perfectly with cheese and dips.

Various crackers

  • Olive oil crackers: The olive oil crackers from Urbani Tartufi are ideal for combining with truffle cheese or hummus.
  • Spelled crackers: Choose spelled crackers from Biobites for a crispy and nutritious addition to the snack board.
  • Black pepper crackers: Add some spice with black pepper crackers, like those from Lesley Stowe.

Creative combinations

  • Combination tips:
    • Offer a variety of breads and crackers along with different cheeses and dips so guests can experiment and discover their favorite combinations.
    • Try a combination of baguette with soft brie, nut bread with blue cheese and olive oil crackers with hummus.

Presentation and styling

  • Cut the bread and crackers into different shapes and sizes for a visually appealing presentation on the snack board.
  • Use small bowls or baskets to serve the bread variations separately for an organized and inviting presentation.

With the right selection of bread and crackers you can give your snack board an extra dimension and turn every occasion into a tasty party!

Tasty inspiration for your next drinks board!

In your search for a surprising and delicious vegetarian snack board, combining various flavors and textures will be the key to success. Don't forget to take the wishes and possible allergies of your guests into account. With these tips in your pocket, you are ready to put together a drinks board that will certainly surprise and delight your guests. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions – Drinks board on location

What are tasty combinations of flavors and textures to serve on a vegetarian platter?

You can serve delicious combinations of flavors and textures on a vegetarian snack board. Think of various types of cheese, such as creamy brie, spicy goat cheese and salty feta. Add some nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, for a crunchy texture. Olives and sun-dried tomatoes can also add some savory flavors to the plate. You can also serve different types of hummus with vegetable sticks for some freshness. And how about bruschetta with roasted vegetables for a colorful addition? These tasty combinations will certainly be a hit on your vegetarian snack board! Have fun putting it together and enjoying the treats.

Which types of fruit and vegetables go well with a vegetarian snack board?

For a vegetarian snack board you can use various fruits and vegetables to create a varied and colorful presentation. Think of carrots, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes, radishes and celery wedges. Grapes, strawberries, pieces of apple, slices of kiwi and pieces of melon are also tasty and fresh. This way you create a tasty and festive snack board full of colorful and healthy options! Have fun putting it together and enjoy your vegetarian snack board!

Are there special types of bread or crackers that match well with a vegetarian snack board?

Absolute! For a vegetarian snack you can choose different types of bread and crackers that go well with the various cheeses, spreads and dips. A good choice is multigrain bread, baguette or crispy whole wheat crackers. These types of bread and crackers are a nice addition to the flavors and textures of the vegetarian snacks on your snack board. Enjoy it!

Which types of cheese are suitable for a vegetarian platter?

There are different types of cheese that are suitable for a vegetarian platter. Consider, for example, young cheese, aged cheese, goat cheese, brie, camembert or blue cheese. These cheeses do not contain animal rennet and are therefore suitable for vegetarians. This way you can put together a varied and tasty drinks board that is suitable for everyone to enjoy!

Can you give any suggestions for vegetarian meat substitutes on a snack board?

Naturally! For a vegetarian snack you can think of tasty meat substitutes such as vegetarian bitterballen, falafel balls, slices of vegetarian sausage or vegetarian pate. You can also opt for slices of cheese, olives, nuts and hummus as tasty options. Veggie snacks are tasty and provide variety on your snack board! Enjoy your meal!

Are nuts and seeds a good addition to a vegetarian snack board?

Yes, nuts and seeds are an excellent addition to a vegetarian snack board! They are packed with healthy fats, proteins, fiber and vitamins that are important for a balanced diet. Moreover, they add a crispy texture and delicious taste to your snack board. So yes, go for those delicious nuts and seeds at your next drinks evening!



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