How to add a personal touch to a gift platter

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to add a personal touch to an appetizer gift. The guide explains step by step how you can be creative and put your own spin on this gift idea. Oh, and did you know that the Dutch consume an average of 6 kg of cheese per person per year? That's a really crazy fact when it comes to making a snack board! Have fun personalizing your next gift!


Step 1: Choose the right drinks board

Choose a drinks board that suits the personal taste of the recipient. Think carefully about materials, shapes and sizes. Look for a shelf that matches what the person likes to see and use during drinks. Don't forget to also consider practical aspects such as size and maintenance.


Step 2: Select various treats

  • Choose an assortment of delicious snacks such as cheese, meats, nuts, fruit and dips.
  • Consider the recipient's preferences and select treats that suit his or her taste.
  • Provide a varied selection so that there is something for everyone.
  • Don't forget to also think of drinks that go well with the chosen treats.

Step 3: Add a personal element

  • Write a handwritten card with a personal message that suits the occasion and the recipient. Use nice words and convey your appreciation and affection.
  • Make homemade snacks, such as cookies, brownies or truffles, and wrap them carefully with a ribbon or in a decorative box.
  • Choose a special bottle of wine that suits the recipient's taste or that has special meaning for your relationship. If necessary, add a handwritten card with a wine suggestion or personal note.

Step 4: Present the drinks board beautifully

Arrange the delicacies in a tasteful way on the snack board. Distribute the different snacks evenly across the board and ensure variation in colors, textures and flavors. Consider alternating between cheese, meats, fruit and nuts, for example. Create an attractive presentation by responding to different taste experiences.


Step 5: Add decorative elements

Add decorative elements such as flowers, green sprigs or candles to the drinks board. Place a small vase with a few flowers in the center of the shelf for a cheerful touch. Divide green sprigs between the different cheeses and meats for a natural look. Stick small candles in candle holders along the edges of the shelf for a cozy atmosphere. Make your drinks board not only tasty, but also extra festive with these decorative additions!


Step 6: Wrap the gift with care

Wrap the snack board in transparent foil to protect it and make it look festive. Ensure that the plank remains clearly visible by wrapping the foil tightly around the plank. Then tie a beautiful ribbon around the foil, for example in a festive color such as red or gold, for an extra festive touch. If necessary, add a beautiful gift tag with a personal message for the recipient. This way you make the drinks board a real eye-catcher as a gift.


Step 7: Hand over the gift with a smile

  • Hand over the personally composed drinks board gift with a sincere smile.
  • Wish the recipient a lot of fun enjoying the treats.
  • Don't forget to emphasize the personal touch when handing over the gift.

Step 8: Enjoy the snack board together

Take the time to enjoy the delicious snacks and drinks from the personally composed drinks board with the recipient. Place the board on the table and invite the person to take a seat. Pour a glass of wine and let the recipient choose what they want to enjoy first, for example the olives, pieces of cheese or artisanal meats. Cheers and enjoy the fun drinks together!

Add a unique gesture

In the conclusion you should emphasize the importance of adding a personal touch to a drinks gift. It is essential to surprise the recipient and show that you have put effort into creating something unique for them. By using your creativity and adding personal elements, you can turn a standard gift into something special and memorable. Don't forget that it's not just about the contents of the snack board, but especially about the loving intention behind it. Look for ways to reflect your personality and your relationship with the recipient in the gift, which will make it extra special and valuable. Have fun and good luck making your personalized snack board gift!


  • Drinks board
  • Various delicacies (such as cheese, meats, nuts, fruit)
  • Personal element (e.g. card, homemade item)
  • Decorative elements (such as flowers, twigs, small plates)
  • Packaging materials (e.g. gift wrap, ribbon)
  • Glasses or tableware for presentation
  • Smile

Creative serving ideas

  • Choose the recipient's favorite cheeses, meats and snacks to customize the board
  • Add a handwritten card with a personal message to make the gift extra special
  • Use serving utensils or cutting boards with the recipient's initials for a unique touch
  • Add a homemade dip, chutney or jam that perfectly suits the recipient's taste
  • Consider adding a bottle of wine, craft beer or craft spirit to match the treats on the shelf

Instructions for putting together a snack board gift for her

  • Choose a beautiful shelf: Start by choosing a beautiful wooden, marble or glass shelf as a base for the drinks board
  • Select tasty cheeses and meats: Choose her favorite cheeses, such as brie, goat cheese and aged cheese, and tasty meats such as salami, prosciutto and chorizo
  • Add something sweet: Add some fruit, such as grapes and berries, and some sweetness, such as figs, dates or a tasty chutney
  • Make it colorful: Provide a good mix of colors and textures on the board, this not only makes it tasty but also visually appealing
  • Don't forget the wine: Complete the experience by adding a good bottle of wine that goes well with the cheeses and meats on the board
  • Hopefully this will help you on your way to giving a delicious snack board as a gift! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about drinks board gifts for women

Does she prefer hard cheeses or soft cheeses on the drinks board?

Based on my knowledge, I cannot say with certainty whether she prefers hard or soft cheeses on the snack board. It's best to ask her directly what type of cheeses she prefers. After all, tastes differ, and it is always good to know what someone likes before you put together a drinks board. Have fun putting together the perfect drinks board!

Does she like sweet chutneys or does she prefer savory spreads on the snack board?

It's hard to say what exactly she prefers without knowing her preference. It may be best to ask her yourself to ensure you can put together the perfect drinks board for her. This way you can ensure that she really enjoys her favorite flavors!

Is she adventurous with her flavors, or does she like classic combinations?

Her taste preferences are diverse, so it's difficult to say whether she is adventurous or likes classic combinations. What she likes may vary depending on her mood and the situation.

Does she prefer wine, beer, or another drink with the snack board?

She likes to drink wine with drinks. In general, wine is considered a popular choice to pair with various snacks and cheeses on an appetizer board. It is a versatile drink that can pair well with different flavors and textures of snacks.

What types of nuts would she prefer to see on the drinks board?

Based on what I know about nuts, she might prefer pistachios, almonds and cashews on the snack board. These nuts are often popular for their flavor and crunchy texture, and go well with various types of cheese and dried fruit. Of course, it would be best to ask her personally what her favorite nuts are to ensure you make the perfect choice for the snack board.

Are there any allergies or dietary preferences that need to be taken into account?

Yes, it is important to take different allergies and dietary preferences into account to ensure that everyone can eat safely and comfortably. some common allergies are gluten allergy, lactose intolerance, nut allergy and shellfish allergy. In addition, there are increasingly dietary preferences such as vegan, vegetarian or keto. It is always wise to inquire in advance about any allergies and dietary requirements, so that these can be taken into account when putting together meals.

Is she a lover of charcuterie on the appetizer board?

Yes, she is a lover of charcuterie on the appetizer board. This can be confirmed by observing what she likes to eat during drinks or parties.

What types of crackers or sandwiches does she like with a snack board?

With a snack board, she can appreciate different types of crackers or sandwiches, depending on her taste. Popular choices include baguette, olive bread, raisin bread, crackers with seeds or nuts, and crispy toast. It is always good to serve a mix of different types of crackers and sandwiches, so that there is something for everyone. Have fun putting together the drinks board!

What types of fruit would she like to see on the drinks platter?

You can serve different types of fruit on a snack board, depending on the preferences of the person in question. Popular choices include grapes, strawberries, apple slices, pear slices, and blueberries. You can also opt for more exotic fruit such as pieces of pineapple, mango or kiwi. It is important to offer a variety of colors and textures for an attractive and tasteful snack board.

Are there certain dips she likes to use with her snacks?

Yes, many people enjoy classic dips like garlic sauce, tzatziki, guacamole and hummus with their appetizers. These dips are popular for their delicious taste and versatility. It is therefore not surprising that they often appear on the table at parties and drinks. You may also have a favorite dipping sauce that you like to serve with your snacks!

Does she prefer sweet or savory treats on a snack board?

Based on her preferences, people usually like sweet or savory treats on a snack board. It's best to ask her directly what she prefers, because tastes can differ. For example, you can ask her whether she prefers cheese and sausage or chocolate and fruit on the snack board. This way you can put together a drinks board that perfectly matches her taste preferences.

Does she have more of a sweet tooth, savory lover, or does she like a mix of both on the snack board?

Based on her preferences, it seems that she likes a mix of both on the snack board. This means she enjoys both sweet and savory snacks. It is always nice to offer a variety of flavors, so that everyone can choose something tasty. Have fun putting together the drinks board!



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