5 tips for serving healthy drinks snacks

If you regularly have guests over and are looking for ideas for healthy and tasty drinks snacks, then you've come to the right place! In this blog post we share 5 practical tips with which you can spoil your guests with delicious and nutritious snacks during fun drinks. Read on and get inspired!

Choose fresh ingredients

Why are fresh ingredients important?

Fresh ingredients are essential for preparing healthy and tasty drinks snacks. They are rich in nutrients, flavor and generally contain less added sugar, salt and preservatives than processed alternatives.

Practical examples of fresh ingredients:

  • “Organic cherry tomatoes from MerkX”: A crispy and juicy addition to appetizer boards that are packed with antioxidants.
  • “Artisan olives from BoerderijY”: Give your guests a tasty and healthy option with these lovingly grown olives.
  • “Fresh basil from Local KwekerZ”: Add a touch of fresh herbs to your drinks for a refreshing taste.

Benefits of fresh ingredients:

  • Rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Full of flavor and aromatic, so a small amount already has a big impact.
  • Typically contain less added sugar, salt and preservatives compared to processed options.

How can you recognize fresh ingredients?

  • Pay attention to freshness: Choose products that look fresh and crispy and avoid limpness or discoloration.
  • Smell is important: Fresh herbs should have a strong and pleasant smell, which indicates their quality.
  • Check the packaging: If you buy packaged ingredients, check the expiration date and avoid added ingredients that you are not familiar with.


Fresh ingredients are the cornerstone of healthy and delicious drinks snacks. By consciously choosing fresh and unprocessed options, you not only give yourself and your guests a tasty treat, but also a nutritious and responsible choice. With a little attention to the ingredients you use, you can make a world of difference in the quality of your drinks.

Vary the fruits and vegetables for colorful snack boards

Healthy and tasty

A varied range of fruit and vegetables is not only colorful, but also incredibly healthy and tasty! This way you create delicious appetizer boards that will make you and your guests salivate.

Examples of colorful options


  • Carrots: Crispy and full of vitamins. Choose the freshly cut carrots from Farmer Gijs.
  • Cucumber: Refreshing and light. Go for the organic cucumber from Fresh&Responsible.
  • Cherry tomatoes: Juicy and sweet. Try the mini vine tomatoes from Tasty Tomatoes.


  • Grapes: Sweet and convenient for sharing. The white seedless grapes of FruitFavorite are perfect.

Benefits of variety

  • Nutrients: By combining different fruits and vegetables, you get a wider range of essential nutrients.
  • Colorful: A mix of colors on your drinks board not only looks fantastic, but each colorful piece also contains unique health benefits.
  • Tasteful: The diversity in flavors provides a real taste explosion on your plate.
  • Versatile: Vary textures and structures to make the experience even more interesting.

Mix and match

Experiment with different combinations and presentations. For example, try a dip of Greek yogurt and fresh herbs with vegetables, or combine grapes with pieces of cheese for a delicious sweet-savory taste experience.

Make sure that your snack boards are not only tasty, but also a feast for the eyes and your health! Experiment and discover your favorite combinations. With a varied range of fruit and vegetables you can make every occasion special.

Use lean proteins

Protein is essential to a healthy diet, but not all protein sources are created equal. In this article we will explain the benefits of choosing lean proteins and provide some practical examples of products you can include in your diet.

Why choose lean proteins?

Consuming lean protein sources comes with several benefits, including:

  • Lower fat content: Lean proteins typically contain less fat than their fattier counterparts, making them a healthier choice for your overall diet.
  • Better saturation: Protein helps you feel full longer, which can help prevent overeating.
  • Promotion of muscle building: Protein is the building block of muscle, and consuming lean protein can help build and maintain muscle mass.

Lean protein sources to choose from

When it comes to selecting lean proteins, there are plenty of options available. Some popular choices include:

  • Chicken breast: A lean and versatile protein source, perfect for snacks or meals.
  • Tuna: Cans of tuna in water are a convenient and lean option for protein.
  • Low-fat cheese: Think cottage cheese, mozzarella or low-fat yogurt – all high in protein and low in fat.

Examples of products

To help you incorporate lean protein into your diet, here are some specific products you might consider:

  • Chicken breast: For example, choose the “Organic Chicken Fillet” from the Natural Chicken Farm.
  • Tuna in water: Try John West's “MSC Certified Tuna in Water”.
  • Low-fat cheese: Molenland's “Skinny Cottage Cheese” is an excellent choice.

By choosing these specific brands and products, you can be sure you're adding high-quality, lean protein to your diet.

In short, selecting lean protein sources, such as chicken breast, tuna or low-fat cheese, is an easy way to improve your nutrition and ensure good balance in your meals and snacks. Feel free to experiment with different products and recipes to discover which ones suit your tastes and needs best!

Pay attention to the presentation

Healthy snacking doesn't have to be boring or tasteless. With a little creativity and an eye for presentation, you can transform your healthy drinks snacks into true tasty works of art. In this article we give you practical tips on how to present your healthy drinks snacks in an attractive way.

Colorful plates for a festive look

  • Choose colorful plates that match the theme of your drinks. Think of cheerful yellow, green or blue plates for a summery touch.
  • Signs with striking prints or patterns can also provide a playful effect. Think of plates with floral prints or geometric shapes.

Small portions for big impact

  • Divide your healthy drinks snacks into small portions that are easy to grab. This way you invite guests to taste without feeling burdened.
  • Use small bowls or cupcake tins to present the portions clearly. This not only looks nice, but also makes it easy to try different snacks.

Practical examples

  • Example 1: Present slices of cucumber, carrot and pepper together with hummus in small, colorful bowls such as the 'Joyce RONDO Bowl Set'.
  • Example 2: Serve nut mixes and dried fruit in striking bowls such as the 'Bastion Collections Bowl Set' with cheerful colors and patterns.

Benefits of a good presentation

  • Attractive presentation encourages guests to try healthy drinks snacks.
  • Small portions give guests the opportunity to enjoy multiple snacks without excess.
  • Colorful plates and bowls add a festive touch to your drinks.

Make your next drink a true taste sensation by presenting your healthy drink snacks in an attractive way. With these tips and practical examples you can transform your table into a real eye-catcher!

Tastefully enjoy responsible snacks

That sounds like a fantastic plan! With these handy tips, healthy drinks don't have to be difficult. Spoil your guests and make every occasion a celebration with delicious and nutritious drinks snacks. Have fun and enjoy your food!

Frequently asked questions about healthy drinks snacks

Are there any suggestions for healthy dips that go well with the healthy drinks snacks?

Certainly! Healthy dips that go well with healthy snacks include hummus, guacamole and Greek yogurt dip. These dips are packed with nutrients and go perfectly with vegetable sticks, whole wheat crackers or roasted chickpeas. This way you can enjoy delicious flavors without sacrificing health! Happy dipping!

Which healthy drinks snacks are good to serve at a party?

A healthy option for drinks snacks at a party are, for example, vegetable skewers with hummus, whole wheat toast with tuna salad, or roasted chickpeas with herbs. These snacks are nutritious and contain good nutrients. Don't forget to put some fresh fruit, unsalted nuts and water on the table for a balanced choice of tasty and healthy snacks! Have fun at your party!

How can you ensure that guests actually choose healthy drinks snacks?

To ensure that guests actually choose healthy drinks snacks, you can apply various strategies. First of all, ensure an attractive presentation of the healthy options, for example by presenting them beautifully in colorful bowls. You can also promote healthy snacks by providing information about the benefits of healthy food. This includes stating the ingredients, nutritional value and any health benefits of the snacks. By paying attention to the healthy options in a positive way and presenting them attractively, you increase the chance that guests will choose them.

What are useful tips for presenting healthy drinks snacks attractively?

Of course, there are different ways to present healthy drinks snacks in an attractive way. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Use colorful serving bowls or plates to serve the snacks. This immediately makes them look more attractive.
  2. Use a variety of snack shapes and textures, such as cut vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole-grain crackers. This makes the presentation look varied and inviting.
  3. Add some dips or hummus for extra flavor and presentation. Think of guacamole, tzatziki or homemade salsa.
  4. Make small skewers with various healthy ingredients, such as cucumber, tomato, olives and cheese. This not only looks nice, but also makes it convenient for snacking.
  5. Present the drinks snacks in a clear manner, for example in a beautiful bowl or on a shelf. This invites you to enjoy it.

With these tips you can present healthy drinks snacks in an attractive way and ensure that they are enjoyed with pleasure. Good luck and enjoy the drinks!

How can you prepare healthy drinks snacks so that you don't have to spend too long in the kitchen during the party?

A convenient way to prepare healthy drinks snacks without spending too long in the kitchen is to choose easy-to-prepare options. Consider, for example, vegetable skewers with cherry tomatoes and cucumber, hummus with carrot and pepper strips, grilled vegetables with a healthy dip, or a bowl with mixed unsalted nuts and seeds. By planning in advance and choosing simple dishes, you can serve healthy drinks snacks without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Have fun with your party!

Which ingredients are ideal for making healthy drinks snacks?

Ingredients such as vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats are ideal for making healthy snacks. Think of carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, whole wheat crackers, hummus, guacamole, nuts and seeds. These ingredients provide a good balance of nutrients and give your snacks a delicious taste and texture. Have fun making and enjoying your healthy drink snacks!

How can you ensure that healthy drinks snacks are just as tasty as unhealthy options?

To make healthy snacks just as tasty as unhealthy options, you can choose options that are rich in taste and texture. For example, try grilled vegetables with herbs and spices, such as peppers, zucchini or mushrooms. Nuts and seeds can also be roasted with a little sea salt and herbs for extra flavor. You can also make dips based on Greek yogurt and fresh herbs instead of fatty cream or cheese dips. By playing with flavors and textures you can make healthy drinks snacks just as attractive as the less healthy alternatives. Have fun trying it out!



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